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End of Term

Forecast for 16th - 22nd July 2006

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For many children and teachers, this is the last week of the school term, a time to wind down, relax, and probably be a bit cheeky to those in authority. Still slightly constricted by the timetable, but able to smell the closeness of fresh air and freedom.

All of us can relate to that feeling, and I would recommend this as a time to reflect, and look outwards and forward. Notice where you feel constrained, be aware of what it would it take to have more space, whether its emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually.

The Moon glides into the enterprising fire sign of Aries, on Sunday, 16th, heralding a couple of days when there?s a lively spark in the air.

There?s a mixed bag of aspects on Monday, 17th, containing emotional excitement, intensity and passion, as the Moon trines Pluto and Mars, all in fire signs, forming a transitory Grand Trine, energy flowing abundantly and exuberantly.

There are also issues surrounding control and change. The Sun inconjuncts Pluto today, indicating a need for some adjustment connected to power, especially one?s own power. Are you aware of just how creative and luminescent you really are? Do you accept your own self-worth easily?

A square (tense) aspect from the Moon to the Sun and Mercury, coupled with Mercury still being retrograde, shows there may be misunderstandings, and things not heard the way they were intended. Be patient with others, and listen carefully, as they may not find it easy to express how they really feel.

As the Sun wends its way through the last week of Cancer, and Mercury merrily meanders back to momentarily meet it on Tuesday, 18th, it?s a pertinent point in time to ponder. There?s a blending of heart and mind, making it a potent time to focus on the power of thought, and see things with the light of inner understanding.

The Moon is now in Taurus, grounding the fiery, emotional energy of the last couple of days. Stability and sensibility are in focus now, at odds with Jupiter in Scorpio, who desires to expand the spiritual mind-set, while the Taurus Moon feels more at home with pragmatism and practicalities.

It?s a passing phase, although the Mercury inconjunct Pluto on Wednesday, 19th, indicates an adjustment in the way the deeper meanings to life are thought and talked about. The tense aspects between the Moon, Saturn and Neptune highlight the differences between mundane and the spiritual; it seems to be a good day to clarify what feels ?real? for you now.

Venus, planet of love, attraction, beauty and money, moves into the water sign of Cancer on Wednesday, 19th too. Feelings flow more softly now, after the cool cleverness of Gemini. The emphasis is on the romantic, tender and sympathetic shades of this goddess, although do watch a tendency to cling, and to be too susceptible to flattery.

All things connected with home and family, the tribe you feel comfortable with, kindred spirits, come under the Venusian spotlight until August 12th. Cake making, carousing or canoodling under a Full Moon (in a couple of weeks), and all kinds of creativity can uplift and touch the senses.

As an antidote to a possible overdose of sentimentality, the Moon squares Mars early on Thursday, and then slides into Gemini, adding an edgy but elastic twist to any banter going on.

There could be more unpredictability and possible plan changing while the Moon is here (it?s ruled by Mercury, planet of communications), especially on Friday morning (21st), when the lunar orb squares Uranus.

A gentler vibe comes in as the Moon trines Neptune later in the day, imbuing the atmosphere with a more ethereal, colourful, creative quality. The doorway into other levels is easy to pass through. Meditation, music, poetry and film are immensely enjoyable around this time, providing an escape from the mundane.

On Saturday, 22nd July, the Moon opposes Pluto early in the day, doing its monthly emotional clear out, which can result in strong outbursts, and intense feelings.

Mars, planet of action and assertion marches into Virgo today, enabling a shift of energy form showy, dramatic Leo into the gentler, healing qualities of Virgo. Humility and a desire to serve take the edge off the yang energy of Mars. In Virgo, energy is expended efficiently, and wisely. Mars is now in the sign of the skilled craftsperson, so any projects involving detail and meticulousness are helped by the energy being here.

Health and healing are also to the fore, when any planet is in Virgo. It?s a good time to reassess your own physical body, to give it an m.o.t. and some TLC, and also to share any healing gifts with others. The world needs as much as it can get now.

The Moon moves into its own sign of Cancer at 16.28 (BST), making family get-togethers and the gathering of clans enjoyable and heart-warming. Equally comforting would be to nurture yourself in whatever way feels good for you, maybe spending some time at home in your garden, armed with a deck-chair, your favourite drink, a good book, or a good companion. The choice is yours.

Freedom is a state of mind ? enjoy the week!

Some of the celestial signs and aspects this week:

Sunday, 16th July
Moon in Aries ? 1.39
Moon trine Saturn ? 22.03

Monday, 17th July
Sun inconjunct Pluto ?10.14
Moon trine Pluto ? 19.31
Moon square Sun ? 20.13
Moon square Mercury ? 21.32
Moon trine Mars ? 23.32

Tuesday, 18th July
Moon in Taurus ? 4.44
Sun conjunct Mercury retro ? 8.07
Moon opposite Jupiter ? 20.47

Wednesday, 19th July
Moon square Saturn ? 2.20
Venus in Cancer ? 3.41
Moon square Neptune ? 14.03
Mercury inconjunct Pluto ? 17.38

Thursday, 20th July
Moon square Mars ? 6.48
Moon in Gemini ? 9.38

Friday, 21st July
Moon square Uranus ? 11.35
Moon trine Neptune ? 20.03

Saturday, 22nd July
Moon opposite Pluto ? 6.23
Moon in Cancer ? 16.28
Mars in Virgo ? 19.53

NB All times are BST (British Summer Time), which is one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).



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