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Infinite Cycles - Full Moon conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius

Forecast for 11th - 17th June 2006

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On Sunday, 11th June, paradoxically, the week begins with a culmination, as the Moon waxes to its point of fullness, and then briefly conjuncts Pluto, planet of the infinite cycle of transformation, birth, death, and rebirth, before it begins to wane, its magical golden light fading back into darkness, until the next time.

Accompanying it, on another level, Venus sextiles Uranus, opening up new possibilities for expressing and finding love and creativity.

There is something very reassuring about the certainty of the solar, lunar and planetary cycles. I wonder how it would be if the planets suddenly decided to move at a different speed, or danced into another orbit?
Answers on a post-card please (or possibly an email, or in the Forum)?

Once every month the Moon lines up with Pluto, in the later degrees of Sagittarius, and when they have their monthly meeting, the atmosphere intensifies, and any underlying resentments, criticisms, control and power issues present themselves under the microscope.

As this conjunction is incredibly close to my own Sagittarian Moon at the moment, and has been for the last two years, I have been watching it with interest each month; I feel there is no better way to learn astrology than to watch how it is playing out in your own life.

The Moon is connected to the emotional life, the home, the family, connected loved ones, women generally, and comfort zones.

When the attributes of Pluto, a male figure in Roman mythology, connect with the feminine Moon, the figure of the Goddess Kali comes to mind, manoeuvring and sweeping away much in her path, hopefully in order that something else can emerge.

This isn?t a wishy-washy, soft Full Moon; it?s a powerful, possibly all-changing one that can light up your own negativity, and that of others, enlightening you on what, or who it is that is preventing you from accepting your own inner strength, and moving forward. If you move with it, and discard habitual ways of responding to life, particularly those you have had since childhood, it can bring a new strength and freshness to how you deal with the emotional side of your life. It?s just that it may happen in a somewhat ruthless way, and with great speed.

Others may try and undermine you, put pressure on, drawing you into their drama, and distracting you from the essentials of what is really important and meaningful in your life. Or they may play psychological games, subtly manipulating you from behind the scenes, sending mixed messages to confuse you.

Trust your vibes. The more you trust your intuition, and those gut feelings, the less likely you are to be led astray, or used.

It?s time to stand in the middle of the storm, feel it blowing around, buffeting you, trying to knock you over, but see yourself standing firm, not giving in to others? wishes that don?t serve your best interests just to please them, and watch the wind gradually moving on, leaving you outwardly feeling a little worn down maybe, but inwardly much more resolute about what is right for you, and who you can trust.

Innovative, interesting ideas abound on Monday, 12th June, as Mercury trines Uranus. This is good energy to be working with such things as astrology, and subjects that tap into the intuition. It?s also generally good (and I hope I?m not tempting fate by writing this) for working with things technological, including, naturally, computers.

If you?re working on a creative project, this is an opportune day to set some time aside to work on it, as the intuition is heightened at times like this, as long as you can clear your mind to listen to it, and the wisdom and inspiration it?s trying to impart.

An air of romanticism, illusion, confusion, and nebulousness pervades Thursday, 15th. Venus, planet of love, squares Neptune, planet of the above, suggesting a time when wishes, longings, and imaginings need to be faced realistically, a time when the rose-coloured spectacles need to be removed, so you can see what is really there, particularly concerning relationships, and financial matters.

If you choose to carry on regardless, and the Moon conjunct Neptune will be encouraging you to dream on, the Sun?s opposition to Pluto, on Friday, 16th June, could bring you the jolt you need, to break out of a life-style you?re not comfortable with.

Pluto enjoys sweeping things away, but always in order to bring in something better. Others could be doing a really fine job of playing dictator, (and we?re moving towards the Mars/Saturn conjunction I mentioned the other week, which adds weight to this), to such an extent that you say, ?enough is enough, I?m not having any more of this?, or you find yourself playing this role for someone else.

It?s all in an effort to instigate change, and it?s good to remember at times like this, that usually we?ve played our part in creating most of the reality we have, and if we don?t like it, we can change it, and we can always choose our response to it, whatever the circumstances.

The Sun/Pluto opposition provides the energy to go ahead with much-needed de-cluttering and clearing away of things that prevent us expressing our true, creative spirit, when at other times, we may feel too weak to do so.

Saturday, 17th June contains elements of surprise, the unpredictable, as the Moon conjuncts Uranus, and as it trines Jupiter, much jollity and emotional happiness; a time to let go, be positive, and above all, to have faith that everything is working out exactly as its meant to.

Some of the celestial dances this week:

(NB All times are BST,British Summer Time, which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.)

Sunday, 11th June

Venus sextile Uranus ? 2.55
Moon square Uranus ? 8.31
Full Moon in Sagittarius ? 20 degrees 41 minutes ? 19.03

Monday, 12th June
Moon conjunct Pluto ? 3.34
Moon in Capricorn ? 11.19
Mercury trine Uranus ? 17.44

Tuesday, 13th June
Moon opposite Mercury ? 14.37
Moon trine Venus ? 17.50

Wednesday, 14th June
Moon in Aquarius ? 14.32

Thursday, 15th June
Moon opposite Saturn ? 4.46
Moon square Jupiter ? 6.48
Venus square Neptune ? 8.04
Moon conjunct Neptune ? 23.40

Friday, 16th June
Moon square Venus ? 1.06
Moon trine Sun ? 8.44
Mercury inconjunct Neptune ? 14.00
Moon in Pisces ? 17.05
Sun opposite Pluto

Saturday, 17th June
Moon trine Jupiter - 9.09
Moon conjunct Uranus ? 17.58



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