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Forecast for 8th - 14th October 2006

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Imagine several strands of harmonious energy, interweaving and creating beautiful patterns; this is the overall tone for the week ahead. There will be opportunities to reach the next level in the quest for realizing dreams and living in tune with your higher self, your true spirit. It?s a great week for listening to your intuition.

There may be times when your rational mind sends one message, and your heart another, due to Venus trining Neptune (Saturday 14th), and Mercury squaring Neptune (Sunday 15th). From my experience, the right answers come in their own time, when openness and flexibility of heart and mind are present.

On Sunday, 8th October, there?s a sensual feel to the day as Venus, planet of love, money and the arts, rules both the Taurean Moon and Libra Sun. Although there?s an opposition between this Moon and Mercury in Scorpio, a mutual desire of both is to feed the senses. Waylay any dissonance by doing something creative.

Monday, 9th is probably the most difficult day of the week, as personal needs may vie for attention with others, as the Moon squares Neptune, opposes Jupiter and then squares Saturn. If you can find yourself some space away from others, even for a short time, this will give you some time to ground yourself. Then you can re-enter the space shared with others with a more compassionate heart. Go for a walk if possible for the best grounding. This will reconnect you to the earth, and shift your vibration so you can sense clearly the best next step.

The Moon enters Gemini on Tuesday, 10th, and the Sun trines Neptune. It?s a day of lightness and light, of having faith and trusting that what you are feeling intuitively is what you need to know now. There?s an opening here to sense the connection with the ephemeral, the spiritual, the creative, those things which expand the mundane world exponentially as you become aware of them. Good vibes can be tuned into and fun can be found. This is a playful energy, as well as being humanitarian. The sense of connection with all beings, past present and future, is powerful today.

This ability to tune into the intuition is heightened further by a trine from Mercury to Uranus, on Wednesday 11th. Uranus is known by astrologers as the ?higher octave? of Mercury, it accesses parts of the mind ?normal? thought processes don?t touch. The main one is the sixth-sense, that inner knowing that you may not be able to explain, but which nevertheless brings more peace, creativity and an ongoing happier state of being the more you trust it.

Also on Wednesday 11th, apart from a square to Uranus, making the day subject to unpredictable changes, the Moon trines the Sun/Venus/Mars trio in Libra, and also trines Neptune in Aquarius. This is known as a ?grand trine in air signs?, (picture a triangle between the Moon, the Sun/Venus/Mars at the second ?point?, and Neptune at the third), and symbolizes a free flowing of supporting energy. It?s a day of harmony, beauty and co-operation with others.

There?s a move towards focusing on all things of a domestic or family nature, as the Moon moves into its own sign of Cancer on Thursday, 12th. Home, whatever that means to you is under the spotlight, and an easy combination of Mars sextiling Saturn suggests you can accomplish tasks in a balanced way, proceed at a steady pace to do everything you need to, neither rushing nor dawdling, and simultaneously enjoy the process.

Friday, 13th looks promising too as there?s now a fleeting ?grand trine in water signs? between the Moon in Cancer, Mercury in Scorpio, and Uranus in Pisces. Again, it?s a very intuitive, psychic combination, and also very sensitive to the feelings of others. Bright, ?eureka? moments are possible, and any new ideas need to be noted down to prevent them disappearing off again into the ether, before time for their potential has been assessed.

There could be a little tension in the air as the Moon squares Venus at 6pm (BST). Romantic desires could conflict with family matters.

The romantic, creative feel takes precedence on Saturday 15th, as Venus trines Neptune, and the Moon trines Jupiter. Although there could be dissonance and angry feelings as the Moon squares Mars, the overall tone is one of optimism, hope, and openness to love. The Venus/Neptune trine symbolizes the highest form of love, compassionate and unconditional; with the links from Venus to the Sun and Mars at the moment, it?s certainly a time of forming authentic, mutually supportive, sexually compatible and happy partnerships.

Saturday night is one to make merry and fun, as the Moon enters the fiery, creative sign of Leo (7.38pm BST).
This is one of the most positive weeks I?ve had the pleasure to write about. Enjoy!

Some of the planetary connections this week:

Sunday, 8th October
Moon in Taurus ? 6.04
Moon opposite Mercury ? 20.11

Monday, 9th October
Moon square Neptune ? 9.47
Moon opposite Jupiter ? 14.46
Moon square Saturn ? 18.08

Tuesday, 10th October
Moon in Gemini ? 7.06
Sun trine Neptune ? 15.05

Wednesday, 11th October
Mercury trine Uranus ? 0.07
Moon square Uranus ? 2.35
Moon trine Venus ? 6.06
Moon trine Neptune ? 12.27
Moon trine Sun ? 14.07
Moon trine Mars ? 21.08

Thursday, 12th October
Moon opposite Pluto ? 1.22
Moon in Cancer ? 11.21
Mars sextile Saturn ? 11.38

Friday, 13th October
Moon trine Uranus ? 8.14
Moon trine Mercury ? 13.59
Moon square Venus ? 18.00

Saturday, 14th October
Moon trine Jupiter ? 2.30
Venus trine Neptune ? 3.35
Moon square Mars ? 7.27
Moon in Leo ? 19.39

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