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New Moon in Cancer - A New Perspective

forecast for 25th June - 1st July 2006

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An enterprising, imaginative sign, Cancer expresses itself in a way that nurtures others, encouraging a sense of feeling safe and sheltered. Sometimes appearing defensive, the crab, with its hard protective shell, and soft inner tissues, describes succinctly those with the Sun in this sign.

Linked with the Moon, the crab instinctively moves in time with its phases, scuttling with the tides, and interestingly, moving sideways to reach its intended destination. Is there a lesson here?

Natural rhythms enable the crab, and those with Cancer prominent in their chart, to move effectively, trusting their intuition to lead them to the right place at the right time.

Cancerians (or concertinas, as my spell-checker suggests) generally are fond of their homes, and their family (blood relations, and/or chosen tribe), often taking half of it with them when they travel, which they also love.
(Having my Ascendant in the last degree and minutes of this sign, I am guilty of this, much to the amusement of friends when they see the contents of my car; I am improving though).

These lunar-ruled beings feel happiest when they have loved ones around them, and can relax without any pretence or unnecessary ceremony. They are also extremely canny when it comes to business, and can ?smell? a good deal a mile off.

Back to the New Moon, which is happening on Sunday, 25th June. This phase in the lunar calendar symbolizes new beginnings. The sky is dark, but new star seeds can be sown which will bear fruit later. Projects, especially those that are creative, and include an element of helping others, are timely now. Creative and emotional connections that touch the heart are in focus now.

With an approaching trine from Jupiter in Scorpio, this New Moon is a call to sprout wings, and then use them to lift off and fly as high as your dreams. Head for the stars. It?s a time to consider others, to be grateful for, and acknowledge others? input in your life; it?s also a time to venture forth inwardly, and outwardly, moving onwards and upwards in your own growth, altering your perspective to an even more heart-based one. To sum up, this is an expansive new moon, but one where consideration for others enhances its potential.

The lunar aspects on Monday, 26th reiterate this, forming a passing grand trine in the water signs, trining Jupiter and Uranus. Positive emotional changes can be made easily now.

The Moon/Mercury conjunction on Tuesday, 27th, shows the heart and mind being in the same place, rather than at odds with each other, so this is a great day to really listen to how you feel, watch your thoughts, and notice what your physical body is telling you.

As the Moon wends its way into fiery Leo later in the day, there?s a change of vibe to a livelier, more extravert and high- spirited feel. Drama, play, theatre, creativity in general are all areas that will feed the spirit.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the inconjunct aspect; there are a couple more this week. When two planets are around 150 degrees apart, they have little in common, and for the energy between them to flow harmoniously, they need to learn to accommodate each other by making adjustments. Mars inconjuncts Uranus just after midnight, in the first minutes of Wednesday, 28th June, suggesting an unpredictable, restless, erratic energy. One way to use this energy would be to do something out of character, or just different, a picnic under the stars maybe. Another would be to note how you are feeling in your body, and to send kindness to any part that feels uncomfortable, and to gently ?hold? it, until it feels calmer.

Tense lunar aspects pervade Wednesday, imbuing it with an air of assertiveness, edginess, possibly connected to feeling bound, or hemmed in. If you find yourself in the middle of a drama that doesn?t really ?belong? to you, try not to get sucked in. Listen, and be compassionate where possible, but don?t absorb others? energy that isn?t yours. Stay in your own ?skin?.

The bright planet of communication, Mercury, moves from Cancer into Leo, temporarily, as it turns retrograde next week (more on this in the next column), and back into Cancer. It feels as if we?re given a glimpse of new possibilities, especially on the creative, inspirational front, but then will have to reconsider and review these. It?s only when Mercury re-enters Leo on 11th August that we can begin to really move forward with them.

There?s a less personal feel to the lunar aspects on Thursday, 29th, more of a desire to contact the collective airwaves. It may feel as if there?s interference on the channel you?re tuning into (Moon opposite Neptune), but insights can be discovered if you persevere. As the Moon trines Pluto you may discover spiritual treasure.

When the Moon moves into Virgo on Friday, 30th, the Leo warmth gives way to a more analytical approach, particularly when it comes to expressing feelings. There could be two waves of energy being felt here. The first is edgy, nervy, picky and restless, as the Virgo Moon squares the Gemini Venus; it may be difficult to please some people, as they squash your attempts at being loving.

The second, and hopefully the stronger one, is a feeling of balance, between give and take. It?s associated with promoting care and healing, possibly discovering something new about nutrition, certainly new ways we can take care of ourselves.

Saturday, 1st July sees an expansive trine between the Cancer Sun, and the Scorpio Jupiter, first coming into orb on the New Moon last Sunday, now exact. It?s a time to renew your faith in something, if you feel it?s been floundering recently, to put the welcome mat out for new, positive beliefs, to be open to change and growth, and watch for signs and opportunities to travel, on the roads of the planet, and also on the inner highways.

A push/pull feeling, between being dreamy and being practical, going with the flow, and being organized, could bubble up as the Virgo Moon opposes Uranus in Pisces, at 10.55, on Saturday, 1st.

The second inconjunct, between Venus and Jupiter, happens at 15.19, and although it?s unlikely to be that problematical, could produce a scenario where you have to face up to previous over-indulgencies of spending, or the senses. It may be a case of enjoying what you have, and being grateful, rather than wanting more.

I wish you a week full of marvels, insights and renewed hope. Much love and blessings, Sue.

Selected celestial dances this week:

Sunday, 25th June
Moon opposite Pluto ? 1.02
Moon in Cancer ? 9.48
New Moon in Cancer ? three degrees fifty-eight mins. ? 17.05

Monday, 26th June
Moon trine Jupiter ? 2.40
Moon trine Uranus ? 13.05

Tuesday, 27th June
Moon conjunct Mercury ? 17.03
Moon in Leo ? 18.09

Wednesday, 28th June
Mars inconjunct Uranus ? 0.33
Moon square Jupiter ? 11.44
Moon conjunct Saturn ? 13.21
Mercury in Leo ? 20.57
Moon conjunct Mars ? 23.57

Thursday, 29th June
Moon opposite Neptune ? 8.11
Moon trine Pluto ? 19.24

Friday, 30th June
Moon in Virgo ? 5.15
Moon square Venus ? 21.39
Moon sextile Sun ? 23.22
Moon sextile Jupiter ? 23.27

Saturday, 1st July
Sun trine Jupiter ? 0.21
Moon opposite Uranus ? 10.55
Venus inconjunct Jupiter ? 15.19

NB All times are BST (British Summer Time), which is one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).



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