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Subterranean Energy and a Lightness of Spirit

Forecast for 7th - 13th January 2007

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Rumblings under the surface, maybe passionate maybe furious, grow through the week, and reach a crescendo on Saturday, 13th January, as fiery Mars in Sagittarius finds his warrior energy in the same place as deep, intense Pluto, also in Sagittarius. This is a truly potent combination, for better or worse, and can be likened to lava streaming through earth layers underground, yet slowly weaving its way to the surface, to erupt like a spectacular volcano, transforming the landscape, burning and destroying, yet also fertilizing the soil for fresh, new vibrant growth.

Mars and Pluto are connected to a primeval kind of energy, an energy connected to survival. Spectacularly forceful, and letting nothing get in its way. This energy can be used in a positive way to make those drastic changes and eliminate outworn situations that have held you back. It’ s also a time to embrace wholeheartedly anything (or anyone) you feel passionately about, because with this energy you can make huge leaps forward. It just takes courage and a leap of faith.

I began this forecast with ‘the end’, because the strengthening of the Mars/Pluto conjunction throughout the week is likely to be felt above all else, and will underlie all the other aspects.

The conscious, rational mind is predominant as the week begins. The Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Capricorn, and the Moon enters Virgo at 6.18 (GMT), emphasising the analytical, logical side of the mind, and enabling emotional matters to be discussed in cool, non-inflammatory ways.

On his journey to meet up with Pluto, Mars trines Saturn, a harmonious aspect, on Monday, 8th January. However, these are all seen as ‘heavy’ planets. In past times Mars and Saturn were seen as the ‘malefics’ (Pluto wasn’t discovered until 1930), and although contemporary astrology tends to see things with shades of grey, as well as black and white, it can still mean that even when the aspect is ‘easy’, as it is in this case, it can still feel tense.

Positively, this combination adds a persevering edge to tackling any difficult or challenging project, and provides the energy to push through to the next phase.

An opposition between the Virgo Moon and Uranus earlier in the day adds an erratic, restless feel, especially connected to the emotions. There’s a calmer atmosphere later in the day, as the Moon trines the Sun, and then Mercury. Make this the time to talk about your feelings, as there’s an easy blend between the heart, mind and soul now (between 6pm and 8pm GMT).

It’s all change again as the Moon squares Mars, and then Pluto on Tuesday, 9th January. This is almost like a pre-cursor of the Mars/Pluto conjunction, as the Virgo Moon brings any resentment, lurking anger, and manipulative tendencies (particularly subtle ones) to the fore. Be aware of your immediate environment, and take care not to be drawn into a drama that doesn’t belong to you. On the other hand, watch how you behave today, and try not to use energy in a destructive way.

There’s a respite on Wednesday, 10th, as the Moon, now in Libra, the sign of balance, trines Venus in Aquarius. This is a day for friends, being sociable, and is a pre-cursor to the Venus/Jupiter sextile coming up on Friday, 12th January. This combination is the ‘lightness of spirit’ (see title) thread that, although not as potent as the Mars/Pluto combination, weaves through the week too, providing a different kind of energy altogether. Venus and Jupiter were known as the ‘benefics’, so here we have a real yin/yang situation – Mars and Saturn on the one hand, Venus and Jupiter on the other. Although traditionally a ‘conjunction’ is more powerful than a ‘sextile', the latter nevertheless is symbolic of opportunities to be grasped, and the potential of this can be great.

The friendly lunar aspects to Venus and Jupiter on Wednesday, and the Venus/Jupiter sextile on Friday 12th, signify potentially happy feelings, abundance of love, joy, and an attunement to all that is beautiful and true.

Sandwiched in between, Thursday is mixed, with a trine from Neptune to the Moon, enhancing the imagination, followed by potentially tense squares from the Moon to the Sun, and the Moon to Mercury. Feelings could change rapidly, and it may be difficult to decide whether to listen to your head and your heart.

Accompanying the Venus/Jupiter sextile on Friday 12th, is the Moon in Scorpio (7.08 am GMT). This is a feel-good day, a time for fun, and for following your passions.

And now to where I began, the Mars/Pluto conjunction on Saturday, 13th January. A relationship could well be under the magnifying glass, and its complexity seen in great detail.

The week ends with this opportunity for transformation, so that new beginnings can follow. It isn’t a time to hang on to something (or someone) that isn’t working; it is a time to face up to the truth, and to be honest about how you feel, as this frees up the energy to enjoy the delights and love that Venus/Jupiter offers. It’s a time to indulge your passion, ditch your frustration, and let go of anything that has diminished your power. Reach now for something that revitalizes you and increases a love of life itself.

Enjoy the week!

Some of the planetary connections:~

Sunday, 7th January
Moon trine Pluto ~ 0.56
Sun conjunct Mercury ~ 6.05

Monday, 8th January
Moon square Jupiter ~ 1.16
Moon opposite Uranus ~ 5.37
Mars trine Saturn ~ 18.05
Moon trine Sun ~ 18.10
Moon trine Mercury ~ 20.19

Tuesday, 9th January
Moon square Mars ~ 7.01
Moon square Pluto ~ 12.51

Wednesday, 10th January
Moon trine Venus ~ 10.14
Moon sextile Jupiter ~ 14.50

Thursday, 11th January
Moon trine Neptune ~ 7.46
Moon square Sun ~ 12.45
Moon square Mercury ~ 19.00

Friday, 12th January
Venus sextile Jupiter ~ 12.45

Saturday, 13th January
Moon square Venus ~ 5.54
Moon trine Uranus ~ 7.07
Mars conjunct Pluto ~ 10.02
Moon square Neptune ~ 19.59

All times shown are GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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