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Venus conjunct Neptune - Boundless Love (and a New Moon in Capricorn)

Forecast for 14th - 20th January 2007

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The week begins on a harmonious note, as the Scorpio Moon sextiles the Sun, then Mercury, encouraging a gentle, ordered flow between heart, mind and spirit. There’s a slight blip as the Moon squares Saturn too, suggesting having to do something out of duty rather than pleasure, probably connected to family matters.

The feel to the day lightens as the Moon enters lively Sagittarius at 18.11 GMT, on Sunday 14th, and continues into Monday, 15th January. There’s a general feel-good atmosphere around, as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, and sextiles Venus today. A happy mood prevails, as feelings of love, friendship and expansiveness are exchanged with others.

The winged-footed messenger Mercury jumps on his skateboard, leaves the stuffy offices of Capricorn, and enters the futuristic laboratory of Aquarius. Mercury is known as being in ‘exaltation’ here; it’s where ideas can reach their highest state of invention, blending together the seemingly disparate and possibly zany into something new, exciting, and also helpful to humanity at large.

Mercury expresses itself in a detached way here, mentally quite fixed and cool, but also plugged in to new possibilities. It’s particularly connected to new technology of all kinds.

Mars, planet of assertion, action and desire, leaves fiery Sagittarius, and gets back down to earth in Capricorn, on Tuesday, 16th January. This is a placement that enjoys hard work, is ambitious and pragmatic. The inclination is towards work rather than play now, although if your ‘work’ also happens to include an element of ‘play’ so much the better. It’s a good time to work out a strategy that enables you to move forward steadily, and to give more time and energy to pursuing your desires.

The Moon does its monthly coming together (conjuncts) with Pluto, at 21.28 on Tuesday. This can be an emotionally intense time, in that it tends to bring to the surface any lurking resentments, but it also brings the opportunity for them to be looked at and worked on, maybe even resolved. It’s also a good time to declutter, and to let go of any emotional or physical baggage that’s been weighing you down.

Everything has an energy, and by consciously choosing thoughts, ideas, intentions, people, things, etc. that energise rather than drain, you instigate a change that can be quite amazing. Pluto is great at eliminating that which no longer serves you, so that something better can come in its place.

On Wednesday 17th, the Moon shimmies into practical, earthy Capricorn, setting the scene for the New Moon in Capricorn on Friday, 19th January. A conjunction from the Moon to Mars, followed by a sextile to Uranus, make this a lively day, and one where much can be achieved on a practical level.

Unusually, there are no major aspects on Thursday, so enjoy the peace, and see if you can feel the energy of the upcoming Venus conjunct Neptune, and the Capricorn New Moon, which take place on Friday, 19th January.

The Venus/Neptune aspect has been strengthening throughout the week, and is one of the best when it comes to Love. This can be romantic love, infused with mellifluous poetry, music and bouquets of heady-perfumed roses, or it can be that all- encompassing, compassionate, spiritual love, where a deeply-felt connection opens hearts everywhere, and the energy emanates across the globe. Think of the global transmission of the Beatles singing “All you need is Love” in 1967, or the “Live Aid” concerts of 1985, for example.

Or it can be both – making a love connection with someone that is deeply close, passionate and caring, and that also goes beyond, to another level, an almost indefinable soul connection.

Interestingly, the New Moon in Capricorn stands almost alone, making no major links to other planets.

I have an image of a couple standing alone, who have had outward success, but now need to reach out to connect with humanity at large. This can also symbolize the integration of the male and female within, which now needs to connect with others. The Venus/Neptune aspect happening on a parallel level, resonates beautifully with this. It’s time to drop the fear of loving, and being loved, and to open our hearts as much as we can.

Like the run of preceding new moons, this one comes at the end of Capricorn, suggesting seeds can be sown connected to work, ambitions and achievement, but that these will alter and develop into something more, as the some of the planets move quickly into Aquarius.

The Moon moves into Aquarius shortly after the New Moon takes place, followed by the Sun, on Saturday, 20th January. This promises to be a special day, great for social occasions, as the Aquarian Moon sextiles Jupiter, conjuncts Neptune, Venus, and as all good things have to come to an end sometime, opposes Saturn, in the evening. It may just be a good time to have a respite, put your feet up and mull over the happenings of the week.

The flavour and focus at the end of the week is most definitely Aquarian. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Chiron, and the asteroid Pallas Athene are all here – Aquarians will shine and sparkle, and may come up with an invention that will bring peace, plenty, harmony, environmental balance, and compassionate love to all humanity. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Enjoy this week. Venus and Neptune will make it special.
With love, Astral. xx

Some of the planetary dances this week:-

Sunday, 14th January
Moon sextile Sun – 6.00
Moon square Saturn – 6.05
Moon sextile Mercury – 15.50
Moon into Sagittarius – 18.11

Monday, 15th January
Mercury into Aquarius – 9.25
Moon conjunct Jupiter – 15.10
Moon square Uranus – 17.04
Moon sextile Venus – 21.57

Tuesday, 16th January
Moon sextile Neptune – 5.09
Moon trine Saturn – 14.12
Mars into Capricorn – 20.54
Moon conjunct Pluto – 21.28

Wednesday, 17th January
Moon into Capricorn – 1.49
Moon conjunct Mars – 2.06
Moon sextile Uranus – 23.29

Thursday, 18th January
No major aspects

Friday, 19th January
Venus conjunct Neptune – 2.48
New Moon in Capricorn – 4.01 – 28degrees 41 minutes
Moon into Aquarius – 6.16
Moon conjunct Mercury – 18.56

Saturday, 20th January
Moon sextile Jupiter – 2.30
Sun into Aquarius – 11.01
Moon conjunct Neptune – 14.02
Moon conjunct Venus – 17.18
Moon opposite Saturn – 21.33

Times shown are for GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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