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Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Forecast for 12th - 18th November 2006

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Aspects of extreme extravagance, moments of amazing wonder and happiness, along with intuitive flashes of insight, could intertwine with times of frustration, despondency and a need for abstemiousness this week. It’s a little bi-polar, to say the least, and if you feel the dips and blips, repeat the title above to restore some optimism.

After a day of tense lunar aspects on Sunday, 12th November, when it may be advisable to stay in bed and just let it all pass, Venus squares Saturn on Monday, 13th November, along with a conjunction from the Moon in Leo to Saturn, and a square to Venus in Scorpio. It’s a day to consider issues of self-worth, how much you value yourself; also, how much you value others, and are valued by them. The tendency with Venus/Saturn is to look at how things aren’t working rather than acknowledging for what is.

It’s an aspect of self-sufficiency, defining boundaries especially in matters of the heart, and a time of pruning out those relationships that hinder peace and harmony. It’s also connected to financial matters, a time when money may not stretch as much as you need it to.

Meandering backwards on another wavelength today is Mercury, which engages Uranus in a positive way. If you rise above any negative thoughts that Venus/Saturn may throw at you, and move into that mental state that is receptive to your intuition, you may catch a passing flash of a ‘bright idea’, which could then spark a change of attitude for the better, or the thought-full sowing of a seed for a creative project.

The Moon moves into Virgo on Monday afternoon (13.19), which will lessen the inclination for drama, and encourage a move towards being practical, sensible and more grounded.

As I’ve been mentioning recently, there are no planets in the earth element until December 11th, apart from when the Moon traverses the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. It’s a good idea to focus on dealing with practical matters (also health ones when the Moon is in Virgo) at these times.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the ‘high’ days this week, although the impending Sun square Saturn on Friday may be felt already by some, either as heaviness, or a hindrance by an authority figure.

The emotions are in harmony with the mind on Tuesday, 14th, (Moon sextile Mercury) and desires (Moon sextile Mars) flow into action as a result. There could be unexpected surprises as the Moon opposes Uranus (11.11); being relaxed and open to changes of plan instigate the most positive results with this one.

Venus, having squared Saturn on Monday, now reaches a peak of happiness, abundance, and possible over-extravagance and over-the-top-ness, as she conjuncts Jupiter, on Wednesday, 15th November.

I often think of Venus/Jupiter as the ‘chocolate’ aspect, as it suggests indulging in anything that takes your fancy, and savouring every moment. Socialising and shopping for luxuries also come to mind. Whatever is chosen usually opens doors to that feel-good factor that is felt when love, and the heart, is involved. As the Moon sextiles Venus and Jupiter today also, the sense of enjoyment is even more enhanced.

Thursday is a ‘quiet’ day aspect-wise, with no major aspects, just a gentle sashay of the Moon into sociable, equitable Libra. Harmony and serenity are keywords today, and easy times flow with others.

Friday, 17th November is a busy day astrologically. The Sun in a challenging aspect to Saturn suggests a time when reality has to be faced squarely. Authority figures may do their best to throw a spanner into the works, and it could be the time to pay attention to the message that their obstruction is bringing. What’s the lesson behind it all? Once this has been grasped, anything or anyone that undermines or hinders can be let go of so that something more positive can come in.

As Mars squares Neptune on Friday too, energy isn’t likely to be flowing at a high level. Feelings of weakness and susceptibility to illusion could make it difficult to progress. If you are feeling the need for change, but find it difficult to implement these, it may be an idea to wait until after the New Moon in Scorpio on Monday 20th, when Mercury will be moving forwards again too.

Venus leaves Scorpio on Friday 17th, and moves into freedom-loving Sagittarius. Intensity is left behind in exchange for lightness and a desire for new horizons. Feelings can now be expressed honestly, openly and with humour. It’s time to remove any cloak of mystery and reveal a heart full of light, faith and trust.

Sagittarius is the great philosopher, symbolized by a half man/half horse, who is subject to as many falls as anyone else; it’s just that this centaur always manages to learn something from what’s happened, pick himself up, and gallop off to the next adventure, smiling at the funny, sometimes ludicrous antics involved in relationships.

Mercury goes direct early on Saturday, 18th, which means communications potentially begin to run more smoothly, and in a more direct line, rather than zigzagging all over the place. Ideas and thoughts can be constructively used now, contracts signed without mishap, and deals made.
The Moon’s entrance in to thoughtful Scorpio on Saturday afternoon preludes the New Moon on Monday. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, so this a time for reflection on where you are in various cycles in your life, and where you’d like to go from here.

Some of the planetary dances this week:

Sunday, 12th November
Moon square Mercury – 2.23
Moon square Mars – 4.07
Moon opposite Neptune – 11.37
Moon square Sun – 17.45

Monday, 13th November
Venus square Saturn – 0.19
Moon conjunct Saturn – 2.28
Moon square Venus – 2.42
Moon trine Pluto – 3.51
Moon square Jupiter – 8.29
Moon into Virgo – 13.19
Mercury trine Uranus – 17.26

Tuesday, 14th November
Moon sextile Mercury – 10.07
Moon opposite Uranus – 11.11
Moon sextile Mars – 19.51

Wednesday, 15th November
Moon sextile Sun – 11.55
Moon square Pluto – 16.47
Venus conjunct Jupiter – 20.35
Moon sextile – 22.30
Moon sextile Venus – 22.41

Thursday, 16th November
Moon into Libra – 2.14

Friday, 17th November
Sun square Saturn – 5.58
Venus into Sagittarius – 8.02
Moon trine Neptune – 13.00
Mars square Neptune – 19.00

Saturday, 18th November
Mercury turns direct – 0.26
Moon sextile Saturn – 4.21
Moon sextile Pluto – 5.41
Moon into Scorpio – 14.47

Copyright: Sue Walker. November 2006.

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