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Full Moon in Gemini - Communication Matters

Forecast for 1st - 16th December 2006

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In the light of Christmas coming, I’m writing two forecasts to take us through December, highlighting the main astrological events, and encapsulating the feeling of the energies at play.

My wish is to keep it light but illuminating, and in true Sagittarian fashion, as at least four of the planets are in this sign at the moment, including the Sun, to paint a broad sweep of the astrological landscape and give a flavour of the colours and textures in view, but not to get waylaid or dismayed by any minor blots on the horizon.

There’s a soft, idealistic feel to Friday, 1st December. Venus and the Moon sextile Neptune, then the Moon trines Venus, making it a day for loving, harmonious exchanges with others, and enjoying all that is around. Trines from the Moon to Saturn and Pluto later in the day shift the mood from being wishful and a little dreamy to being realistic and practical. This is a good time to implement changes that will simplify and streamline your life and make it less cluttered.

On Saturday, 2nd, Taurus takes over as the sign the Moon is sailing through, adding much-needed grounded-ness, but also lending weight to spending, and indulging generally. A sextile from the Moon to Uranus keeps this day light, but the result of any overdoing on the money or senses front may catch up with you on Sunday and Monday, when tense lunar aspects may act as a ‘wake-up’ call. As it’s the time for Christmas shopping and parties, it’s not difficult to picture certain scenarios!

The main event for the first half of this week is the Full Moon in Gemini on Tuesday, 5th December. Leading up to this is a square aspect from the Sun to Uranus (this is still in ‘orb’ around the Full Moon) on Sunday, 3rd December, and a square aspect from the Moon to Uranus on Monday, 4th December. Neptune is playing a minor but supporting role at this time, trying to guide events towards the best for all concerned. However, Uranus takes prominence with the Sun and the Moon, instigating necessary but possibly disruptive changes in relationships.

The double meaning of the title of this forecast, ‘communication matters’, comes into play here, and the importance of meaningful, honest communication cannot be underestimated. Uranus being the planet associated with independence, quirkiness, the unpredictable and the new, and squaring both ends of the Sun/Moon opposition, will spark off and disrupt established modes of being. This applies especially to all communication matters, e.g. writing, speech, transport, the media, the Internet, phones, highways, etc. It could encompass the personal, local and parochial, and also the global and international.

Mercury squares Saturn on Monday, 4th, which may increase any inhibitions or feelings of uncertainty you have about the way you express yourself, but this will pass, as Mercury the messenger then speeds off to join Mars and Jupiter on Sunday, 10th December. Mars will add a ‘cutting’ feel to words, and there is a volatile feel to this combination, yet there’s also boundless energy and enthusiasm accompanying it, heralding potential for speaking with feeling, and for putting ideas into action. The last notable Mercury aspect in this two-week period is a square from Mercury to Uranus on Friday, 15th December. This works a bit like Mercury retrograde, so expect communication matters to go in zigzags rather than straight lines, and don’t be surprised by an unexpected outburst from someone around you.

After the excitement, possible sudden disruption and general restlessness of the Full Moon, there’s a change of vibe on Wednesday, 6th December. Since the 20th November, all the planets have been moving forwards, hopefully making the energy flow more smoothly on all levels. On 6th December, Saturn turns retrograde until April 19th 2007, Mars leaves Scorpio and moves into Sagittarius until January 16th 2007, and the Moon slides into sensitive Cancer for a couple of days.

When Saturn turns retrograde, the sign it is in is emphasised. In this case it’s Leo, highlighting issues connected to creativity, celebrity and ‘fame’, entertainment, big business, and last but by no means least, children. These things may come under the spotlight, as there is re-consideration, re-evaluation and definition around these matters. Wherever Saturn falls in your birth-chart is where you’ll feel the need to be more disciplined, and will expend more effort into making this area of your life flow more easily. (If you’re interested in knowing where this is for you, please read the ‘blog’ on this site about a chart printout.)

Mercury joins Mars in Sagittarius on Friday, 8th December, so for a couple of days there will be six planets in Sagittarius. Fiery, restless, exuberant energy abounds, in thought, word and deed.

On Saturday, 9th December the Sagittarian Sun sextiles Neptune in Aquarius. Also, the Sun trines, and Neptune opposes the Leo Moon. This is a day of warmth, compassion, idealism, and possible delusion. It’s easy to be swept along in the spirit of forthcoming festivities today, but it’s also easy to embrace the higher ideals and to enjoy the renewed connections with others that this season brings too. Compassion increases, coupled with a desire to do something for those less fortunate. It’s a day to count your own blessings, and to wish for more harmony, peace and fairness in the world, for everyone.

