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New Moon in Scorpio - New Horizons

Forecast for 19th - 30th November 2006

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Sunday, 19th November is a day of easy blending of the heart and mind, as the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Scorpio. Intuitive insights may illuminate an emotional matter, and it’s a good day too to make changes on the home front, as the Moon trines Uranus.

On Monday, a new lunar cycle begins, in the last degrees of Scorpio. Similarly to last month, the new moon takes place at the end of the sign, and is followed swiftly by a group of planets winging their way into the next sign, this time Sagittarius.

In Scorpio, the New Moon symbolizes a new cycle involving some kind of transformation; the incoming Sagittarian influence suggests a growing need for new horizons, freedom to explore, being open to new philosophies about the ‘meaning of life’. Politics, religion and the legal system all come under the Sagittarian umbrella.

Also on Monday 20th, Uranus turns direct. This is the planet connected to change, innovation, unpredictability, and eccentricity; it is likely to be easier now to trust your own decisions, and to make the changes you desire.

Generally, the first week of the period I’m covering, is the most expansive of the year. If you are in a position where you feel tied in any way, you may find it more difficult to live with this, and will want to cast off anything, or anyone that has restricted you, or become a burden.

Having conjuncted Jupiter late on Monday, another aspect of feeling expansive, the Moon moves into Jupiter’s sign early on Tuesday, 21st November. The Sun conjuncts Jupiter in the last degree of Scorpio at 23.15 on the 21st. The symbolism of this indicates freedom and spiritual growth through change and transformation. There has to be a willingness to let go of anything, whether it’s a habit, a long-standing deep emotional pattern, or a circumstance you live with daily, that isn’t ‘working’, so that there is the space for something better to come in. It takes courage, and sometimes many back flips before you realize you are making progress, and in a new place.

On Wednesday, 22nd, the Sun moves into Sagittarius, and Mercury trines Uranus. The combination of the Moon and the Sun in Sagittarius encourage a spirit of adventure, a desire to explore new territory. This can be territory in a mental or physical sense. There is a sense of optimism and growth, and the only down-side, as with anything connected to Jupiter, which ‘rules’ Sagittarius, is that there is a ‘too-much ness’, or ‘over-doing’, and exaggeration of things to the point where ego takes over from spirit, and the free-wheeling spark is lost in a desire for self-importance.

The Mercury/Uranus trine is a creative combination, involving the water signs of Scorpio and Pisces; it enhances the intuitive faculty, as Uranus helps to open new doors in the mind.

There’s a more grounded feel to Thursday, 23rd November. A Moon/Pluto conjunction in late Sagittarius brings up emotional issues that need to be looked at, and is then followed by the Moon moving into the cardinal, earth sign of Capricorn.
The fieriness of the last couple of days dies down a little, making it easier to sort out any lingering practical matters.

Jupiter enters its own sign of Sagittarius on Friday, 24th November. Jupiter has a twelve-year cycle, spending approximately one year in each sign of the zodiac. If Jupiter is transiting your sun sign, it usually augurs a good year ahead. There are exceptions to this, as I’m sure I can hear a few Scorpios muttering under their breath that this last year hasn’t been easy for them. As one of these Sun Scorpios, I do empathize, but would like to point out it may have been even more challenging had Jupiter not been in Scorpio. Unfortunately, there have been tense aspects to Jupiter on and off all year, which is why it hasn’t been plain sailing for many Scorps.

However, a growing sense of inner strength and gifts, and acknowledgement of the importance of truth and integrity should have boosted self-esteem so that some rewards can be reaped over the coming year.

Jupiter is ‘at home’ in Sagittarius; much travel, expansion and growth on many levels can take place now for Sagittarians, those with this sign prominent in their chart, and to some extent, all of us.

On Saturday, 25th November, the Moon shimmies into the fixed, air sign of Aquarius. Venus squares Uranus (‘ruler’ of Aquarius) today too, showing the potential for much quirkiness, cool friendliness, and possibly leaping out of an emotional situation that has been making you feel inhibited. Doing something different could be fun, but make sure your heart is really in it, otherwise you may feel regret afterwards.

