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Full Moon in Pisces - Reason and Intuition

Forecast for 3rd - 9th September 2006

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Freedom is a key issue this week, how much do you have, and how much would you like? The Full Moon on Thursday, 7th September, together with other aspects, will encourage you to engage both your rational mind and intuition to help you decide how much space you need, where your boundaries are with others, and how to develop that internal sense of freedom that no-one can touch.

Uranus, the planet associated with freedom, intuition, unpredictability, surprise and innovation opposes Mercury on Sunday, 3rd September, and the Sun on Tuesday, 5th. Something that has been in your subconscious now becomes conscious, possibly instigating a behaviour that may appear deviant or rebellious to others. Maybe they haven?t seen this side of you before. It?s an important side though, and needs to be given its fair due.

If you?ve been feeling bound by someone else? wishes, or in a situation where you feel you can?t move, you will most likely want to cut those ties and move away freely now.

Because of the nature of Uranus, anything can happen, positive and negative, and the more open you are to change, the more the unexpected will delight and surprise you. Incredible insights can be coupled with erratic thinking with the Mercury/Uranus opposition on Sunday, 3rd September; it may be only afterwards that you understand the essence of the message.

Communication on Sunday, 3rd, could go anywhere, but with the accompanying sextile from Mercury to Jupiter, and supportive harmonious lunar aspects, aim to be optimistic, indulge in some expansive thinking, expect the best, and enjoy the ride. This is the time of year when many begin to learn something different, make new friends, and generally engage in some positive, creative interaction.

It?s unlikely you?ll be able to travel in a straight line today, either mentally or physically, so take your time to explore new and possible foreign alleyways, sunny piazzas, shady glades, leafy lanes and tree-lined avenues, and savour all you find.

On Tuesday 5th, just after midnight (BST), Pluto turns direct, after being retrograde (appearing to go backwards), since March 29th. As a Scorpio, ruled by this sign and Mars, I?m relieved, and I?m hoping, along with many others who have found this year difficult, that this will instigate a deep, profound shift to being able to move forwards again on an outer level (much has been happening on the inner one), to live life with renewed enthusiasm and faith, to be able at last to outwardly benefit from all the unconscious processes for change that have been ?cooking? inside throughout this time.

If you?ve been attempting to let go of useless, outworn, non-serving childhood habits, it?ll be much easier to really say ?good-bye? to them now. If you?ve been wanting to move into a time where you feel empowered, knowing you have something you can offer which supports you, but also helps others, you can do this too.

The Sun?s opposition to Uranus, also on Tuesday, 5th, adds extra electricity and scintillating sparks to the day. It could be an electric shock, or more of a fabulous buzz, with a twist of fizz. Conformity and convention is out today; individuality and welcoming in new, positive influences is in.

On Wednesday, the mood moves from one of dreaminess to one of subdued, secluded feelings (Moon conjunct Neptune, Moon opposite Saturn); for those in the UK, we?ll probably be asleep for both of these. It?ll be interesting to see if our
dreams reflect these two.

Venus moves into Virgo on Wednesday 6th too, encouraging feelings to be expressed gently and kindly now, with the desire to help and heal. Moving from Aquarius to Pisces later in the day (19.56), the Moon adds more compassion and sensitivity to the general ambience.

Jupiterian faith and optimism colour Thursday, 7th September, as the Sun sextiles Jupiter, and the Moon trines it. The Moon conjuncts Uranus, adding an element of emotional surprise and unpredictability. If you can handle this, it?s an auspicious warm-up act for the Full Moon, which takes place at 19.42 (BST).

As the Full Moon culminates, where I live on the northern edge of the Mendip Hills in Somerset, England, the Moon in Pisces will have just risen over the horizon, and the Sun in Virgo just set; I?m hoping for a simultaneous beautiful sunset and moonrise.

The Sun is conjunct Mercury (the sign which ?rules? Virgo), and also the asteroids Juno (connected to partnership) and Vesta (connected to work and service).

