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The Headline - New Moon in Virgo

mini forecast for 20th - 26th August 2006

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As I?m technically on ?holiday? at the moment, this isn?t a fully detailed and inclusive cosmic newssheet this week, more of a planetary ?headline?, giving you news of the ?main event?.

There?s a new moon on Wednesday, 23rd August (20.10 BST), at 0 degrees Virgo. This is an extremely potent time, being right at the very beginning of Virgo, suggesting the need for openness, flexibility and change, and a time to sow some seeds, especially pertaining to new ideas, attitudes, and habits.

When the next new moon occurs, on 22nd September, in the last degree of Virgo, (29 degrees), it will be a time to sort out those seeds, see which ones have sprouted, and which ones were lifeless, to refine and move on to the next period of growth. This also happens to be a Solar Eclipse, so will be a significant turning point for some. I?ll write more on this nearer the time.

In nature?s annual cycle it?s a time of harvest. Around here (Somerset, England), tractors and combine-harvesters are taking over the lanes; swirly, curvy ?Swiss rolls? of wheat lie plump in the fields, looking as if they?re waiting for something to happen. (I often ?see? them coming to life, unfurling, becoming animated, and starting to dance, but then I always have had a fertile imagination.)

Perhaps the column title was chosen, light-heartedly and subconsciously as a ?double entendre?, as harvest festivals sprout up here, there and everywhere, in schools, and all kinds of sacred places, from ancient churches to Celtic groves.

Symbolically, this is the time to acknowledge, give thanks, be grateful for the abundance around you, and give yourself some recognition for what you?ve achieved in your life so far this year, look at how you?ve evolved and grown. Be appreciative of who you are, with all your imperfections.

Virgo is the sign of the perfectionist, so it?s usually easier for those with planets prominent here to list their faults and shortcomings rather than their talents and gifts, as it can be for many of us.

Turn that around now, and visualize all your virtues lit up in neon for all to see, so that the warmth and brightness illuminates others.

What you focus on grows, so decide now what you?d like more of in your life, and metaphorically plant those seeds, water and feed them, and watch them grow into something wonderful. Also give them the space they need to flourish, so they don?t feel hemmed in and unable to branch out freely.

Traditionally, in the northern hemisphere, this is the time of year when the new educational year begins, and as Virgo is connected to teaching and learning, use this new moon to decide about paths of learning and/or teaching that can guide you into exciting areas of exploration, whether it?s taking something to a deeper level, or beginning something new.

Also, be open to new teachers appearing to help you, whether in the flesh, or through their writing. ?When the student is ready, the teacher appears?, the saying goes.

Health, healing, herbs and service also come under the auspices of Virgo. To make whole is the quest of the healer, to bring the mind (linked to Mercury, Virgo?s ?ruler?), body and spirit into balance. As the Sun has moved into Virgo today, Wednesday 23rd, for its annual month-long passage, so it brings in the mutable, earth energy that is so conducive to working with the physical and mental bodies, and to align them in harmony with the spirit.

Enjoy the energy and creative potential of this new moon!
Normal service will be resumed on 3rd September.

PS More info on the 'new' planets, Ceres, Charon and Xena, will be posted when I return at the beginning of September. Let's just say that the feminine in different guises - nurturing (Ceres), wise (Charon) and warrior-like (Xena) seem to be very much in focus.

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