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Full Moon in Taurus - Reflective Stillness

Forecast for 5th - 11th November 2006

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As the silver Moon reaches fullness this month, its reflected light mirrors that quiet part in each of us, the part that takes time to reflect on what has passed before. The Full Moon in Taurus, on Sunday 5th November, emanates grounded, earth energy, and the fixity of this sign, together with its opposite number, the Sun in Scorpio, provides a porthole in the celestial sphere, presenting a view on to that which is solid, durable and reliable.

It is a time to count your blessings, and to acknowledge all the gifts you have in your life. Neptune, planet of illusion, dreams, other-worldliness, squares this Full Moon, testing anything that hasn’t been built on a firm foundation, and subsequently squares Venus, Mercury and the Sun, as the week unfolds.

Mischievous Mercury, the wing-footed messenger of the gods, is skate-boarding backwards at the moment, (until the 18th November), and will do his best to confuse, bemuse, befuddle and mislead you, as he slides down dead-end alleys, or takes the much longer scenic route.

Nature, in the northern hemisphere, is moving towards stillness, apart from the days of gales and rain, when dancing, brightly coloured leaves undress the trees. Find yourself a quiet spot, and see if you can hear the earth’s heartbeat, slow and steady.

Whatever the circumstances of your life, one thing that can be relied on (and it is a week for finding out what can be), is the cyclical rhythm of nature.

Now is a time to go inwards, to reflect on the year so far. What has now come to fruition that was planted in the spring? Between now and next spring is a time of planning and refining what you’d like in the next phase.

As I wrote last week, there aren’t any planets in earth signs at the moment, apart from when the days when the Moon passes through one. While the Moon is in Taurus, make the most of it, dealing with practical issues, keeping your feet on the ground, being realistic, and looking after your physical needs. Eat, drink, sleep and exercise well.

When the Moon moves into Gemini, on Monday, 6th, at 16.46, the energy moves from the earth element to that of air, from the body to the head. It’s much easier to get lost in ideas and scatter-brained schemes now, as Gemini is ruled by the retrograde Mercury; possibilities may appear to be endless, but time will tell.

The first of the Neptune squares mentioned above occurs on Tuesday, 7th November, as Venus squares Neptune. Relationships come under the spotlight. It’s a time when it is incredibly easy to be seduced, or misled by someone who appears to be too good to be true, leading to a subsequent realisation, at a later date, of having been deluded, when the rose-coloured glasses are removed, and the truth about how someone is revealed. Sometimes this aspect signifies the dismantling of illusion rather than the beginning of it.

The conjunction of Mercury retro to Venus also on the 7th, suggests light-hearted and harmonious exchanges with others, and hopefully this will take the edge off the potential negative tendencies of the Neptune square.

On Wednesday, 8th, Mercury squares Neptune for the second time (the last one was Sunday, October 15th), and will do so again on the 29th November, when it’s moving forwards again. Ideas, communications, journeys (mental or physical) are all subject to Neptune’s propensity to fantasy, to not see things with some kind of limit or boundary. If you need to stay focused, or to be in a certain place at a certain time, make allowances for possible diversions that may crop up to delay, or distract you. Also, be aware that other people may not mean what they say. What you can do is make sure you do.

The Sun squares Neptune on Thursday, 9th, making for a ripple effect. First, relating to others, second communication matters, thirdly your sense of self is now in question. For those with birthdays around this time, be prepared for change, for your identity to be taken apart in some way, so that it can be reformed in a way that suits who you are now. This is an aspect that takes away power from the ego, and gives it to the spirit.

For all of us, it can be a time of feeling weak from the ego’s point of view, only making a mark in the outer world with difficulty, and possible delay. What it does though is enable us to fall back on what is really authentic and true for ourselves.

What feeds your spirit? If the spirit is nurtured, the outer aspects of life tend to fall into place. This is an aspect of getting out of your own way, and trusting that the Universe/God/Tao/Great Mother, etc. has a much better plan, with a much better outcome than you could ever have envisaged.

All the Neptune aspects have an aspect of ‘letting go’, coupled with a need to have extra-sensitive lie-detector sensors on full alert to spot those with doubtful agendas.

The Moon swam into the cardinal, water sign Cancer on Wednesday, 8th, adding an even more emotional slant to the unfolding events. There’s also a wonderful watery trine from Mars in Scorpio to Uranus in Pisces on the 8th, giving a much-needed boost of emotional and physical energy. Innovative insights, passion, and excitement flavour the 8th, and also the 9th, when the Cancerian Moon trines Mars, Uranus and Mercury.

Wonderful lunar aspects to the Sun, Venus and Jupiter fill Friday, 10th with abundance, harmony, and an all-round feel-good factor. Savour all the delights on offer. This isn’t a day to be abstemious.

Fun and warmth continue into Saturday, 11th, as the Moon enters Leo at 2.34(GMT). Although this is a week when there may be some deep thinking, reluctant acknowledgement of illusion and/or delusion in some matters, it’s also a week with an intermittent joyful, happy feel, and one where you can take steps to start making all elements of your life rooted into firm ground.

Some of the planetary connections this week (all times are GMT):

Sunday, 5th November
Full Moon in Taurus – 12.58 – 12 degrees 58 minutes
Moon square Neptune – 19.35

Monday, 6th November
Moon in Gemini – 16.46

Tuesday, 7th November
Venus square Neptune – 0.23
Mercury retro conjunct Venus – 16.51

Wednesday, 8th November
Mercury retro square Neptune – 8.24
Mars trine Uranus – 16.23
Moon in Cancer – 19.46

Thursday, 9th November
Sun square Neptune – 14.59
Moon trine Uranus – 15.07
Moon trine Mars – 16.22
Moon trine Mercury – 22.34

Friday, 10th November
Moon trine Sun – 3.22
Moon trine Venus – 10.18
Moon trine Jupiter – 20.59

Saturday, 11th November
Moon in Leo – 2.34

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