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New Moon in Leo - Create some Sunshine

Forecast for 23rd - 29th July 2006

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If you were given a packet of astrological seeds to plant for this week, they would include love, happiness, fun, sun, creativity, play, and the spirit of the child.

On Sunday, the Sun enters Leo, symbolized by the lion, a fixed fire sign that exudes warmth, strength and enthusiasm, but expects respect and admiration in return. Leo?s ruling planet is the Sun, so it feels at home here, and can radiate effortlessly, beaming down brightness and solar power on to planet earth, and all living things that dwell here.

Sunday also sees some beautiful lunar aspects, involving the water signs. The Cancer Moon conjuncts Venus, and then trines Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Pisces. It may be a fleeting grand trine, but it has the potential for much love, excitement and hope. It?s a good day for family gatherings too.

There?s a meeting of mind and heart on Monday, as the Moon then holds hands with Mercury, so if there?s anything important you want to say, now is the time to take a deep breath, and say it with an open heart.

Take the packet of seeds now, and metaphorically scatter them as the New Moon emerges at 1.24 (BST) on Tuesday, 25th July. Take steps to nurture any creative projects you?ve been thinking about by taking action, even if it?s a tiny one, to further their progress. Although Saturn, also in Leo, isn?t so close that?s it?s squashing the child-like, playful spirit of this New Moon, it isn?t too far away, and will keep a watchful eye on creative pursuits, helping to shape them into something worthwhile as well as wonderful.

Bring the child in you out to play now, whatever your age, as when you give this part of you some attention and love, in some pleasurable activity, you also increase your chances for inspiration and creativity. Make time to do something that lifts your spirit; it will boost your vitality, energy and sense of well-being.

As this is a Leo New Moon, as well as being creative, it?s one that focuses on all things heart-based. It?s a time to listen to your heart, because this is where you can hear the voice of inner wisdom. If you?re feeling in need of guidance, take some deep breaths, and place your hand on your heart. Rest for a while, and tune in to how you are feeling (not thinking). Accept anything that comes. If nothing happens, don?t worry. It may reveal itself later, and you can enjoy the sense of peace and quiet anyway.

The square from the Moon to Jupiter later in the day indicates possibilities for over-indulgence on delectable delights, or a disagreement with another about beliefs.

A feeling of sobriety, and/or possible confusion or delusion permeates Wednesday, as the Leo Moon conjuncts Saturn and opposes Neptune. There could be a feeling of isolation, or weakness, especially emotionally. By focusing on your own needs, and being as pragmatic as possible, you can harness these energies positively, and make real progress with something you have been procrastinating about.

A duality of tone infuses Thursday, with a lovely, feel-good Venus trine Jupiter, symbolizing happiness and abundance, connected to love and finances. (I?ve noticed there?s often chocolate and/or cake involved with Venus/Jupiter aspects). This part of the day is not for being abstemious on any front, although by the time the Moon enters Virgo, and conjuncts Mars, you may well feel action is necessary to compensate for any over-indulgence.

This week seems to swing from enjoyment to abstention, emphasising the duality of life, until you reach that point of transcending all things, reaching the heart of the Tao.

This is a possibility too this week, for those ready to discard the superficial, attention-seeking, showy glamorous nature associated with Leo, in order to seek love on a deep level, the kind of love that is always there, through the vicissitudes of mood and favour, finding something longer-lasting, serene, and infinitely more healing.

On Friday, 28th, the practical, helpful Virgo Moon benignly contacts Jupiter and Venus, indicating pleasant expansive vibes, especially while you work. The opposition to Uranus later in the day could mean there?s a change of plan, because feelings are erratic and unpredictable. If you can tap into your intuition, and go with the flow, you could experience surprises of an interesting kind.

For those of you who have a difficult time when Mercury is retrograde, the good news is he?s going forwards again, as from 1.39 (BST), on Saturday, 29th July. The paperboy, who was flying backwards in the column a couple of weeks ago, has now rearranged his winged trainers so the wind is behind him, pointed his skateboard in a forward direction, and is heading through the last part of Cancer again. Like him, you may find a helpful breeze is now gently helping you on your way, blowing you forwards, making it easier to move in a more direct fashion, especially to do with matters of communication.

A harmonious sextile from the Moon accompanies this change, although a square from Pluto at 14.06 (BST) means the gentle breeze may become a bit of a tornado later on. Responding emotionally without intensity is not easy, but as the saying goes ?tis better out than in?. If there?s anything you?ve been holding on to, let it out, and then let it go now, so you are fettered no longer, but free to move into calmer, warmer waters.

Wishing you a week of sunshine (inner and outer), peace, love and play.

Some of the planetary signs and dances this week:

Saturday, 22nd July
Moon in Cancer ?16.28

Sunday, 23rd July
Sun in Leo ? 0.18
Moon conjunct Venus ? 1.14
Moon trine Jupiter ? 10.05
Moon trine Uranus ? 19.17

Monday, 24th July
Moon conjunct Mercury ? 10.07

Tuesday, 25th July
Moon in Leo ? 1.24
New Moon in Leo ? 5.31
Moon square Jupiter ?20.00

Wednesday, 26th July 06
Moon conjunct Saturn ? 3.19
Moon opposite Neptune ? 14.19

Thursday, 27th July
Moon trine Pluto ? 1.32
Venus trine Jupiter ? 2.50
Moon in Virgo ? 12.36
Moon conjunct Mars ? 18.49

Friday, 28th July
Moon sextile Jupiter ?8.09
Moon sextile Venus ? 11.18
Moon opposite Uranus ? 17.10

Saturday, 29th July
Mercury turns direct ?1.39
Moon sextile Mercury ? 7.15
Moon square Pluto ? 14.06

NB All times are BST (British Summer Time), which is one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).



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