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Flow like a River

Forecast for 27th August - 2nd September 2006

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It?s been an interesting couple of weeks for me. Having made the decision to take some time off ?work?, I?ve found the one aspect of it that I?ve been guided to continue is writing this column, reconfirming how much I enjoy creating it, albeit in slightly shortened and simplified form.

To simplify is no mean feat this week, as it has to be one of, if not the most, astrologically ?busy? and complex, this year. For those of you who may feel as if you are between a rock and a hard place, visualize a sliver of a clear river flowing between these solid forms.

Know that however blocked, or stuck you feel, there is a way through, once you have clarified your intentions, and decided to follow the way that feels right for your spirit. Be that stream that carves its way slowly but surely through the mountains, eroding any obstacles that are placed in its way.

Thank the obstacles for being there, for teaching you something you need to learn, but then flow over or around them, and move on. Earlier in the week, Jupiter trines Uranus (Tuesday, 29th August), an aspect of breakthrough and optimism, accompanied by a feeling that changes for the better are now imminent. The Scorpio Moon conjunct Jupiter, on the same day, reconfirms feelings of expansiveness and progress.

However, as Mars squares Pluto on Wednesday 30th August, accompanied by tense lunar aspects, you may wonder where all the ?lightness? of Tuesday has gone. There is a potential clash of wills involved here, a need for compromise, and not much willingness to give way. The more you can detach from any drama around you, the calmer you?ll feel. Aim to listen to your spirit rather than your ego, to avoid becoming a warrior intent on battle, and you?ll transcend any dissonance, and be able to view the picture from a different perspective.

Saturn in Leo, having conjuncted the Sun, Mercury and Venus over the last few weeks, now moves into position to oppose Neptune (Thursday, 31st August). This is a highly significant aspect for some, when dreams will be tested, to see if they still have some validity. The influence of this has been around for some weeks, if not months, but at least is now culminating.

It?s an aspect that was loosely in orb last November, when there was a ?grand cross? (four planets in square to one another) formation involving the Sun, Mars, Saturn and Neptune. Now Saturn has reached the opposition point exactly, and Jupiter (which had just entered Scorpio last November 2005), is moving in to square first Neptune (24th September 2006), then Saturn (25th October 2006).

Three-quarters of that tense, fixed energy from last November has re-formed, and maybe reformed too; it indicates a time when any ideal or dream that hasn?t lived up to its expectations will be tested again. Beliefs will be questioned, priorities re-evaluated, reality scrutinised.

Relationships are also in focus in this way too. Having conjuncted Saturn on Saturday, 26th August, Venus in Leo, opposes Neptune on Sunday, 27th. The essence of these two aspects involves looking at how much trust there is between you, how ?real? and honest is the intimacy, how much is the relationship based on illusion and projection?

This can apply to any relationship, not a just romantic one, and it can also apply to financial matters, which also come under the domain of Venus. If you can honestly consider these questions, you may find answers that can help you move towards a more mutually loving place, even if it means letting the other go, or moving on from a financially unrewarding project.

On Friday, 1st September, Venus trines Pluto, completing the aspect sequence that the Sun and Mercury have journeyed through over the last few weeks. If you managed to make headway with the above, you?re now in a position to transform how you feel, so that you can touch others in a mutually heart-felt way, enjoy authentic relationships of all kinds, and be involved with projects that reflect your true worth.

Anything that is built on ?solid ground? will come through this period; anything built on shifting sand looks insecure. It is a time of looking within; strengthening your centre, listening to what feels right for you now.

It may be different from what felt ok six, or nine months ago. The tendency, because the energy involved is in ?fixed? signs, is to hang on, but my feeling is to say let go of anything, or anyone who doesn?t support your spirit. By doing this, you create a space for something, or someone better to come into your life.

Be the river, enjoy the journey, confident that you can flow on, weaving around reeds and boulders, maybe slowing down your current as you encounter these, meandering and then flowing on again, into the ocean. Know that you began at the beneficent and all-inclusive Source, and it is to there you will eventually return.

Embrace all that this week offers with courage and an open-heart.

A few of the celestial connections:

Sunday, 27th August
Venus opposite Neptune ? 13.19
Mercury in Virgo ? 20.30

Monday, 28th August
Moon in Scorpio ? 20.56

Tuesday, 29th August
Jupiter trine Uranus ? 10.13
Moon conjunct Jupiter ? 23.05
Wednesday, 30th August
Mars square Pluto ? 0.29
Moon square Saturn ? 8.13
Moon square Neptune ? 8.32
Moon square Venus ? 16.11

Thursday, 31st August
Moon in Sagittarius ? 8.00
Saturn opposite Neptune ? 10.54

Friday, September 1st
Sun conjunct Mercury ? 5.49
Venus trine Pluto ? 12.11

Saturday, 2nd September
Moon in Capricorn ? 15.34

NB Times shown are BST (British Summer Time); this is one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).



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