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New Moon Metamorphosis

Forecast for 17th - 23rd September 2006

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Like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, this is a week with the potential to change from one state of being to another. On Sunday, 17th the Sun squares Pluto; at this point you may feel as if you?re suffocating within the chrysalis, knowing change has occurred within you, but not yet able to spread your wings. It?s a temporary feeling, that moment when some things look and feel bleak, but are actually heralding a major breakthrough on some level.

Symbolically, anything that feels heavy needs to be gently put aside now, so that by the time of the next full moon, on 7th October, you have made the necessary changes, and are flying unencumbered by anything you?ve outgrown, open and free to encounter new opportunities and experiences.

The Sun/Pluto square on Sunday is likely to highlight anything that isn?t working in your life, that which needs to change. It just needs awareness and honesty to recognise it, and to have the desire to want something better. This feeling may have been building for the last week or two.

The energy from this square lasts through the week, merging into the new moon energy on Friday, 22nd September, which also happens to be a solar eclipse. This will add a super-charged potency to all possibilities. As Venus in Virgo is also linked into this new moon, and is moving into a square with Pluto next week (25th September), the changes occurring could be connected especially to either emotional, or financial matters (or both).

The Tao, universe, great mother, or whatever your favourite term of expression is, is always guiding you to your highest possible good, wanting and willing you to move to the best position for you. It?s only past conditioning and your belief system that holds you back from accepting the best, and believing you deserve it.

Eclipses are often turning points, maybe not recognised at the time, to help you shift into a new place, to begin a new adventure. However, you can only really begin once you have let go of anything that has been holding you back, or down, whether it?s an outgrown behaviour, or an old pile of files.

You may want to pack a lightweight tool-kit of anything practical and inspirational that you have learned on your journey so far, so that you can dip into it when you need to. This could include tips on how to retain your sense of humour when things look grim, affirmations that make you feel buoyant and invincible, ways to stay grounded and focused, positive attitudes and behaviours that nurture your sense of well-being, techniques to psychically protect yourself from others? negativity, notes on the prevailing astrological energy, a map to find your way ?home?, and last but not least, your sense of self-love and love and compassion for others. Leave plenty of room for more additions as you wend your way into new territory.

This is the second new moon in Virgo this year, the first one being on August 23rd. That new moon was at the beginning of the sign; this one is at the end. Symbolically, new moon energy is connected to new beginnings; however, because this one is at the end of the sign, and is also an eclipse, and linked to Pluto, this one could be connected to endings too.

It may feel like a critical but liberating time, and it may be confusing for a while, as the light from the sun temporarily obliterates the clarity of consciousness.

Like the emerging butterfly from the chrysalis, the light dawns, and flight follows. By the following full moon (7th October), a freshness and free-flowing vibe helps you to fly high, and away from any recent dissonance and things/people that are no longer beneficial for you.

It isn?t a question of judging these, although it may be tempting if they are using subtle manipulation, and shifty methods to get their way or message across, it?s just a question of attracting what?s best for you at this moment in time.

After the New Moon, there?s a noticeable shift to the energy of Libra. The Moon moves into this sign shortly after the eclipse (14.06 BST); the Sun moves here on Saturday, 23rd September (5.03). Libra is the sign of balance, often known as the peacemaker, but from personal experience, often argumentative too, wanting to put the ?other? side. It?s a sign that is much more content when it can join forces with ?another?, rather than be solitary, and has to watch a tendency towards gravitating towards co-dependent relationships. However, it?s a sociable, likeable sign, its highest aims being for peace, beauty, harmony and co-operation.

Be gentle with yourself this week, take your time, keep your eyes open, breathe slowly and calmly, and look for that opening chink in your chrysalis. The light is there, waiting for you to reach towards it.

Some of the planetary combinations this week:

Sunday, 17th September
Sun square Pluto ? 4.34
Moon in Leo ? 13.15

Monday, 18th September
Moon square Jupiter ? 21.30
Moon opposite Neptune ? 23.52

Tuesday, 19th September
Moon conjunct Saturn ? 5.10
Venus sextile Jupiter ? 12.28
Moon trine Pluto ? 13.17

Wednesday, 20th September
Moon in Virgo ? 1.07

Thursday, 21st September
Moon opposite Uranus ? 1.44
Moon conjunct Venus ? 15.47

Friday, 22nd September
Moon square Pluto ? 2.12
Solar Eclipse (new moon) ? 12.45 ? 29 degrees 20 minutes Virgo
Moon in Libra ? 14.06

Saturday, 23rd September
Sun in Libra ? 5.03
Moon conjunct Mars ? 10.12
Mercury trine Neptune ? 14.43

NB Times shown are British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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