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What do you want in a Relationship

forecast for 2nd - 8th July 2006

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Looking through the aspects for the coming week, it seemed as if they were speaking predominantly about relationships, about some of the things that have probably concerned us all, at one time or another. Coupled with this, two planets change direction: Mercury, the planet at the helm when it comes to communication, turns retrograde on the US?s Independence Day, 4th July, and Jupiter, benevolent planet of faith and growth, turns direct on Thursday, 6th July.

It?s a busy week astrologically, and I reckon the best way to be vitalised is to dance with it, even if you feel you?re going round in circles, moving backwards, or weaving through some kind of complex labyrinth. You will eventually find the ?exit? sign somewhere, although it may not be well lit, and you may need to look twice.

After an intense, potentially tetchy beginning to the week, with the Moon square Pluto, the emotional vibe calms somewhat, as the lunar orb slides into Libra, casting beams of fairness, balance and rationality into the atmosphere. Venus sextiles Saturn around the same time, enabling you to look at what makes you tick emotionally in a balanced way, neither over-gushing with sentimentality, nor being too detached and cold. This is the time of the week to weigh up any difficulties in relationships, and your bank balance (Venus is associated with finances too), and to seek practical solutions. It?s a time of being able to see the reality of these things clearly; later in the week it may not be so easy to be quite as rational.

If you?re dancing with Mercury, you?ll find yourself shimmying in a different direction, as he turns retrograde on Tuesday, 4th (until 29th July). Anything connected to communication, computers, cars, contracts, conversations can be confusing and changeable. If you can see the funny side of the glitches (and I know it?s hard sometimes), you may learn something about yourself you didn?t know before. For those born with Mercury retrograde in their birth-chart, this period can make them feel they?re flowing more smoothly with the energy.

When any planet is retrograde, it?s a time to take the energy inwards, assimilating what you have recently learned about the qualities associated with it. In the case of Mercury, reread (see the photo), review, rethink, rewrite, or return to a former perspective, maybe slightly altered by the passing of time.

Energy may feel in short supply as Mars opposes Neptune on Wednesday, 5th July. Neptune diffuses the natural exuberance of Mars? need for action, and assertion. Mars/Neptune is sometimes known as the aspect of sacrifice, when either it?s difficult to get one?s own needs met, or can be used to willingly put one?s own ego to one side in order to help others. Questions that may arise are ?Is there a balance between what you give and what you receive?? ?Are you feeding your own spirit enough so that you have the energy to help others?? ?Are you getting most of your desires (the important ones for you) fulfilled in a relationship, especially sexually??

The Scorpio Moon adds a potentially emotionally intense vibe to proceedings today (Wednesday), and the square to Mercury in Leo could make it hard to communicate how you feel. Try not to be too fixed and over-dramatic, but do speak from the heart.

Thursday, 6th has so much going on I hardly know where to begin. It?s a real mix of the positive and negative, and it will depend on your own planetary positions as to which you?ll feel most.

The fact that Jupiter is now appearing to move forwards again is a good sign for all of us, renewing hope and faith in those who have been doubting, whether it?s connected to faith in our own abilities and talents, or trust in something much larger than ourselves, like the Tao for example.

If you?ve been itching to travel, learn something new, or expand your horizons in any way, you will hopefully find it easier to do so now, and will be able to do it with a light and optimistic spirit.

The Sun in Cancer trines Uranus today, Thursday 6th, emphasising the potential for new opportunities, being open to innovative, possibly unpredictable change. A feeling of being free is paramount, and this moves in step with Venus squaring Uranus, which is also happening today.

Issues of freedom and closeness are to the fore. There?ll be a desire for something different, a wish to break out of old patterns of relating, which may no longer ?fit? who you are now. Hence the title of this forecast, ?What do you want in a relationship?? Perhaps I should add the word ?now?, or even ?for now?, as Venus is in Gemini, and Uranus in Pisces, both mutable signs, which can change like quicksilver, leaving others not sure what, or who they are dealing with.

Some may decide they want something or someone who is different, some may need more space, and some may just need to do something unpredictable and wayward for the day.

The primary relationship you have is the one with yourself; do you treat yourself well, and with kindness? Are your ?inner critics? tamed and under control?

Once you have considered your relationship with yourself, worked out any changes you?d like to make, and feel good about it, all things considered, the rest will naturally unfold in a positive way.

The intensity of the Scorpio Moon diffuses as she moves into Sagittarius, engaging us with light-heartedness, humour and a philosophical stance. Whatever happens can be accepted as part of a plan designed by something much wiser and kinder than our own egos could imagine.

So relax, enjoy and move with the rhythm of the dance that surrounds you, be aware that other venues are just through that door.

Wishing you all a great week, much love, Sue

Some of the celestial dances this week:

Sunday, 2nd July
Moon square Pluto ?7.58
Moon in Libra ? 18.06
Venus sextile Saturn ? 19.04

Monday, 3rd July
Moon trine Venus ? 17.23
Moon square Sun ? 17.37

Tuesday, 4th July
Moon trine Neptune ? 9.09
Mercury retrograde ? 20.33

Wednesday, 5th July
Moon in Scorpio ? 6.13
Moon square Mercury ? 8.53
Mars opposite Neptune ? 13.47
Moon conjunct Jupiter ? 23.41

Thursday, 6th July
Moon square Saturn ? 3.09
Venus square Uranus ? 7.57
Jupiter turns direct ? 8.15
Moon trine Sun ? 9.36
Moon trine Uranus- 10.28
Moon square Neptune ? 19.21
Moon square Mars ? 20.54
Sun trine Uranus ? 20.59

Friday, 7th July
Moon in Sagittarius ? 15.14
Moon trine Mercury ? 17.10

Saturday, 8th July
Moon trine Saturn ? 11.16
Moon square Uranus ? 17.31
Moon opposite Venus ? 23.09



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