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Dance to a Different Beat

forecast for 28th May - 3rd June 2006

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There?s a saying that if you want to maximize your powers of attracting your heart?s desire, the best way to do this is not change your life, but raise your vibration. This then immediately begins to magnetize the things you are hoping for into your life. They may not manifest exactly as you expect, but in retrospect they will be for your highest good.

Recently, I held a meditation that included an affirmation about expecting the best, and the minute I finished, the phone rang, and I received a follow-up call I had been wondering about for a week, about a potentially exciting business proposition. Another week later, having repeated the affirmation almost daily, I was offered the work.

Three of the faster moving planets, often referred to as personal planets, mental Mercury, voluptuous Venus and Machiavellian Mars, all change signs this week, portending a shift in the energy around, and a chance to dance to a different beat, as the new planetary vibrations drift through the airwaves. It?s a good time to tune in to something different.

On Monday, 29th May, Venus moves into one of its home signs of Taurus, (the other being Libra), a fixed earth sign, that enjoys sensuality, coupled with a solid material foundation. Venus is associated with love and money. Taurus likes to be pampered with both, and probably wouldn?t be that happy with love in a garret. Much enjoyment comes from savouring the finest food and drink, wearing beautiful clothes, living in a mood-enhancing environment.

This is also a creative sign; music, painting, sculpture, gardening, and anything connected with beauty are some of the interests that can be enjoyed while Venus in Taurus. Emotions are expressed in a practical, yet comfort-enhancing way. Loyalty and trust are important in relationships, whether it?s a friendship, or a marriage.

Nature can nurture the spirit for many, especially those in high-powered jobs needing an escape; it helps to ground and centre you back into your body, into manageable present-moment reality (rather than concerning your self with the ?what if?s of the future?).

On Saturday, 3rd June, Mercury, planet of communication, linked with Hermes, the wing-footed messenger of the gods, moves into sensitive, canny Cancer. Mars, planet of assertion (negatively aggression), and action, moves into fiery, dramatic Leo on the same day.

The Venus/Mars square I wrote about last week is waning now; however, because the Venus in Taurus is still in square to Mars in Leo by sign (rather than degree), there could still be tension in relationships. These signs are both ?fixed?, which can be persevering, or stubborn. They are both materialistic by nature. You may find it hard to change, or even give up a relationship you know no longer ?works?, even though it would free you for something better if you did, which isn?t to say it isn?t possible.

Mars in Leo likes to be noticed, adored even. Energy can be expressed theatrically, egocentrically, also creatively, and with much genuine warmth. As Saturn, the planet often associated with limitation or hindrances, is in Leo this year, there will be a tempering of the lion?s natural showiness, and as soon as Mars enters Leo on Saturday, 3rd June, the upcoming conjunction between these two powerhouse planets will be felt.

The best way to use this energy is to focus on as few things as possible, knowing each may take hard graft, concentration, and much effort, overcoming obstacles, enjoying the process of working hard, and trusting it will eventually result in something noteworthy.

If this conjunction affects your chart (those Leos born around 31st July/1st August, Taureans around 28th ? 30th April, Scorpios around 31st October/1st, 2nd November, and Aquarians around 28th ? 30th January), you may find others seem to block your way, put up barriers, or try to diminish or hamper you in some way. It may be true that it?s the darkest just before dawn; keep going, you?ll get to where you need to be.

Scorpios, however, do have the help of Jupiter, planet of optimism, growth and exploration, conjuncting their Sun around the same time, suggesting either an unexpected new opportunity, a way of escape not thought of before, or the means to circumnavigate any difficulties. The saying for them may be ?every cloud has a silver lining?, and it may be really shining brightly now.

For everyone, it?ll be an interesting time, as always, to see how you feel energy-wise. (Even if your Sun isn?t affected, something in your chart may be.) It?s a time to rest when you need to, rather than working yourself into the ground, possibly causing health problems. Authoritarian figures that prove difficult should be smiled at nicely, until this aspect passes; also watch your own tendencies to play the part of dictator, or prima donna, both good Leo roles.

Mercury, changing from Gemini to Cancer, also on Saturday, 3rd, shifts the mood of communication from cleverness and butterfly-like dancing of ideas, to sensitivity, consideration of others, and a mental attunement to the imaginative, intuitive side of the brain. Cancer is also excellent when it comes to business.

Having written quite a few paragraphs on these three changing signs, and not wishing you to nod off (although napping is hugely beneficial, and no-one will know), I?ll just swiftly mention the other major aspects to note.

Monday, 29th May ? This is a great day to meditate, tap into your intuition, and listen to that small voice within as Mercury trines Neptune.

Thursday, 1st June ? A day of possible verbal power trips from others, as Mercury opposes Pluto. (e.g. Sam not allowing me to sing ?Happy Birthday? ? see below). It?s a time to look at how you communicate, and to transform this in some way. Do you speak your truth, or do you say what you think others want to hear? How honest and open are you?
Also, it?s helpful to look at what you choose to read, listen to, etc. and look at the impact this has on your life. Does it uplift or drain?

Tune in to the new vibrations coming in, and use what?s available to inspire positive changes, most of all, aim to keep it light, despite some of the heavier aspects around.

From now on, there?s a slight change in the ?week? I?m covering. I?ll be writing Sunday to Saturday, rather than Monday to Sunday. As it?s changeover time, this week?s is Monday to Saturday.

Much love, Astral xx

Some celestial movements this week:

NB All times are BST (British Summer Time), which is one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Monday, 29th May ? Moon in Cancer ? 1.34am
Mercury trine Neptune ? 4.34am
Venus in Taurus ? 13.41
Moon trine Jupiter ? 21.48

Tuesday, 30th May
Moon trine Uranus ? 4.28

Wednesday, 31st May ? Moon conjunct Mars ? 5.42
Moon in Leo ? 9.51
Moon square Venus ? 14.27
Moon conjunct Saturn ? 23.36

Thursday, 1st June
Not a celestial movement but my son Sam?s 16th birthday ? HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM, and also to BDW?s KAM, who is slightly older, and is a truly wonderful friend ? thank-you Kam, hope you have a wish-filled day!
Mercury opposite Pluto ? 6.15
Moon sextile Sun ? 6.34
Moon square Jupiter ? 6.52
Sun inconjunct Jupiter ? 10.04

Friday, 2nd June
Moon opposite Neptune- 0.47
Moon trine Pluto ? 12.49
Moon in Virgo ? 21.17

Saturday, 3rd June
Moon trine Venus ? 8.36
Mercury in Cancer ? 12.21
Mars in Leo ? 19.43

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