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forecast for 24th - 30th September 2006

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Over the last few weeks, one aspect that has been growing in strength, is Jupiter square Neptune. On Sunday, 24th September this aspect becomes exact; it is a combination that can affect the subconscious, and is concerned with the mystical, big dreams, and illusions. Jupiter is the planet of growth and exploration; Neptune that of the nebulous, things with no boundaries, that provide an escape from the mundane.

Many things may have seemed possible up to this point; now this aspect may burst the bubble of any dream that was just too grandiose for this moment in time, or dismantle any hope that was based on illusion. Questions of what?s possible, and what really is just ?in your dreams? crop up, and may be answered now.

On Monday 25th, the Moon moves into deeply emotional and sensitive Scorpio; this placement, coupled with the Venus square Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) suggests a day of great intensity in relationships.

It may be difficult to feel ?light? today, as issues of power, money, beauty, and the manipulation of any combination of these to attain your desires, erupt with volcanic potency.

It is a day to be as loving, honest, and guileless as possible, in order to not get sucked into the negative game playing of others. If you suspect someone isn?t being straight with you, is appearing outwardly extremely pleasant, charming, maybe beautiful too, but is inwardly reticent and evasive, you are probably right in your judgement. If you?ve been suspecting this for some time, this could be the day where clarity enables you to make necessary changes, even if, to begin with, it?s just one of perspective. From this will follow new intentions, and progress.

Pluto being the planet of birth, death and transformation, is giving you the opportunity, through this transit, of altering your relationships, so they are healing ones for all parties. The good ones won?t be dented, and you?ll likely be deeply grateful and feel even more love for these people; the ones that have served their purpose, and have been leaving an uncomfortable, or undermining imprint on your consciousness for some time, are now being nudged to go.
The more realistic, calm and tuned in to your own self you are, the less likely you are to become caught up in other people?s agendas, and will be able to sail through these choppy waters, focusing on what serves your highest good.

These are the two really significant aspects this week; all the other aspects are operating at a much gentler level.

On Monday 25th also, Mercury in Libra sextiles Saturn in Leo, a really helpful aspect in that it helps to define ideas, and oozes common-sense; it could be the saving grace in the aftermath of the Jupiter/Neptune square of the day before, and the prevailing propensity for emotional drama of the Venus/Pluto square.

It also helps to appreciate this moment in time, whatever circumstance you find yourself in, to focus on what it is you really, truly love, because this helps to shift your energetic vibration to a higher level, away from any potential dissonance. What you focus on grows, so focus on the good stuff.

There?s a mixed bag of lunar energies on Tuesday, 26th September, ranging from expansive, optimistic feelings from the Moon/Uranus trine, and Moon/Jupiter conjunction, to the self-contained and possibly self-deluding ones of the Moon/Saturn square and the Moon/Neptune square.

A Sagittarian Moon lightens and brightens everything on Thursday afternoon (14.14 BST), and there?s a much easier ?feel? to the energy than earlier in the week. Thursday is a good day to communicate profound thoughts (Mercury sextile Pluto), and also to accomplish what you need to on a mundane level easily (Moon sextile Mars); yet you can also simultaneously feel connected to something much greater than yourself (Moon sextile Neptune).

It?s the monthly Moon/Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius on Friday, 29th, which is great for confronting all those habits you don?t like, and taking steps to change them. It?s also good for rearranging your domestic environment so it feels even more nurturing, comfortable, and a special space to be in.

Capricorn is the sign the Moon is in for the weekend, entering at 23.01 (BST) on Friday evening. An air of practicality pervades the weekend, and you may find sorting out new priorities (particularly if some of your dreams unravelled last weekend) is a positive way to spend your time.

Venus, planet of love and money, enters Libra on Saturday, being very much at home here, as this, along with Taurus, are Venus? associated signs. It?s a wonderful time for Librans now, as the Sun, Venus and Mars are in all in Libra, until October 23rd, emphasising a growing desire for balance, harmony, love and peace, which will result in beautiful new relationships, based on equality, mutual trust and sharing. These energies can help all of us if we are open to them. Love is all around now.

Some of the planetary aspects this week:

Sunday, 24th September
Moon trine Neptune ? 1.24
Moon conjunct Mercury ? 3.00
Jupiter square Neptune ? 21.31

Monday, 25th September
Moon in Scorpio ? 2.54
Venus square Pluto ? 19.10
Mercury sextile Saturn ? 21.28

Tuesday, 26th September
Moon trine Uranus ?2.47
Moon square Neptune ? 13.26
Mars inconjunct Uranus ? 13.27
Moon conjunct Jupiter ? 14.06
Moon square Saturn ? 20.33
Mars quintile Pluto ? 23.28

Wednesday, 26th September
Moon sextile Venus ? 6.32
Moon in Sagittarius ? 14.16
Moon sextile Sun ? 23.18

Thursday, 27th September
Mercury sextile Pluto ? 4.27
Moon square Uranus ? 13.04

Friday, 28th September
Moon trine Saturn ? 6.40
Moon conjunct Pluto ? 12.22
Moon square Venus ? 21.45
Moon in Capricorn ? 23.01

Saturday, 30th September
Venus in Libra ? 11.02
Moon square Sun ? 12.04

NB All times are British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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