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A Quantum Leap

Column for 7th - 13th November

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An extremely powerful aspect pattern continues to unfold this week. It?s called a Grand Cross, (picture a square), because it involves four planets, the Sun, Mars, Saturn and Neptune, that are all positioned in challenging aspect to one another.

It?s tense, and because these heavenly bodies are currently all in fixed signs, it signifies change is necessary, but difficult. The desire is to hang on, even if circumstances are dire. It?s a real ?power point? in time, and needs to be treated with respect and awareness. A question of how to combine dreams and reality, the spiritual and the mundane, has to be faced head-on. The time is here to question what these concepts mean to us, and how we may live them out in our lives.

The more you can live your life from your spiritual centre, rather than your ego centre, the happier you?ll be. As you make this shift, to listening to your Higher Self, (that quiet voice, that isn?t pushy, but is there, waiting patiently for you to listen to it), and following its guidance, you will also heal yourself, because you will be following your true path.

This all-encompassing energy can be used to live through a challenging situation, to accept setbacks, and overcome obstacles, in the belief that what is meant to be will endure. It can also be used to surrender, to make sacrifices, knowing that something may be lost on one level, but much will be gained on another.

A difficult, or exacting situation is likely to present itself on Monday, 7th November. The Sun squares Neptune, and then opposes Mars. Mars squares Neptune later in the day. A ?square? aspect means there is an inharmonious energy exchange; something needs to be done, to change a difficult situation. It?s an aspect of action. The opposition is a push/pull aspect, with two energies battling to express themselves. Usually one end expresses itself strongly, then the other, causing a ?see-saw? effect.

The life-energy of the Sun is being sapped, or zapped, on the mundane level. There can be issues to do with the saviour/martyr/victim syndrome. It?s a time to look carefully at what roles you play with the people around you, and what roles they are playing with you.

Can you identify with any of the above parts? Do you try to ?save? others, because in doing so, it boosts your own ego? Do you give generously, and then make the other person feel guilty, or seek something in return? Do you appear to be all sweetness and light, but are in fact doing this to manipulate a situation, or person, to get what you want? Do you promise more than you can deliver? Are you a victim to your own addictions, whatever they may be, or live in a dream world, so you don?t need to take responsibility for your life? Are you physically and emotionally present in the now?

This is a time, if you are courageous enough, to look honestly at yourself, and make changes that will illuminate your spirit. You?ll be much happier in the long run.

We all have out part to play ? let?s make it a good one. There?s a shift in the vision of what reality is, opening up to new levels of consciousness; I experienced this rippling through the School for Warriors.

I had been feeling pleasant rumblings within me for some time, but that day, thanks to the Doc, it brought me into contact with other kindred spirits that were feeling it too, evoking a wonderful feeling of connectedness.

The spiritual side of life may be tested in some way, and integrity, courage, sticking to a sense of what is ?right?, are needed to push through others? negativity and differing beliefs. It could be the day to take a stand for what you really believe, what feels right for you as an individual, no matter what anyone else is saying. Listen to what your Higher Self is saying.

There is a huge, immeasurable reservoir of spiritual power behind a Grand Cross. The cosmos is saying this is a particularly special and important time. The ?normal? way of expressing power doesn?t work now, but the spiritual path wins every time.

Scandals, especially those involving people in so-called glamorous jobs, may come to light. Also, those who have used power without integrity, without concern for others, pretending to be something they aren?t, may suddenly find themselves in a much-diminished position. The truth will out, as they say.

Inner stillness, being anchored securely in your own body, and reaching out to touch the Great Spirit, the Tao, whatever you want to call it, will enable you to transcend outer conflicts, and troubling situations, and become crystal clear about what has meaning for you. It will give you a feeling of peace and strength, which will endure, no matter what.

It?s up to each one of us to make choices which enable us to move up to a higher vibration, to realise that although each one of us is tiny, in respect to the planet and the cosmos, each one of us also has a powerful and divine spark, that we can pass on to others, so they feel our warmth and good will.

Tuesday, 8th November, is a day for idealism and lofty humanitarian instincts to rise up, as the Aquarian Moon holds hands with Neptune. Again, it will be tested, as Saturn opposes these two. There could be a feeling of having to defend your inclination to join with others, who are also striving to make the planet a friendlier place to live. Someone in your home environment may not understand why he or she alone is not enough to satisfy all your emotional needs. Or there could be a push/pull feeling between home and work.

Thursday, 10th November looks emotionally volatile. The most positive expression of the energies involved would be to spend the day de-cluttering, or cleaning, (Moon square Pluto), nipping out for an impromptu lunch as the Moon conjuncts Uranus at noon GMT (breakfast if you?re in the USA, supper if you?re in Oz), and not heeding any gossip (Moon square Mercury).

If you?ve made it to the end of the week, and I?m sure you have, maybe a bit bruised and battle-scarred, but with spirit stronger and intact, you can enjoy Saturday, 12th November. Venus sextiles Uranus, bringing some light relief on the relating front. Flirt, ask some one out, do something different socially, which feeds your sense of play and fun. After the energies around this week, you deserve it!

Remember, it?s all yin and yang, apart from that indescribable place that transcends it all ? the Tao. This week, however challenging, enables you to sense what that is all about, if you?re ready to take the quantum leap. Are you?

Moon signs:
Monday, 7th November. Moon in Aquarius, 9.31pm GMT. Humanitarian, friendly, but emotionally detached, inventive.

Thursday, 10th November. Moon in Pisces, 0.22am GMT.
Compassionate, dreamy, escapist, spiritual, sacrificing.

Saturday, 12th November. Moon in Aries, 3.22am GMT.
Courageous, bold, energetic, bossy, entrepreneurial.

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