On Monday 11th December, Venus leaves Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn. This is the first planet, apart from the Moon, (which is known as a ‘planet’ by astrologers for the sake of simplicity), to be in an earth sign since Mercury left Virgo on September 12th 2006. That’s quite a while ago. Venus expresses herself coolly and seriously here, although once this screen is penetrated, there’s often a dry sense of humour, and a reliability that’s heartening. Often concerned with status and the ‘real’ world, Venus in Capricorn works hard to reach a certain position in life.

Capricorn earth energy is initiating, and ambitious, and exudes a practicality and responsibility that helps to quieten and slow down any over-exuberance of the abundant Sagittarian energy that is around now.

Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th could feel tense due to the Virgo Moon squaring all the planets in Sagittarius. Mutable, changeable energy is involved here, and a pull between carefulness, analysis and detail (Virgo), and enthusiasm, faith and seeing the ‘big’ picture (Sag).

From Wednesday 13th until Friday evening the Moon is in Libra, merrily sextiling all the planets in Sagittarius, imbuing the airwaves with easy exchanges and a sociable vibe.

Saturday 16th December looks like a great day for having fun, and nurturing any creative tendencies you might have. The Moon sextiles Venus and trines Uranus suggesting you put any chores and anything that could be described as ‘boring’ to one side, and spend the day as enjoyably as you can. Feed your spirit, and you will bring a smile to the people you meet.
Some of the planetary connections at this time:~

Friday, 1st December
Venus sextile Neptune – 3.22
Moon sextile Neptune – 4.27
Moon trine Venus – 4.34
Moon trine Saturn – 17.15
Moon trine Pluto – 18.41

Saturday, 2nd December
MOON into TAURUS – 1.26
Moon sextile Uranus – 19.24

Sunday, 3rd December
Sun square Uranus – 5.00
Moon square Neptune – 6.08
Moon opposite Mercury – 16.10
Moon square Saturn – 18.53

Monday, 4th December
Moon opposite Mars – 00.32
MOON into GEMINI – 3.05
Moon opposite Jupiter – 6.49
Mercury square Saturn – 20.07
Moon square Uranus – 21.21

Tuesday, 5th December
FULL MOON in GEMINI – 00.25 – 12 degrees 43 minutes
Moon trine Neptune – 8.23
Moon opposite Venus – 18.08
Moon opposite Pluto – 23.12

Wednesday, 6th December
Saturn turns retrograde – 4.06
MOON into CANCER – 6.00

Thursday, 7th December
Moon trine Uranus – 1.13
Venus trine Saturn – 7.17

Friday, 8th December
Venus conjunct Pluto – 3.51
MOON into LEO – 11.52
Moon trine Mercury – 12.38
Moon trine Mars – 15.03
Moon trine Jupiter – 17.53

Saturday, 9th December
Sun sextile Neptune – 17.43
Moon opposite Neptune – 21.04
Moon trine Sun – 21.22

Sunday, 10th December
Mercury conjunct Mars – 2.28
Moon conjunct Saturn – 11.46
Moon trine Pluto – 14.05
Mercury conjunct Jupiter – 16.58
Moon trine Venus – 20.35
MOON into VIRGO – 21.31

Monday, 11th December
Moon square Mars – 4.31
Moon square Jupiter – 5.00
Moon square Mercury – 6.27
Mars conjunct Jupiter – 16.11
Moon opposite Uranus – 19.30

Tuesday, 12th December
Moon square Sun – 14.32

Wednesday, 13th December
MOON into LIBRA – 10.00
Moon square Venus – 16.16
Moon sextile Jupiter – 18.49
Moon sextile Mars – 21.04

Thursday, 14th December
Moon sextile Mercury – 4.04
Moon trine Neptune – 21.50

Friday, 15th December
Moon sextile Sun – 9.10
Moon sextile Saturn – 12.41
Mercury square Uranus – 15.03
Moon sextile Pluto – 15.33
MOON into SCORPIO – 22.43

Saturday, 16th December
Moon sextile Venus – 11.50
Moon trine Uranus – 20.42

NB: All times shown are GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
NB2: As this is a 16-day forecast, I’ve put changes of sign in capital letters, so hopefully it’s easier to spot them.
NB3: The top photo is a view from Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset, with a Victorian lighthouse on the right. To me it is a symbol of light and hope (and that communication matters, especially if you are at sea in inclement weather), and I wish you these in abundance as we approach the winter solstice, and the Christmas period. This photo was actually taken on 21st November 2006.
I took the photo at the end of the column in Lyme Regis. It was an art shop window, and I love the work of Sam Toff. This one is called Romantic Interlude, and I wish you one of these too!

Copyright: Sue Walker. November 2006.

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