Sunday, 26th November sees the Moon conjunct Neptune, making it a day to daydream, watch a great escapist movie, or spend some time in nature.

Monday, 27th looks a little tense, as the Aquarian Moon squares Mars, opposes Saturn and then squares Jupiter. Count to ten if you’re feeling angry about something, or with someone, and take some deep breaths before speaking. It’ll pass, as will any feelings of being inadequate, or over-burdened.

The airwaves change as the Moon enters Pisces, at 20.21 (GMT), on Monday 27th, increasing the potential for change and flexibility.

So much mutability means the atmosphere may feel restless and hard to pin down on Tuesday, 28th November. A Moon/Uranus conjunction adds even more unpredictability, but there could also be possibilities of intuitive leaps forward, amidst the uncertainty.

A feeling that action, or a desire is being blocked by someone could happen on Wednesday, 29th November, as Mars in Scorpio squares Saturn in Leo. These are both fixed signs, so neither wants to give way. If you can use the mutable energies of some of the other planets around, you may be able to move away from any feelings of ‘stuck-ness’, or frustration. Sometimes it’s easier to find another way around a problem, rather than face it head on. A square from the Moon to Pluto, also on Wednesday, increases the possibilities of being vulnerable to others’ desire for control and power. However, the Moon trine Mars enables you to stick up for yourself with integrity, and to be firm but kind.

The fiery exuberance of the previous week returns when the Moon moves into energetic, enthusiastic Aries, on Wednesday night (23.30 GMT).

Thursday, 30th is a day to be spontaneous, lively, active and to have fun, as the Moon trines Jupiter and the Sun. If you can, take some time out to do something that really lifts your spirit. It will do you the world of good, and re-energize you, so you can return to ‘normal life’ with renewed vitality.

As you can see, this forecast takes us to the end of November. I wanted to break ‘out of the box’, having written each week since early February 2005, and am in the process of re-assessing how I want to write it. I decided to do this one to cover the rest of November. The Sagittarius astrological garden column will be posted soon!

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Some of the planetary connections this week:~

Sunday, 19th November
Moon conjunct Mercury ~ 9.01
Moon trine Uranus ~ 12.07

Monday, 20th November
Moon square Neptune ~ 0.32
Moon conjunct Mars ~ 3.39
Uranus goes direct ~ 6.07
Moon square Saturn ~ 15.23
New Moon in Scorpio ~ 22.18 ~ 28 degrees 27 minutes
Moon conjunct Jupiter – 23.54

Tuesday, 21st November
Moon into Sagittarius ~ 1.15
Moon conjunct Venus ~ 11.07
Moon square Uranus ~ 21.45
Sun conjunct Jupiter ~ 23.15

Wednesday, 22nd November
Sun into Sagittarius ~ 11.02
Mercury trine Uranus ~ 14.50

Thursday, 23rd November
Moon conjunct Pluto ~ 1.19
Moon into Capricorn ~ 9.25

Friday, 24th November
Jupiter into Sagittarius ~ 4.43

Saturday, 25th November
Moon into Aquarius ~ 15.41
Venus square Uranus ~ 22.55

Sunday, 26th November
Moon conjunct Neptune ~ 22.10

Monday, 27th November
Moon square Mars ~ 9.37
Moon opposite Saturn ~ 11.40
Moon square Jupiter ~ 21.46
Moon into Pisces ~ 20.21

Tuesday, 28th November
Moon square Sun ~ 6.29
Moon conjunct Uranus ~ 15.00
Moon square Venus ~ 21.15

Wednesday, 29th November
Mars square Saturn ~ 3.00
Moon trine Mars ~ 15.44
Moon square Pluto ~ 16.29
Moon into Aries ~ 23.30

Thursday, 30th November
Moon trine Jupiter ~ 1.42
Moon trine Sun ~ 13.13

All times shown are GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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