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Full Moon in Aquarius - Control and Surrender - Fences and Open Spaces

forecast for 6th - 12th August 2006

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This is a week to take a reality-check, to be as honest and inwardly strong as you can, so you can make necessary changes, and move forward. The Capricorn Moon on Sunday imbues the day with a ?work? feel, even though it?s the weekend. If you use it to complete those jobs you?ve been procrastinating about, it?ll enable you to start the week feeling in control, on top of things, and it?ll lift your energy. The trine to Mars later in the day adds impetus to getting things done, especially anything connected to the earth element, for example, looking after your physical body, paying bills, deciding on a work strategy.

Monday, 7th August, could seem heavy and limiting, or consolidating and satisfying, as the Sun conjuncts Saturn, in Leo. It just depends how solid the ground is that you?re standing on. This could apply to a relationship, a creative project, or your sense of self.

Others could project your need to feel in control by seeming to be authoritarian and limiting. This is a time to stand up for what feels right for you, to define, and maybe change some of your attitudes and beliefs, so that you feel empowered by your own spirit, rather than bound by others? philosophies, expectations, or opinions. Where do you feel fenced in; where do you feel the freedom of open spaces?

It?s important to check in with yourself and to do this now, as the Full Moon on Wednesday, 9th August is one that could throw you off balance, if you aren?t being true to yourself, confident of your abilities, and your worth. Others may question and undermine you, so the more centred you feel the better you can stand up to them.

The Sun conjunct Saturn can be seen as someone standing alone (this isn?t to say lonely, although that is a possibility), strong in himself or herself, or someone who is bound.

It?s maybe helpful to remember that we usually choose the situation we find ourselves in, and that if we realise it isn?t good for us, we do have the choice to cast off the binding, and walk away.

There are a few aspects this week that are hinting at much-needed changes concerning freedom and control in relationships. Venus inconjuncts Pluto on Tuesday, 8th, which is usually a tricky one, calling for an adjustment in a relationship, or financial matters. Manipulative manoeuvres could be afoot, so check you?re not on the receiving end of someone else?s negative agenda, especially a boot-kicking one. Venus semi-square Mars on Wednesday, 9th, also highlights relationship difficulties, particularly sexual ones.

Midweek sees the main astrological act this week as a reality-focused Leo Sun conjunct Saturn opposes the ethereal Aquarian Moon conjunct Neptune on Wednesday, 9th August.

It?s interesting how images spring to mind when ?reading? the planetary combinations. There?s never just one way of looking at them; they are always multi-layered, as are most things in life. Here are some that come to mind when I look at this Full Moon combination:

Man with heavy responsibilities and feet on the ground opposes mysterious, nebulous woman with head in the clouds.

Egocentric, controlling, powerful man opposes surrendering, compassionate, imaginative woman.

Standing up for a creative dream, despite all the obstacles.

Manifesting a vision, particularly a humanitarian one.

Shattering illusions with a heavy dose of that which can no longer be avoided.

Putting up boundaries that counter the feeling in your heart.

The Sun conjunct Saturn may also be seen as a teacher, disciplinarian, a wise guide, or grumpy old man, someone with control, either inner, outer, or both, and having a strong sense of responsibility.
Moon conjunct Neptune suggests a dreamer, a psychic, an artist, someone whose emotions flow effortlessly and compassionately. The Leo/Aquarius dynamic combines the ego with humanity; both signs are creative.

Do any of these resonate with you? The Full Moon always shines brilliantly on some kind of polarity. This one is really interesting because it isn?t just a case of the Sun (yang/masculine/active) opposing the Moon (yin/feminine/receptive), it?s coloured by two more planets, Saturn and Neptune. Saturn is emphasising the ego and need for control, and attention; Neptune is holding hands with the Moon, and saying ?let?s escape to somewhere peaceful, romantic, good for the soul, and surrender to the Tao, divine plan, etc.?

To add another spice to the mix, Jupiter loosely squares the Sun/Moon polarity, adding questions about freedom, beliefs, expansion, growth and the feasibility of grandiose schemes, particularly creative ones.

The essence of this full moon is connected to reality, and the possibility of an alternative one. What is real for you now? How can you create a life that is fulfilling for you? Are you bound by the five sensory ego-based, fearful perspective, or open to the sixth sensory spirit-based, heart-centred one, open to all possibilities, trusting in the underlying benevolence of the universal dinner lady, as the good Barefoot Doctor says, in his wonderful book ?Manifesto?.
(The aforementioned dinner lady will give you as much as you ask for.)

The quest now is to find a balance between the two, living in the world, joyfully expressing your sense of self, but not subject to the mass negativity that is pervading the planet through the vast majority of global communications.

This is a great time to follow what feels authentic, liberating and right (in your heart, mind and gut) for you, to allow no one to put you down, or diminish your sense of self-worth, especially those who appear to have a more elevated position than you (they haven?t).

From this position of discovering who you are now, and what matters to you now, you can relax into the feeling of surrender that the Sun?s opposition to Neptune on Friday, 11th will bring. Alongside the flowing, flexible Pisces Moon, the energy is languid, creative and laid-back, for those who choose it.

An argumentative, tetchy opposition from the Moon to Mars, and conjunction to Uranus, means others may oppose your serenity, and try to disrobe you of your aura of peace. If you?re aware of this you can wrap some psychic protection around you, so deflecting others? attempts to invade your space and tranquillity.

The surrender can also take the form of ?letting go?, of anything or anyone that doesn?t uplift, inspire and warm you.
Be brave, because it will then allow you to take full advantage of a powerful, positive force for change that is coming next week.

Mercury enters Leo on Friday, 11th, shifting the mood from being sensitive to fiery when it comes to matters of communication. Venus moves into Leo on Saturday 12th, adding a sense of warmth and creativity to relationships, and artistic pursuits. Saturn?s position in Leo this year means that there may be less of Leo?s natural exuberance around, even though these planets are now in this sign, but there?ll be more in the way of sincerity when communicating with others.

More fiery flames are added with an Aries Moon arriving for the weekend, adding snap, crackle and pop. Enjoy the sparks of light and brightness.

Selected cosmic connections this week:

Sunday, 6th August
Moon in Capricorn- 6.19
Moon trine Mars- 22.33

Monday, 7th August
Sun conjunct Saturn ? 12.54

Tuesday, 8th August
Venus inconjunct Pluto ? 4.41
Moon in Aquarius ? 8.47

Wednesday, 9th August
Moon square Jupiter ? 2.04
Moon opposite Saturn ? 9.16
Full Moon in Aquarius ? 11.54 (16 degrees, 44 minutes)
Moon conjunct Neptune ? 14.41
Venus semi-square Mars ? 19.54

Thursday, 10th August
Moon in Pisces ? 9.10

Friday, 11th August
Moon opposite Mars ? 4.34
Mercury in Leo ? 5.09
Sun opposite Neptune ? 6.14
Moon conjunct Uranus ? 7.07

Saturday, 12th August
Moon in Aries ? 9.22
Venus in Leo ? 21.21

NB All times are BST (British Summer Time), which is one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).



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