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Full Moon in Leo - Exploring Dreams, Ideals and Reality

Forecast for 28th January - 3rd February

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Multi-hued energy waves infuse this week with various colours that add or subtract to the overall feel of exploring ‘ideals and reality’. Venus, planet of love, values and attraction shimmies into Pisces, on Sunday 28th January, a place she is extremely comfortable in; it's known as the sign of exaltation. Here, Venus expresses herself with imagination and compassion, often delighting in dance and music, leaving the mundane world for more delightful and escapist climes.

Emotionally, Venus here is all-giving, to the point where too many sacrifices may be made, especially in the name of love. Boundaries need to be drawn at some point, so that victim/saviour tendencies aren’t indulged, to the detriment of all parties.

Mercury, planet of communication, moves into the mutable, water sign of Pisces also this week, on Friday 2nd February, suggesting thoughts and ideas will be expressed more emotionally, and with much fluidity and changeableness.

The emphasis for the last couple of weeks has been on Aquarius, a fixed air sign that has tendencies to be rational, steadfast and detached. As the week progresses, the Piscean influence increases, and with it enters an inclination to be much less logical,and to have a more intuitive approach, both in matters of the mind and heart.

First though, Mercury opposes Saturn, on Sunday 28th January, indicating coming to terms with accepting limitations from others. It may be that ideas, thoughts or even physical journeys are hampered in some way, and progress is much slower than you’d like. The stark reality of some situation becomes clear.

By Thursday, 1st February, any deadlock in communications should be ended, as Mercury sextiles Pluto, opening up an opportunity to change the way you have been operating, and to move forward with ideas that you may feel have been stagnating for a while. Take action, and speak up if you need to, rather than putting up with a situation that constantly drains you. Make some positive changes.

The Full Moon is an interesting one, as the Sun is sandwiched between Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, opposing the Moon in an approaching conjunction to Saturn, in Leo. The spirit wants to soar and to reach out to compassionately connect with others; the Moon/Saturn (symbolic of a ‘difficult’ female family member or circumstance) says ‘hang on a minute, what about my needs’, or ‘when are you going to wake up to reality?’

There’s a push/pull between following dreams, and listening to the voice of reason, maybe between you and someone else, maybe contending with these two ‘voices’ within yourself.

Jupiter, planet of growth and exploration, provides an answer somewhere. This beneficent planet, sextiles the Chiron/Sun/Neptune end of the opposition, and trines the Moon/Saturn end, infusing the opposing sides with a smile, a few words of wisdom, and an optimistic view of how to proceed.

Jupiter’s advice would be to look at the overall picture, and find a way for everyone’s needs to be met, for at least some of the time. Indulge those dreams, for they may lead you to journey into the real world, where you can help shine your light so you can help others. Keep your feet on the ground while you’re doing it, and don’t neglect to deal with the mundane as you travel forwards.

Don’t forget to be light-hearted as you explore new avenues of how to marry your dreams and ideals with reality, and be open to listening to your intuition at all times (Mercury in Pisces will help with this too).

After the Full Moon on Friday, 2nd, Saturday sparkles with excitement, potential sexiness, fun and uplifting times, as Mars sextiles Uranus, and the Sun sextiles Jupiter. It’s a great day to be adventurous, in body, mind and spirit.

Restlessness and a feeling of being ‘scattered’ or scatty, may prevail as the Moon opposes Mercury later on Saturday (18.26 GMT), but the mood will soon calm, and a good time can be had by all.

Some of the celestial connections this week :-

Sunday, 28th January
Venus enters Pisces – 3.32
Moon trine Sun – 7.07
Moon square Uranus – 15.28
Moon opposite Jupiter – 16.46
Mercury opposite Saturn – 18.07

Monday, 29th January
Moon trine Neptune – 2.47
Moon trine Mercury – 11.16
Moon opposite Pluto – 18.40
Moon enters Cancer – 22.16

Tuesday, 30th January
Moon trine Venus – 2.41
Moon opposite Mars – 16.45
Moon trine Uranus – 21.30

Wednesday, 31st January
No major aspects – time for a snooze…..zzzz

Thursday, 1st February
Mercury sextile Pluto – 2.33
Moon enters Leo – 5.15

Friday, 2nd February
Full Moon in Leo – 5.45 – 12 degrees 59 minutes
Moon trine Jupiter – 8.05
Mercury enters Pisces – 9.20
Moon opposite Neptune – 17.47
Moon conjunct Saturn – 23.34

Saturday, 3rd February
Mars sextile Uranus – 10.41
Moon trine Pluto – 10.55
Moon enters Virgo – 14.34
Sun sextile Jupiter – 15.47
Moon opposite Mercury – 18.26

All times shown are for GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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