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Summer Solstice - A Creative Pause

forecast for 18th - 24th June 2006

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On Wednesday, 21st June, the Sun shines at its brightest and highest in the northern hemisphere, shifting from diffusive, stimulating, sometimes frenetic and fluttery Gemini energy, into the natural ebb and flow energy associated with the nurturing, sensitive sign of Cancer.

Solstices are a time to pause, to breathe slowly and deeply, pondering on what you have achieved so far this year, on both inner and outer levels; it?s a time to acknowledge these, and to listen and look for signs to show you the next steps forward.

As the light has been increasing over the last few months, so have people been looking for ways to shine, to express their identity. As the light-energy now slowly decreases (reverse this if you are in the southern hemisphere), there is a move towards integrating what you?ve discovered about yourself with others, moving towards a holistic interrelatedness, which peaks at the next solstice (22nd December this year).

The Moon is in the last phase of its monthly cycle, and because of this, there?ll be two gear-changes in fairly rapid succession. The first happens on the solstice, the second on the Cancerian New Moon on the 25th June (more on that in the next forecast). This week is an excellent time to stop doing, even if its momentary, to notice the energy around you, and tune in to how you feel.

Uranus turns retrograde on Monday 19th, modifying the energy of revolution, disruption, innovation, and desire for the new. Changes you have made recently may be need to be reconsidered and refined, new plans may take time to unfold, as this planet appears to travel backwards, until November 20th 2006.

The words from Simon and Garfunkel?s song, ?Feelin? Groovy?, ?Slow down you move too fast, you?ve got to make the morning last?.? have been weaving their way around my brain over the last few weeks, and succinctly express the message. In the evening, take time to watch the wonderful sunsets.

While in ?pause? mode, assess the positive and negative vibes, choose to focus on the positive ones, and deflect the negative ones by standing in a pillar of white light, mentally sending them off into the ether, or returned to the person that sent them (if this is the case).

Some will still be feeling the fall-out from the Sun/Pluto opposition last Friday (16th), a day of potential transformation following on from tricky encounters. This could have involved facing something in yourself, possibly a resistance to change, or a confrontation with others. Feelings of vulnerability may surface; protecting yourself psychically will strengthen you. (If you want any info on how to do this, please email, or write in Astral?s Star Bar. The Doc has written excellently about this too, in ?Handbook for the Urban Warrior?, Page 52 ?Psychic Shielding?.)

This state of ?pause? is important, because it gives us time to rejuvenate and nurture our creative spirit, a space to be receptive to the best the Tao has for us at this time, maybe bringing us something wonderful and possibly unexpected. It re-energises us so we can maximize the potential that will accompany the next New Moon, on the 25th June.

There are some heavy-duty aspects accompanying the Sun?s move into Cancer this solstice week. I was going to write they are skipping alongside, but I?m not sure Saturn and Mars are into such a playful pursuit. These two form a conjunction at the beginning of the week, on Sunday, 18th June, in Leo.

There?s a tremendous capacity for hard work when these two get together, and a focus on power. There?s also the possibility of blockage, energy not being able to be expended easily, sometimes because of others putting doubts, limits or boundaries around our wishes or desires. There can be fear of self-assertion, and blocked anger.

Tense, ?square? energy from Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion, and exaggeration, to Mars on Monday, 19th, and Saturn, on Thursday, 22nd, will bring up issues of practicality, oscillating between optimism and pessimism, expansion/contraction. Used positively, it can be a time to work out what is feasible, and what is in the realm of dreams, to somehow find the middle way between them, so your feet are firmly planted on the ground, but you?re still divinely linked, and in touch with your creative spirit.

Although the Sun leaves Gemini on the 21st, Venus moves into it on Saturday, 24th. It will lighten up any feelings of heaviness, or stuck-ness that may have been felt, especially in connection with emotional, or financial issues, as it moved through the latter degrees of Taurus this week, inconjuncting Pluto on Tuesday, 20th.

Venus in Gemini is playful, flirtatious, and good company. It doesn?t like anything too serious, or to feel tied down.
Gemini has an insatiable curiosity that needs to be fed by encountering new social situations, people, and trends. Generally, they love to be out and about, sitting chatting in cafes, watching the latest movie, or buying the latest mobile phone. It can seem a bit superficial sometimes, but also a much-needed tonic at times. A Gemini Moon on Friday, 23rd, and Saturday, 24th, also encourages a spirit of curiosity and sociability. It may come as light relief to counter-balance some of the heavier aspects this week.

As some-one said, ?It?s all yin and yang?? relish and savour all of it, knowing whatever you have now will evolve into something else later on.

I wish you a wonderfully special Solstice week.

A selection of the celestial interactions this week:

NB all times are BST (British Summer Time, which is one hour ahead of GMT ? Greenwich Mean Time).

Sunday, 18th June ? Mars conjunct Saturn ?7.04
Moon in Aries ? 19.54
Monday, 19th June ? Uranus turns retrograde ? 8.40
Mars square Jupiter ? 8.40
Tuesday, 20th June ? Venus inconjunct Pluto ? 3.08
Moon in Taurus ? 23.23
Wednesday, 21st June ? Summer Solstice/Sun in Cancer ? 13.26
Moon square Saturn ? 15.12
Moon square Mars ? 18.15
Thursday, 22nd June ? Jupiter square Saturn ? 19.44
Friday, 23rd June ? Moon in Gemini ? 3.49
Saturday, 24th June ? Venus in Gemini ? 1.31



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