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Full Moon in Cancer - Creative Changes

Forecast for 1st - 6th January 2007

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I wish you all a very Happy New Year, and hope 2007 unfolds for you as a year of fulfilment of many dreams. May it be filled with more love, peace, harmony, abundance, creativity and fun!

The numbers 2, 0, and 7 are all mystical numbers, and adding up to 9 suggest a year of completion of a cycle, a culmination and fruition of some kind, a reward for past efforts and perseverance.

Now for the astrology. There’s a Libran ascendant as we pass through the doorway into 2007, a desire for harmony, to meet people halfway, and to compromise on any rigid beliefs. This gives a flavour of the mood for the beginning of the year.

There’s a mixed bag of lunar aspects on Monday, 1st January. If you continue the intention of aiming for balance in relationships, including seeing any difficult situation from the others’ point of view, you won’t go far wrong.

In some ways, the day for making new beginnings, taking those first steps to put those new year intentions into action, is on Tuesday, 2nd January, when the Sun in Capricorn sextiles Uranus in Pisces. There could be an opportunity for some innovative, exciting move forward, particularly if it is gives you the chance of expressing yourself in a more positive, authentic way.

Also on Tuesday, the Moon at the tail end of Gemini opposes Pluto, having opposed Mars yesterday, on the 1st. These aspects symbolize emotional turbulence, the churning up of old wounds perhaps, a need for these to emerge from the depths, like molten lava, and then to cool as they reach the surface, transforming eventually into productive, nutritious ash.

The need to nurture, protect and take care of continues as the Full Moon approaches, and the Moon leaves airy Gemini for sensitive, emotional Cancer (15.14 on Tuesday 2nd).

There’s a push/pull feeling with Full Moons generally, a need to give both ends of the opposition equal rights as it were, and usually a feeling of this being quite difficult, shifting the emphasis from one end to the other, rather than enjoying the harmony and synthesis of the two.

The Full Moon takes place on Wednesday, 3rd January (13.57 GMT), and is helped hugely by Uranus, which trines the Moon, and is still sextiling the Sun. ‘Creative change’ is the phrase that comes to mind, in a bid to find a balance between Capricorn, whose concerns are work, power, worldly ambition, and Cancer, whose domain is the home, family, caring for others. Uranus aids in diluting any friction between these two, and may provide, if you are willing to be open and accept something different, clues into a new way of being, living more contentedly with the complexities of having a career and home life in the 21st century.

Compromises may be made, as priorities are re-evaluated, and the question is asked ‘What is really important to me now?’ Having clarified this, it’ll be much easier to make changes so that the new priorities are top of the list.

Relating, and attracting in more pleasure, is expressed in a more personally detached way, as Venus dons on her most outrageous outfit to enter Aquarius, on Thursday, 4th January. Friendly but slightly aloof, Venus here values independence, equality and humanitarian ideals. As Aquarius is an air sign, communicating openly is the best way to nurture relationships with others.

Mercury sextiles Uranus on Thursday 4th also, increasing the general feeling of perkiness, and prevalence for bright ideas to emerge out of the ether. Write down any thought, even if it seems quite mad (especially these), connected to a creative project. It could grow into something wonderful.

More creative energy and warmth is added to the mix, as the Moon shimmies into Leo at 21.14 (GMT).

The mood is optimistic, outgoing and expansive as the Leo Moon trines Jupiter in Sagittarius on Friday, 5th January, so feed your spirit with something that uplifts you and makes you laugh.

On Saturday 6th, the Moon makes her monthly opposition to Neptune and conjunction to Saturn, symbolizing a sacrifice of some kind, but this is helped by fiery Mars in Sagittarius, who trining the Leo Moon, and giving courage and sparkle to rise above any challenges. Enjoy the first week of the year!

Some of the planetary changes for the week:~

Monday, 1st January
Moon opposite Jupiter ~ 1.21
Moon square Uranus ~ 7.06
Moon trine Neptune ~ 18.31
Moon opposite Mars ~ 20.04

Tuesday, 2nd January
Sun sextile Uranus ~ 9.15
Moon opposite Pluto ~ 10.06
Moon into Cancer ~ 15.14

Wednesday, 3rd January
Moon opposite Mercury ~ 9.32
Moon trine Uranus ~ 11.51
FULL MOON IN CANCER ~ 13.57 ~ 12 degrees 48 minutes

Thursday, 4th January
Venus into Aquarius ~ 3.31
Mercury sextile Uranus ~ 5.19
Moon into Leo ~ 21.14
Moon opposite Venus ~ 23.08

Friday, 5th January
Moon trine Jupiter ~ 14.15

Saturday, 6th January
Moon opposite Neptune ~ 7.38
Moon trine Mars ~ 15.48
Moon conjunct Saturn ~ 18.57

All times shown are for GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Copyright: Sue Walker. December 2006.

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