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Rebel with a Cause

Forecast for Sunday 21st - Saturday 27th January 2007

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There’s an interesting mix of planetary activity in the celestial playground this week. The aspect that is in the air for all of us, for the longest period of time, is Jupiter in Sagittarius square Uranus in Pisces. It’s exact on Monday 22nd January, then due to the retrograde motion of both planets, returns on 11th May, and 9th October 2007.

One of the things it’s associated with is dissension with others over philosophical, religious, political, educational matters, or any belief system generally.

Obstinacy rules, and there’s a strong desire to be released from any situation that has been felt as an unwanted tie. Both planets love freedom, and both can be dogmatic to an exaggerated degree in thinking theirs is the only ‘right’ viewpoint.

It’s also a good time for a self-critical reappraisal of where you’re at in life, and if this place feels comfortable, that’s great. If it doesn’t, take some time to address those parts of your life that feel out of balance, and see if there is a way to make the most of any free time you have. This will free up your energy, uplift your spirit, and enable new ideas to flood in. Revel in the sense of play, as this then feeds into work, making everything feel more joyful and light.

The Jupiter/Uranus square could also signify hassles with travelling, especially by air, as Jupiter is also associated with long journeys, and Uranus, aeroplanes, spaceships and other gravity-defying forms of transport. A bicycle may get you there faster (and if ET is with you, the sky may still be the limit).
NB: Since I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, I’ve heard that some BA employees are planning to take some strike action over conditions they’re unhappy with.

Mercury sextiles Jupiter on Monday 22nd too, encouraging a flow of positive, creative thinking, and helps diffuse some of the tensions you may be feeling with others. It may not be the time for brilliant breakthroughs, but it’s great for making small but incredibly useful steps forward, which eventually could add up to a giant leap forward in some endeavour.

Monday is a day of many activities in the playground, as Venus, planet of love and values, opposes Saturn today also. You may find yourself involved with one of these pairs of planets more than the others, depending on which part of your birth-chart is being sparked off by them. A Saturn/Venus opposition often presents itself as a hindrance, or obstacle, involving another, whether it’s their attitude towards you, for example verbal criticism, or using up resources (could be energy, time or money), leaving you feeling low and fed-up.

It is an opportunity to see how you allow others to affect you, and to choose to turn any feelings of disappointment into something positive, by affirming you now deserve something better.

It can be a decision time, when you look at a situation objectively, decide whether you still want it, and if you don’t, let it go, with the knowledge that the empty space will soon be filled with something, or someone that sparks off more happiness.

The next significant planetary interchange happens on Friday, 26th January, when Venus sextiles Pluto, and Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius. Having overcome the challenges of Saturn opposing her, Venus is now open to some positive changes when it comes to love. The sextile aspect offers a gentle opportunity to allow love to deepen and to transform any feelings of unworthiness into feelings of self-love, and hence opening the heart to let others come in too.

An air of confusion, deception and/or mysticism may permeate communications, as Mercury conjuncts Neptune, also on Friday, 26th January. This is a time when you could pull the wool over someone’s eyes, or have the same done to you.

In the magical, mysterious realm, it’s a great time to enjoy new vistas that the mind is open to now, whether you’re the creator, or the receiver, revelling in the mellifluous flow of words and sounds that poetry, music and love messages can bring.

Just be careful if you’re buying something of value, and if possible, read any small print with a magnifying glass in hand. Also, be aware that if someone bowls you over with his or her charm and sweet words, they may later let you down by acting in a way that shows they didn’t mean what they said the way you understood them. Tread carefully.

Alongside the interplay between Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and Neptune, (please note all the five outer planets are aspecting planets this week), the Moon weaves her way through Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini, aspecting all the planets mentioned above too. The Moon has a much faster-moving cycle, as she moves through all the signs in around 27 - 28 days, so aspects all the planets much more frequently.

On Monday 22nd, to add to the already ‘full’ feel of the day, the Moon squares Jupiter, and takes a fleeting stand with Uranus, emphasising the feeling for needing space, and breaking out of any confined boxes.

There’s a warrior-like feel to Tuesday 23rd, as the Moon enters fiery, pioneering, enthusiastic Aries, having squared Pluto before leaving Pisces, and then going on to square Mars in Capricorn later in the day. Emotions will be pretty volatile today, so take care if you’re feeling riled! Breathe slowly and deeply, in through the nose and out through the mouth, and just take some time to re-centre before reacting too hastily to anyone who has upset you.

Wednesday is warm, expansive and energy-filled, as the Moon trines Jupiter, and this feeling of making progress, and feeling inspired continues, as the Moon trines Saturn and Pluto on the morning of Thursday 25th.
Then there’s a change of vibe as the Moon enters the fixed, earth sign of Taurus at 13.28 GMT, and some ‘stuck-ness’ could be felt as the Moon squares the Aquarian Sun at 23.01 GMT.

The Moon trines Mars in the very early hours of Friday, 26th January (1.01 GMT), enabling an easier flow between the emotions and fulfilling desires. However, aspects later in the day increase the likelihood of deception and misunderstandings, particularly in communication, as the Taurean Moon squares the Mercury/Neptune conjunction.
There will be more to a situation than seems on the surface.

Tense feelings continue into Saturday 27th January, as the Moon squares Saturn and then Venus. There’ll be a lifting of the feeling of heaviness once the Moon moves into Gemini, enabling a shift of any uncomfortable feelings to something lighter, and making it easier to talk about anything that has been weighing you down.

Some of the planetary dances this week:-

Sunday, 21st January
Moon into Pisces –8.48

Monday, 22nd January
Moon square Jupiter – 5.20
Moon conjunct Uranus – 5.29
Venus opposite Saturn – 15.38
Mercury sextile Jupiter – 16.13
Jupiter square Uranus – 21.42

Tuesday, 23rd January
Moon square Pluto – 7.11
Moon into Aries – 10.52
Moon square Mars – 19.26

Wednesday, 24th January
Moon trine Jupiter – 8.10

Thursday, 25th January
Moon trine Saturn – 1.32
Moon trine Pluto – 9.50
Moon into Taurus – 13.28
Moon square Sun – 23.01

Friday, 26th January
Moon trine Mars – 1.01
Venus sextile Pluto – 10.59
Mercury conjunct Neptune – 13.20
Moon square Neptune – 22.06
Moon square Mercury – 23.17

Saturday, 27th January
Moon square Saturn – 4.39
Moon square Venus –16.08
Moon into Gemini – 17.10

All times shown are for GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

The photo was taken near the Cobb at Lyme Regis, Dorset, on 9th November 2006. It was an unseasonably beautiful, warm sunny day, and I decided, on the spur of the moment, to take the day off, and drive to the coast to take some hopefully good photos. You could say I was a rebel with a cause that day, and I wasn't disappointed.

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