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Full Moon in Aries - Alignment and Balance

Forecast for 1st - 7th October 2006

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The main event, the Full Moon in Aries, provides a beautiful grand finale to the week, and includes a fabulous light show; the curtains open at 4.13 (BST) on Saturday, 7th October, which is a little early here in the UK, but great if you happen to be in New York.
All week, the Moon, with her ever-changing roles, takes most of the stage, with just brief appearances by the other planets.

Mercury does a fast costume change on Monday, 2nd October, casting off his air of amiable equanimity (Libra), and emerging dressed in black, Pluto?s favourite colour, ready with penetrating gaze, x-ray vision, and a demeanour that says ?don?t mess with me?. Communication is the principle associated with Mercury; in Scorpio this is honest, caring, deep and transforming.

While Mercury is changing signs on the 2nd, the Moon has ditched her three-piece suit (Capricorn ? likes ?power? dressing), and has donned something eccentric, colourful and wacky, a la mode of Aquarius. Here she makes merry with the Sun and Venus in Libra, having fended off the critical eye of Mercury earlier. It?s a good day for harmony, feeling love, and practising the ability to integrate the yin and the yang (female/male) sides of you.

Tuesday, 3rd is another potentially easy-flowing day, a little dreamy and with the need to escape perhaps, (Moon conjunct Neptune in Aquarius), but portending the Mars/Neptune trine tomorrow, Wednesday, when compassion and understanding blend with desires. Mars, whose ego at the moment is tempered anyway by being in Libra, takes the stage with Neptune. Their desire is to do something that will benefit others as well as themselves; they want to consider others before taking action, yet also not wish to sacrifice themselves in order to please others. How do you relate to this? It?s a fine line sometimes.

The Moon changes her costume once again, early on Wednesday (6.33 BST), ditching the eccentric for something suitable for her entrance as Pisces, a garb of softness and fluidity, possibly in greens/blues and violets. The tone for the day is Neptunian; flow with the imagination and the desire for global healing connections, and see what comes up.

Uranus, planet of surprise, the new and all things inventive, briefly takes the stage with the Sun and the Moon on Thursday, 5th October. There?s a Moon/Uranus conjunction early in the morning (1.20) suggesting an emotional spark of some kind. It may develop into fireworks, or it may just fizzle and be a momentary electric interlude. The Sun inconjuncts Uranus, meaning there are issues of change to consider, particularly connected to freedom/space, and being in a place to be even more of whom you are. How can you shine more? Does the lighting need adjusting?

There?s a costume change again on Friday, as the Moon moves from watery, sensitive Pisces, to fiery independent Aries. Red is the colour to wear now, increasing energy, and uplifting the spirit. Aries likes to be first, so it?ll either be something extremely fashionable, sporty (they like to move fast and with ease), or warrior-like (use your imagination).

The fun begins now as Aries and Libra vie for attention over the next couple of days. This is the time to focus on your own energy, re-align what feels out of balance. By focusing on your own needs first (Aries), you will be able to share more with others (Libra). There will be scenarios around ?me?, ?me and you?, ?me or another?, ?me vs.? you?. Take your pick. Neptune is linked to all this, and will be aiming for the highest good for all concerned.

Picture two women on the stage now, on Friday 6th. The lady in red (Aries Moon) is saying something along the lines of ?I want this, and I want it now?, the other, resembling Botticelli?s Venus (Venus in Libra), is using more subtlety, reason and compromise to attract in what she wants. There?s a choice here on how to behave.
You may find yourself identifying with one woman or the other (even if you?re a man), and/or face to face with the other kind.

On Saturday, the Libra Sun takes the stage to join Venus, with Mars coming in behind. By the time the Full Moon occurs, the line-up is this: Venus/Sun/Mars in Libra, standing opposite the Moon on her own in Aries. Neptune loosely sextiles the Moon, and trines the Libra trio. It?s all about love, relating and relationships, or moving away from this, wanting unlimited self-expression and freedom. The Libra trio want to bond, and there?s a strong sexual component here too; the Aries Moon wants to be independent. What?s the balance that suits you?

The quest maybe is to find some one who wants to share, yet will give you space when you need it (and most of us do sometimes). This is a potentially edgy yet illuminating Full Moon, as the different characters are lit up on all sides by the stage lighting system. A few light bulbs may ?pop? and anger erupt as the Moon opposes Mars on Saturday 7th, but it could herald a much-needed clearing of the air, when hidden resentments come to the surface, where they can be looked at, and hopefully healed.

As the curtain falls, Saturn and Pluto give the Moon a helping hand. She has been standing up for herself, but has been doing this on her own, against the Libra trio; now wise Saturn and transforming Pluto give her some helpful insights into how to change, how to retain her own power while being open to love. Black-clad Mercury covers his eyes with his shades, and watches expectantly from the wings

Some of the planetary dances this week:

Sunday, 1st October
Moon square Mars ?1.59

Monday, 2nd October
Moon square Mercury ? 4.16
Moon in Aquarius ? 4.24
Mercury in Scorpio ? 5.30
Moon trine Venus ? 8.27
Moon trine Sun ? 20.32

Tuesday, 3rd October
Moon trine Mars ? 8.09
Moon conjunct Neptune ? 9.31
Moon square Jupiter ? 12.27
Moon opposite Saturn ? 16.50

Wednesday, 4th October
Moon in Pisces ? 6.33
Moon trine Mercury ? 11.33
Mars trine Neptune ? 13.23

Thursday, 5th October
Moon conjunct Uranus ? 1.20
Sun inconjunct Uranus ? 1.29
Moon trine Jupiter ? 13.41
Moon square Pluto ? 21.33

Friday, 6th October
Moon in Aries ? 6.32
Moon opposite Venus ? 19.01
Saturday, 7th October
Full Moon ? 4.13 ? 13 degrees 43 minutes Aries
Moon opposite Mars ? 12.50
Moon trine Saturn ? 17.22
Moon trine Pluto ? 21.05

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