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Blossom and Grow

forecast for 4th - 10th June 2006

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The Moon is waxing now, gathering pace and power as it moves towards a Full Moon in Sagittarius next Sunday. As this week unfolds, watch the energy change, view any challenges that present themselves as minor irritations which can be easily overcome, enjoy the light-ness of mid-week, and then look forward to Saturday, when there?s a feeling of optimism, idealism, and renewal of faith. It?s a time to prune back on things, draw back from those that don?t feed your spirit, and to welcome in those that do, so you can blossom and grow.

Sunday, 4th June
As Venus squares Saturn, this is a day when relationships could be tested (again) in some way. Be brave, stand up and say how you feel, in the hope others will understand and accept you for who you are. It may be you?re asking for more space, or more warmth. If others don?t respond, maybe it?s time to move on. The Moon squares the Sun, and opposes Uranus today, emphasizing the differences rather than the similarities between people. Uranus suggests restlessness, and issues around freedom vs. closeness.

Monday, 5th June
Watching the Sun move through Gemini, it?s interesting to see the unravelling of one aspect after another. Today sees the first of these, as the Sun squares Uranus, raising questions around matters of independence, unconventionality and change. If you have been feeling bound by the ?norm?, you may feel the need to break out today. It?s time to cast off any chains you feel are binding you, and if this isn?t possible in all aspects of your life, it may be in some. The first step is to change your mind-set, consider new ways of looking at things, and how you can move your life on so it feels right for you. Liberate yourself. Sudden changes or shock can occur, as tolerance for restricting circumstances diminishes.

On the same day the Moon squares Pluto, and later, Mercury. Power emotional encounters are likely, as unconscious debris rises to the surface, needing to be faced and cleared. Family matters, and those close to us are likely to be involved in this. The Moon/Mercury square points to differences between the mind-view and the heart-view. The challenge is to bring them into harmony, and to move into an emotional place that feels safe and non-threatening.

Tuesday, 6th June
The mood lightens, as the Libra Moon trines the Gemini Sun. Be sociable, light and have fun!

Wednesday, 7th June
The feeling of well-being, happiness, frivolity, and pleasure-seeking merriment dominates the day, as Venus opposes Jupiter. There will be a tendency to go over the top, indulge too much, waste money on something of gaudy or tasteless, eat too much chocolate, generally exaggerate what you love to do.

I?m making no judgements, just take the time to savour each moment, so you don?t move so quickly you miss the goodness of each minute. You may even find you don?t need so much.

Thursday, 8th June
Although there is a still a vibe of pleasure and optimism around, as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio, there are also aspects that call for a realistic look at what is really going on, under the surface of superficial appearances. There may be a need to be assertive for self-protection, as others make their contentious feelings known. There could be a feeling of wanting to withdraw, yet at the same time a need for attention. Mixed emotions are flourishing today; try and accept all of them, but stay detached from any dramas that don?t really involve you. This will help you ride through these challenging lunar aspects easily.

Friday, 9th June
As Mercury, planet of communication, trines Jupiter, planet of growth and expansion, the airwaves are flooded with optimism, mental expansion, ways of communicating which extend the boundaries. Absent-mindedness, confusion and strangeness may be sensed earlier in the day, as the Moon briefly squares Neptune, but receptivity to the general flow, and tapping in to the intuition will clear any doubts, make music and any creative pursuits magical.
Use the Mercury/Jupiter trine to expand your mind, be open to new ideas, listen to healing sounds, and have fun. One way to do this is, if you?re in the vicinity of the Bloomsbury Theatre, London, is to go and see Barefoot Doctor?s Travelling Medicine Show. I?m sure it will be magic.

Saturday, 10th June
The second major solar aspect occurs as the Sun trines Neptune. Neptune is always hard to pin down, as it can assume any form or shape it?s inclined to, at any particular time. Even an ?easy? aspect can throw up questions of illusion, disillusion, confusion, fantasies, and revelations, as something unclear becomes startlingly crystal clear.

Used positively, this aspect can open doors into other realms, whether they are spiritual, creative, or mental ones. It can be a time of renewed idealism and faith, when you know intuitively life is unfolding according to some Divine plan, one which is much cleverer and more beneficial for your spirit than anything you could have thought of, or imagined.

This is a great day to go to the cinema, or the theatre, and enter, and immerse yourself in a different world, even if it?s just for a couple of hours. Or you may want to use it to make music or art. Or you may want to meditate or daydream, both Neptunian pursuits, which allow a peaceful state of mind, at one with the spirit in you.

Have a great week!

With much love, Astral xx

Some of the dances of the celestial bodies this week:

(NB: All times are BST (British Summer Time), which is one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time.)

Sunday, 4th June
Moon square Sun ? 0.06
Moon opposite Uranus ? 2.58
Venus square Saturn ? 22.08

Monday, 5th June
Moon square Pluto ? 1.30am
Moon in Libra ? 10.08
Sun square Uranus ? 11.52
Moon square Mercury ? 18.04

Tuesday, 6th June
Moon trine Sun ? 17.55

Wednesday, 7th June
Venus opposite Jupiter ? 7.23
Moon in Scorpio ? 21.41

Thursday, 8th June
Moon square Mars ? 2.41
Moon square Saturn ? 12.37
Moon conjunct Jupiter ? 17.04
Moon opposite Venus ? 20.45

Friday, 9th June
Moon square Neptune ? 11.10
Mercury trine Jupiter ? 12.46

Saturday, 10th June
Moon in Sagittarius ? 6.05
Sun trine Neptune ? 19.03



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