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New Moon in Libra - Harmony and Creativity

Forecast for 22nd - 28th October 2006

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Just before dawn in the UK, at 6.14am BST, on Sunday, 22nd October, the Moon and the Sun link hands in the Venusian sign of Libra, flanked either side by Venus and Mars respectively. All four celestial bodies are within two degrees, making this a very tight conjunction. The signals emitting from this New Moon are loud and clear, it?s time to sow seeds that will bring more beauty, creativity, harmony and balance into your life.
That?s it in a nutshell. How you do this is up to you.

Libra is the sign of partnerships of all kinds, friends, lovers, spouses, business associates, and bosses.
It?s also connected to ?enemies?, and legal affairs. Venus isn?t always connected to sweetness and light, but has a shadow side too. This may be the time when you decide to take responsibility to face your own, especially when connected to relationships, and the way you relate to people generally.

If you?re having difficulties in this area, try and face any person involved soul to soul, rather than role to role.

We all have a loving spirit within us that is sweet, and if we can come from that place when facing something painful or upsetting, it cuts through any dissonance that?s occurred as a result of interplay of egos (rather than spirits).

By the end of this week, the Sun and Venus will have squared Chiron, and Mars will be about to do the same. Chiron is the ?planet? that is connected to healing. Its position in the birth chart shows a place where there?s been a wounding of some kind, but also where, having learned how to accept and/or overcome any pain, we can then use this knowledge to help to heal others.

At the time of the New Moon all four planets (Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars), which are primarily concerned with the duality of yang/yin, male/female, are moving into a position where they will square Chiron. There is a suggestion here that something painful relating to this duality needs to be faced and accepted, so that a healing of some kind can take place.

It?s interesting that by the end of the week, the Sun, Venus and Mars have all left Libra, and moved into Scorpio (Sun and Mars on Monday 23rd, Venus on Tuesday 24th). There?s a shift to something deeper and mysterious, energy becomes more complex, passionate and intense. Superficial appearances don?t suffice any more; there?s a need for beauty and creativity, harmony and balance to expand, to include other levels, searching for more intimacy, and more sharing of emotional and material resources.

Mercury in Scorpio can?t make its mind up this week whether to be optimistic or pessimistic. This fluctuation will occur another couple of times over the next few weeks, as Mercury turns retrograde (appearing to go backwards) on Saturday, 28th October (20.15 BST), and revisits these aspects. There is a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction on Sunday, 22nd symbolizing a positive breadth of mind, an optimistic perspective, and great potential for business deals and educational opportunities.

There is a tendency, as always when Jupiter is involved, of being over-ambitious, and with Mercury here too, having an inflated opinion of what is possible; at the same time, it?s good to reach for the stars.

The square from Mercury to Saturn the next day, Monday 23rd, indicates that there could be a significant change of mind, from the positive to the negative, from the realms of fantasy to the real world. It could be that someone comes along, often in a role of authority, and puts a dampener on the proceedings, or an obstacle of some kind in the way. The mental tempo slows, which may be a good thing. As I mentioned above, there are likely to be further shifts and changes, as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter again on the 31st October (making it a fun Hallowe?en), squares Saturn again on 1st November, then 4th December. Jupiter conjuncts Mercury again on 10th December, by which time both have moved into Sagittarius, Jupiter?s ?home? sign. The true potential for growth and expansion in an endeavour, mentally and/or physically, could become apparent at that point.

There?s a final square of a tense aspect configuration that has been around off and on over the last year. Jupiter squares Saturn on Wednesday 25th October, indicating tension between the old and the new, struggling to find a balance between freedom and restriction, testing what works and what doesn?t.

When I was a child I often used to play ?cat?s cradle? in the school playground, which involved standing opposite a partner, with string held in both pairs of hands, linked to each other, so that there was a ?rectangle? of string between us. Thinking of this reminded me of this fixed ?Grand Cross? that began last year, involving Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Mars, all square to one another. By crossing and uncrossing hands, an intricate string pattern emerged, which formed the ?cats? cradle? (well, it kept us off the streets).

After this last Jupiter/Saturn square has taken place, I have a feeling it will feel like the point when the final tense piece is released at last, the string is loosened and dropped. At this moment, hopefully a lesson will have been learned at last, enabling movement on to the next part of the soul?s journey.
Sometimes I hear messages clairaudiently. Connected to this long-lasting tense aspect pattern I distinctly heard ?the biggest challenges provide the greatest opportunities?.

It?s a significant week, indicating much change. It?s definitely time to let go of anything that isn?t working in your life, so that the space is there for you to be in a position to receive the blessings of the new that will come in its place. Embrace that which feels trustworthy and authentic, and right for you. Enjoy the harmony, balance, creativity and beauty in your life, and like the growing light from the waxing Moon, take steps to increase these in your life.

Some of the planetary connections this week (it?s an extremely busy one, and forgive me for not writing about all of them): -

Sunday, 22nd October
Moon conjunct Venus ? 3.04
New Moon in Libra ? 6.14 ? 28 degrees 40 minutes
Moon conjunct Mars ? 6.58
Moon into Scorpio ? 8.54
Mercury conjunct Jupiter ? 16.19

Monday, 23rd October
Moon trine Uranus ? 7.00
Sun conjunct Mars ? 7.46
Mercury square Saturn ? 11.06
Sun into Scorpio ? 14.28
Mars into Scorpio ? 17.38
Moon square Neptune ? 18.38

Tuesday, 24th October
Moon conjunct Jupiter ? 6.43
Moon square Saturn ? 7.07
Moon conjunct Mercury ? 7.56
Venus into Scorpio ? 10.58
Moon into Sagittarius ? 19.53

Wednesday, 25th October
Venus conjunct Mars ? 7.10
Moon square Uranus ? 17.09
Jupiter square Saturn- 18.26

Thursday, 26th October
Moon trine Saturn ? 16.50
Moon conjunct Pluto ? 19.02

Friday, 27th October
Moon into Capricorn ? 4.47
Sun conjunct Venus ? 17.50

Saturday, 28th October
Mercury retrograde ? 20.15

NB All times are British SummerTime (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich MeanTime (GMT). Summer Time ends this weekend. The clocks go back sometime in the night of 28th/29th, giving us a good excuse for a lie-in. Enjoy!

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