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the Dynamics of Decisiveness, Action and Transformation

Forecast for 13th -19th August 2006

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For those of you seeking new frontiers, a bold leap into something different, this could be the week. The faint-hearted, contented or complacent among you may want to go on some kind of retreat, or hide in a cool cave somewhere in order to avoid the exciting, and potentially dangerous energies around at this time.

Mars opposes Uranus on Sunday, 13th August, an aspect of explosive, unpredictable energy that could shatter anything that isn?t solid into shards, cutting through anything that isn?t authentic.

This aspect of tension always reminds me of a rubber band being stretched that bit too far, so that it snaps, and pings back painfully on to your fingers. Usually though, in that moment of going too far, a valuable lesson is learned. It is an aspect of dynamic, wilful, restless energy that doesn?t want to be contained, and needs somewhere to go. It wants liberation, particularly from anything that has felt limiting, or on shaky ground.

It is an aspect of rebellion, when tempers can fray, and emotions steam out as pressure is released. If there have been undercurrents of resentment in your life, now may be the time for them to bubble up out and emerge none too gently into the open. Count to ten, if you remember, and fully engage your sense of reason before you speak out.

It is an accident-prone combination too, so take extra care when travelling, especially if you are in the driving seat, and have pent-up feelings of anger. Be aware that others may be expressing their frustration too.

The Mars/Uranus opposition is a prelude for the positive dynamic Sun/Pluto trine aspect happening later in the week, on Thursday, 17th August, which augurs transformation. This is another aspect of powerful energy, which can be used in a positive or negative way, with the aim of instigating change.

Positively, the potential for breakthrough is being given a helpful push by these two planets now; negatively, an attempt to seize power over, or control others is also a possibility. Intense encounters can lead to confrontation, but the chance is there to clear the air, and to embrace either a new, or renewed, acceptance of one?s own inner power, and also possibly, new circumstances.

As the Leo Sun trines Pluto in Sagittarius on Thursday, 17th, it completes a series of aspects that began with the square to Jupiter (2nd August), the conjunction to Saturn (7th August), the opposition to Neptune (11th August); these same aspects will repeat over the next few weeks, featuring Mercury, then Venus (instead of the Sun), as they travel through the sign of Leo.

Succinctly, it is, and will be for the next couple of weeks, a complex mix of tension and heaviness, decision-making followed by letting go and waiting in some areas, then being able to take action and change in others, and all this could apply to the way you see yourself, the way you communicate, the way you interact with others and the world.

This series of aspects began with questioning beliefs (Jupiter), assessing where you felt restricted (Saturn), then moving to a feeling of surrender, or letting go (Neptune), and now concludes with moves towards self-empowerment (Pluto). It?s an interesting pattern, to say the least.

These two aspects, the Mars/Uranus opposition, and the Sun/Pluto trine will dominate the week. Apart from the first step of this pattern unfolding again, featuring Mercury this time, squaring Jupiter on Friday, 18th, which signifies expansive but possibly impractical ideas, the other featuring aspects this week are lunar ones.

Each lunar month (27days, 7 hours on average), the Moon travels through all the signs of the zodiac. By paying attention to how you feel as it weaves its way through each sign you can gradually build up a diary of your own ebb and flow of energy, and plan accordingly, if you are able to. Emotional responses usually intensify as it passes over the lunar position it was in when you were born.

A creative, practical yet sensual vibe pervades Monday, 14th, as the Moon enters Taurus at 11.00 (BST). Tension could arise as it squares Venus and Mercury later in the day; you may feel you need some attention and tlc, but it could be difficult to verbalise your feelings; you could feel at cross-purposes between fulfilling your own and others? needs, and end up just feeling dissatisfied.
By channelling these mixed emotions into doing something creative, you may be able to ?find? a part of yourself you enjoy, and by-pass any dissonance.

This minestrone of diverse lunar and planetary energies continues on Tuesday, 15th, and into Wednesday 16th, suggesting obstinacy and a possible tussle between the bullish Moon in Taurus, and the Leonine Sun. Both have much pride, and neither will give in easily.

As the Moon moves into Gemini at 15.07 (BST), on Wednesday 16th, the atmosphere changes from being dense and static to something lighter and breezier.

The Sun/Pluto aspect mentioned above becomes exact on Thursday, 17th, and is accompanied by lunar squares to Uranus and later Mars. Unpredictability could lead to the day turning out differently from expectations; aim to see any sudden changes as opportunities for something new and exciting, and expect it to turn out even better. Argumentativeness and edginess filter into the evening; dispel it with something physical (no, not fighting) if you can; one thing today won?t be is dull.

The monthly Moon opposite Pluto aspect happens on Friday, 18th, alongside Mercury square Jupiter. Communication around issues of trust and honesty could lead to secrets being revealed. Emotional manipulation by others is something to watch out for.
A softer, more nurturing energy emerges as the Moon shimmies into its own sign of Cancer (22.03 BST), emphasising the yin, feminine aspect of being. Take time out to feed that gentle side of yourself, whether it?s by strolling in the moonlight under the stars, indulging in a sensuous massage, warm exchanges with another, or baking and/or eating your favourite comfort food.

The feel good factor continues into Saturday, 19th August, as the Moon in Cancer trines Jupiter and Uranus. Be open to anything that is expansive, uplifting, fun and new. Emotions flow freely, positively and sympathetically now, enabling any dissonance sown earlier in the week to be weeded out, or at least looked at sympathetically.

PS As I haven?t taken a break since I began this column in February 2005, I?m giving myself a couple of weeks off to rest, relax, and have fun, so I can return bright and sparkling on 3rd September. Wishing you all a good time until I return!

Some of the cosmic connections this week:

Sunday, 13th August
Mars opposite Uranus ? 13.51
Moon trine Sun ? 19.40

Monday, 14th August
Moon trine Pluto ? 1.14
Moon in Taurus ? 11.00
Moon square Venus ? 14.33
Moon square Mercury ? 20.08

Tuesday, 15th August
Moon opposite Jupiter ? 6.14
Moon trine Mars ? 12.28
Moon square Saturn ? 14.14
Moon square Neptune ? 18.27

Wednesday, 16th August
Moon square Sun ? 2.51
Moon in Gemini ? 15.07

Thursday, 17th August
Sun trine Pluto ? 6.02
Moon square Uranus ? 15.28
Moon square Mars ? 20.42

Friday, 18th August
Mercury square Jupiter ? 10.30
Moon opposite Pluto ? 11.08
Moon in Cancer ? 22.03

Saturday, 19th August
Moon trine Jupiter ? 20.21
Moon trine Uranus ? 23.26

NB All times are British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).



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