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Forecast for 30th July - 5th August 2006

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An air of ostentation, materialism and egocentricity is pervading the astrological pattern at the moment, but underneath the cover of this is a desire to be healed, or to give healing.

Look into relationships with people, rather than making a judgement about what you see superficially. Try not to project on to them what you think you see, but see them as they are. Seek the words inside them, rather than reading what?s written on their T-shirt.

As the week begins, on Sunday, 30th July, Venus, planet of love and attraction, makes a harmonious link with Uranus, planet of innovation, excitement and unpredictability. This is the best day of the week for relationships and creativity, to be open to new possibilities in both. The desire for balance and harmony emanates from the Libra Moon; the Leo Sun blends in easily, emphasising its creative aspect, and the Venus/Uranus trine adds a wonderful spark, increasing the chances for interesting new relationships, or fanning the flames of one that could do with a lift.

It isn?t the time to be bound by the conventional, but to work out what feels right for you, and your significant other, if you have one. Any social occasion will have an extra sparkle and a higher voltage of excitement. As Venus is in Cancer, and Uranus is in Pisces, both signs belonging to the water element, the emotions and sensitivities are easily engaged, and the imagination can dance around the clouds.

On another level, there is a tense fixed energy making inroads into the airwaves, as the Leo Sun moves into position to square Jupiter in Scorpio, on Wednesday, 2nd August, and will follow this by meeting up with Saturn early next week. An aura of power surrounds both of these planets, (I know technically the Sun isn?t a planet, but for simplification astrologers refer to it as one), and when they come up against each other, there can be a dramatic show of self-importance, when the performance disguises what?s really going on. Hence, back to looking underneath the surface.

Some may pontificate about their beliefs, their sense of morality or their philosophy, political stance or religious bent, convinced that theirs is the one right way. Beware of those full of bombast, drama, showiness and an inflated sense of their own self-importance; they may topple, or be toppled off their self-constructed pedestals. Rebelliousness against such figures could be seen around now.

Although the Sun and Jupiter are traditionally known as ?benefic? celestial bodies, this can be an aspect of waste and extravagance, overt materialism, and being greedy.

Despite the negative tendencies the Sun square Jupiter, do enjoy the feeling of expansion and growth that this aspect usually brings too, and consider how you see yourself. You are very special.

It?s just that sometimes some people can get a little too full of themselves, especially those who think they are ?better?, because they have material wealth and/or social or political status.

Chiron in Aquarius promotes the idea of equality, and of looking at your own wounded-ness, along with that of others, and recognising the underlying connectedness we have with each other.
It feels as if the Sun is coming this week from the perspective of the ego, and Chiron from that of the spirit. When these two oppose each other at the beginning of the week, on Sunday, it feels like a quest for finding the balance between the two, recognising and nurturing one?s own uniqueness, yet understanding that others are special too.

Jupiter is in tense aspect with the Sun and Chiron, instigating questions about beliefs. What really matters to you now?

This is also an aspect pattern related to teaching and learning, so it?s a pertinent time to ask what lessons in life do you feel you are learning now. Is the same one repeating itself?

If you find yourself in a pattern that keeps recurring, where you find yourself in a situation that keeps repeating, you?re living out the same scenario, getting the same result, and it isn?t a positive one, it?s time now to say, ?Enough. I?ve learned that one now. I?ve got the message. It isn?t going to get any better. Time to move on.?

Face up to, and discard false hope. Move towards that which is genuine, has integrity, and where there is a fair exchange of energy. Let go of anything that is holding you back from being true to yourself.

A generous spirit is what?s called for, and will increase the light for everyone.

On Saturday, 29th July, Mercury, planet of communication started slowly moving forwards again, so any knots in the cords between you and others should begin to unravel now. It takes time for Mercury to regain momentum, so slowly but surely gets you to where you want to be. One step at a time.

The lunar flavours this week are those of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Having spent the early part of the week in people-pleasing, harmony-seeking Libra, the Moon moves into deep, insightful and moody Scorpio, on Tuesday, 1st August, at 14.08.

Wednesday, 2nd August looks like the day of most tension, and unease, as the Scorpio Moon squares up to the Leo Sun, and later Saturn, along with the aforementioned Sun square Jupiter. I see a locking of horns, stubbornness, and a high degree of fixity. However, if you are the mercurial type, this energy may just give you the steadfastness and courage you need to make a decision in a situation where there has been much prevarification.

Sagittarian?s cheerfulness, humorous philosophy and freedom-loving tendencies clear away all the intensity of the previous couple of days, as the Moon breezes into this sign on Friday, 4th August, although this intensity may temporarily reappear on Sunday (20.22 BST), as the Moon conjuncts Pluto.

I find this a great aspect for decluttering; you can apply this to any aspect of your life, things, attitudes, habits, relationships. Sweep away the dust and cobwebs, and see what?s really shining underneath.

Enjoy the week!

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Some of the planetary dances this week:

Sunday, 30th July
Moon in Libra ? 1.27
Moon sextile Sun ? 16.24
Venus trine Uranus ? 19.20

Monday, 31st July
Moon square Venus ? 7.20
Moon trine Neptune ? 15.28
Moon square Mercury ? 21.02

Tuesday, 1st August
Saturn inconjunct Uranus ? 5.22
Moon in Scorpio ? 14.08

Wednesday, 2nd August
Moon square Sun ? 9.46
Sun square Jupiter ? 12.51
Moon trine Uranus ? 17.40
Moon square Saturn ? 18.09

Thursday, 3rd August
Moon trine Venus ? 1.29
Moon square Neptune ? 2.39
Moon trine Mercury ? 10.08
Venus inconjunct Neptune ? 13.11

Friday, 4th August
Moon in Sagittarius ? 0.13
Moon square Mars ? 15.03
Moon trine Sun ? 23.03

Saturday, 5th August
Moon square Uranus ? 1.50
Moon trine Saturn ? 2.57
Moon conjunct Pluto ? 20.22
Mercury inconjunct Pluto ? 23.20
NB The times are BST (British Summer Time), which is one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

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