Symbolically the quest is for balance between the rational, conscious mind, and the intuitive, emotional one, neither one used at the expense of the other, both combining and helping each other to work together. Use reason to sort out what?s real, and what?s fantasy. Look at any difficult situation from all angles, which will help to organize your thoughts. This will then help you access your sixth-sense, your intuition, and then your feelings will reveal the answer.

The Uranian surprise element may just add something to the mix that is enchanting, illuminating and totally unexpected. Another step can be taken upwards, another level reached.

Life, particularly for those born around the first week of September, and also the first week in March, may change unexpectedly now.

The planetary emphasis is on Virgo, as along with the Sun and Mercury, Mars (just) and Venus are there too. For those who have the Sun in Virgo, although the potential is there for tremendous focus (and obsessive ness?), it would seem that there could be a tendency to throw all eggs into one basket, or should I say all ideas into one project, particularly a work-based one, and then to be amazed or shocked when this is altered or overturned, either in a nice or more disruptive way. Trust that the universe is always guiding you to the best possible outcome.

Physical moves can happen with this Full Moon, perhaps a sudden relocation, where you find yourself exactly where you?re meant to be, but unplanned beforehand. Allow serendipity to lead you, but only if it feels right intuitively.

Mars moves into compromising Libra on Friday, 8th September. Mars finds it difficult to express what it wants here, as it desires to please everyone else too; the energy here is the opposite of the sign it naturally is linked to, Aries. When it is in Aries, it expresses itself directly and energetically; in Libra, there is an ebb and flow of energy, and the inclination is to find an energetic balance between being active and passive.

There will be challenges to Mars? natural desire to keep the peace on Friday, 8th. All diplomatic efforts will be needed, as the Moon opposes Mercury, squares Pluto, and opposes Mars. To add to the warrior-like mode, the Moon moves into Aries at 19.23 (BST), just before the aforementioned opposition to Mars.
Tension, argumentativeness, and a willingness to do battle make this a feisty Friday night.

Stand up for yourself, but don?t feel the need to hook into someone else?s drama and challenges if you don?t want to. If you don?t respond to an angry outburst, they can?t continue very easily.

The Mercury square to Pluto on Saturday 9th suggests power plays in communication, using subversive tactics to come across as the ?good guy?. The more honest and open you can be, (and it isn?t easy with this one, as behind the scenes gossip seems to be the norm), the more the truth can be revealed, and understanding reached.
A gentle, dreamy sextile from Neptune to the Moon will help to tone down the Valkyrie tendencies that some people, women in particular, will have displayed over the last couple of days.
Find that romantic movie and chill. It?s all a passing moment in the many trillions of moments that make up your life.

Welcome to September, it?ll be warm and exciting,

Selected assortment of cosmic delights this week:

Sunday, 3rd September
Mercury (Virgo) opposite Uranus ? 10.22
Moon (Capricorn) trine the Sun ? 10.31
Moon sextile Uranus ? 14.07
Moon trine Mercury ? 14.43
Moon sextile Jupiter ? 15.47
Mercury sextile Jupiter ? 23.05

Monday, 4th September
Moon trine Mars ? 15.24
Moon in Aquarius ? 19.15

Tuesday, 5th September
Pluto stationary, turning direct ? 0.19 ? 24 degrees Sagittarius
Sun opposite Uranus ? 11.54
Moon square Jupiter ? 6.25

Wednesday, 6th September
Moon conjunct Neptune ? 0.18
Moon opposite Saturn ? 1.38
Venus in Virgo ? 7.15
Moon sextile Pluto ? 10.29
Moon in Pisces ? 19.56
Moon opposite Venus ? 21.04

Thursday, 7th September
Sun sextile Jupiter- 2.45
Moon conjunct Uranus ? 16.00
Moon trine Jupiter ? 18.47
Full Moon in Pisces ? 19.42 ? 15 degrees Pisces

Friday, 8th September
Mars in Libra ? 5.18
Moon opposite Mercury ? 6.25
Moon square Pluto ? 10.02
Moon in Aries ? 19.23
Moon opposite Mars ? 20.01

Saturday, 9th September
Mercury square Pluto ? 13.00
Moon sextile Neptune ? 23.30

NB All times are BST (British Summer Time), which is one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).



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