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Mellow Fruifulness

forecast for 10th - 16th September 2006

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After the speedy sequence of unfolding astrological aspects over the last few weeks comes a gentler pace. The full moon reached its fulsome ripeness on the 7th September; now the lunar energy slows down, offering the opportunity for a pause, a time to savour the fruits which have mellowed and been harvested, a time to begin to plan the next phase. There?s no rush, as this will take shape in its own time.

There could be some tweaking of dreams on Sunday, 10th September, as the Sun inconjuncts Neptune. Adjustments may be necessary as new insights prompt the need to change a former way of being, if this no longer ?fits?. It?s a day for a reality check on anything of an idealistic, creative nature.

Lunar trines to Saturn and Pluto on this day encourage common sense, and a practical way of making progress, whether it?s on the home front, or dealing with something of an emotional nature.

The Moon takes on fixed earth energy as she moves into Taurus on Sunday evening (BST), blending harmoniously with the solar earth energy in Virgo, moving through this sign until the evening of Tuesday, 12th September. The earth element is connected to the physical realm, so, the physical body, health, survival needs, the environment, come into focus now. Venus-ruled Taurus is sensuous, creative and practical. Possibilities for getting the most out of this combination are spending a day at a spa, or in the country, savouring all the autumnal delights of blackberry-crammed hedgerows, and that unmistakeable fresh whiff in the air. Even though winter is coming for those of us in the northern hemisphere, this smell always lifts my spirits (maybe it?s because I was an autumn baby?).
Painting, singing, gardening, healing, and general enjoyment of the simple things in life all fit this Sun Virgo/Moon Taurus combination.

If you happen to be in, or near Somerset, England, there will be a plethora of artists? venues open to the public (9th ?24th September ?, ranging from tiny studios to prestigious galleries, a visual delight for those who want some more colour and inspiration in their life. The talent around here always amazes me.

This mellow ambience shifts to something much more mercurial as the Moon moves into Gemini at 21.59 BST on the evening of Tuesday 12th, and Mercury meanders into Libra. Until Friday, there?s a quicksilver vibe that is centred in the mind. The focus shifts from the body to the brain. Communication becomes important, and a desire to cut loose from relationships that inhibit a true sense of self becomes stronger as the week progresses.

The Gemini Moon squares Venus in Virgo, and Uranus in Pisces on Wednesday, 13th September. There is much changeableness in the air; all the signs involved are mutable ones, which can be hard to pin down. Go with the flow, and try not to be upset if things don?t go according to plan. It may be that something better is in the offing.

Much verbal bantering is likely as the Virgo Sun squares the Gemini Moon on Thursday, 14th. It could range from a difference of opinion to a complete lack of understanding of another?s point of view. Although both these signs are ruled by Mercury, planet of communication (although my hunch is Ceres, Earth Mother and Harvest Goddess, may take on that role for Virgo, now she?s been recently elevated from asteroid to ?dwarf? planet status by astronomers), they approach life from very different perspectives. Virgo innately senses the connection between mind and body, Gemini tends to live ?in the head?, and often doesn?t feel the connection with the body.

The opposition from the Moon to Pluto at 17.00 on Thursday, 14th, can bring resentments and anything that has been festering, out into the open. Notice how you feel at this time, as there be a further development of this on Sunday, 17th, when the Sun squares Pluto.

The lunar energy then moves for the cerebral air sign of Gemini to the sensitive water sign of Cancer, on Friday, 15th September. The Moon is ?at home? in this sign, enabling emotions to surface in a warmer, more sympathetic fashion, although moodiness could be in evidence too, as the moon squares Mercury, and then Mars.
Mercury conjuncts Mars in Libra later in the day, energising and enlivening the mind, and increasing the desire for debate and exchanging ideas with others.

Saturday, 16th September, feels like it could be a day of liberation. Venus opposes Uranus today, and the Moon trines Jupiter and Uranus. There?s a need for something different, a new way of approaching love and relationships, becoming aware of a different perspective and openness to ways of expressing yourself creatively, or maybe just doing, or buying something completely ?off the wall? that makes you feel alive. Increasing vitality, a sense of hope and optimism are flowing through the airwaves today. Avoid anyone or anything that leaves you feeling undervalued, unsure, low, or stuck. Break out of that rut, and dare to be different. March to the beat of your own drum, and you may find kindred spirits turning up to keep you company.

Some of the cosmic connections mentioned this week:

Sunday, 10th September
Moon trine Saturn ? 1.44
Moon trine Pluto ? 9.52
Sun inconjunct Neptune ? 12.52
Moon in Taurus ? 19.30

Monday, 11th September
Moon trine Venus ? 5.31
Moon opposite Jupiter ? 20.29

Tuesday, 12th September
Moon trine Sun ? 3.27
Moon trine Mercury ? 21.58
Moon in Gemini ? 21.59
Mercury in Libra ? 22.08

Wednesday, 13th September
Moon square Venus ? 13.47
Moon square Uranus ? 19.51

Thursday, 14th September
Moon square Sun ? 12.15
Moon opposite Pluto ? 17.00

Friday, 15th September
Moon in Cancer ? 3.53
Moon square Mercury ? 12.03
Moon square Mars ? 12.43
Mercury conjunct Mars ? 20.01

Saturday, 16th September
Moon trine Uranus ? 3.05
Venus opposite Uranus ? 6.01
Moon trine Jupiter ? 9.47

NB Times shown are British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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