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Forecast for 4th - 10th February 2007

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On Sunday, 4th February, the Virgo Moon opposes Venus and Uranus in Pisces, making the atmosphere confusing, as the rational, analytical and precise (Virgo) vies with the escapist, nebulous and sublime (Pisces). It could be there's some practical issue that needs to be taken care of, especially in the domestic arena, but there's also a need to feed the imagination, to have space to chill and dream.

There's fluctuation between responding with the intellect, and responding using pure intuition.

By the evening (18.07 GMT), as the Moon trines Mars, there's an easier flow between desires and needs, and the energy is available to accomplish what needs to be done with ease, as both planets are in the practical earth element too.

The Moon makes its bi-monthly square aspect to Pluto on Monday, 5th February. When this aspect comes up, I often find myself decluttering in some way, either weeding or doing some drastic pruning of hedges, or clearing out drawers or cupboards, and as I do this, mentally clearing out old negative thoughts, and discarding futile fantasies. It's a positive way to use this energy.

The negative side can be felt when you find yourself on the receiving end of some-one else's 'clear out', which is often verbally and emotionally intense. However, even here, there's a chance to work through the 'rubbish', and discover treasure underneath. Try not to be hooked into someone else's drama, stay detached and look for solutions.

A lighter, sociable tone permeates Tuesday 6th February, as the Moon enters Libra. The harmonious feel continues into Wednesday 7th, although there's a slight blip as the Moon squares Mars, suggesting a temporary tetchy, irritable restless mood. Apart from this, the Moon trines the Sun and Neptune, setting the scene for the nebulous and highly sensitive Sun/Neptune conjunction on Thursday 8th.

There's an exciting feel in the air as Venus conjuncts Uranus on Wednesday, 7th February. This is an aspect of love that can be surprising, sudden, and electric; it can take your breath away, and make your heart sing. Sometimes the love isn't long-lasting, but changes the way you feel about yourself by the time it's over. Sometimes it's the beginning of something enduring and life-changing. Sometimes it's recognising the fact that the one you're with is the one, or not, as the case may be.

Be open to new opportunities to connect today, and accept any social invitations as these will inevitably sparkle. Expect the unexpected, even more so if you were born around the 3rd - 4th March.

Possibilities and new avenues can also open up on the financial front, particularly if it's in connection with something of a creative nature, or something that touches your soul.

A 'Eureka' moment is possible, whether it's connected to finding your soul-mate, writing some beautiful poetry, painting a masterpiece, or finding the exact dress/trousers/pair of shoes you've been looking for for weeks.

Colour is the order of the day. Life needs to be lived in full colour rather than black, white and shades of grey. Any effort you make today will lift your spirit, and those you come into contact with.

Uranus is the planet that thrives on originality, unconventionality and spontaneity, so whether it's love or money on your mind, be open to seeing things from a new perspective, and enjoy whatever comes up!

On Thursday, 8th February, the Moon slides into Scorpio, a sultry and sensitive water sign, and the Sun conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius.

The latter is a highly idealistic combination, and at its highest level, denotes the true, selfless spiritual seeker, wanting the best for humanity as a whole. The negative side is an escapist one, unable to confront the 'real' world, and choosing instead the shadowy realms of alcohol or drug-taking, clouding the mind and heart, deluded, and unable to see things clearly.

For those born around February 8th, 9th and 10th, it may feel as if your ego is being dismantled, but it's so it can be reconstructed with a compassionate and integrated spiritual perspective in a more prominent place. It's a chance to grow enormously on a soul level. While you go through this process, be very gentle with yourself, as you will be extra-sensitive to everything and everyone around you; surround yourself with genuine friends who love and support through all the undulations of life.

Everything may seem rosy on Friday, 9th February, and dreams may be unfolding, but these may be tested on Saturday 10th, when the Sun opposes Saturn, and the Moon squares Neptune, Sun and Saturn.

On Saturday, some will be at odds with one another. 'Woolly' schemes will be scrutinised for flaws. Those that measure up will come through stronger than ever, those that were unrealistic may need to be discarded, and new, sounder ones created.

Before then, on Friday 9th February, enjoy the easy flow between the Scorpio Moon, and Mercury, Uranus and Venus, all in Pisces. Sensitivity and intuition are sparking on all cylinders, feelings and thoughts exchanged in a heart-felt and loving way.

As Venus squares Jupiter on Friday too, there can be a feeling of insatiableness, wanting even more abundance, love, chocolate, etc. than you already have. Enjoy and savour every morsel, and then the desire to over-indulge will diminish. It can be a time of over-doing, in stark contrast to Saturday 10th, when the opposite is in evidence.

The overall vibe this week though is one of love, idealism and new possibilities, connecting to love, and money; opening up the heart more, finding new ways of having more money, and being enjoyably creative. Relationships, especially new ones, buzz and sparkle, and result in a feeling of being wonderfully alive. Enjoy!

Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Sunday, 4th February
Moon opposite Venus – 8.09
Moon opposite Uranus – 16.18
Moon trine Mars – 18.07
Moon square Jupiter – 19.23

Monday, 5th February
Moon square Pluto – 22.37

Tuesday, 6th February
Moon enters Libra – 2.15

Wednesday, 7th February
Moon square Mars – 10.41
Moon trine Sun – 15.45
Moon trine Neptune – 17.45
Venus conjunct Uranus – 18.57

Thursday, 8th February
Moon enters Scorpio – 15.09
Sun conjunct Neptune – 15.52

Friday, 9th February
Moon trine Mercury – 7.46
Venus square Jupiter – 11.31
Moon trine Uranus – 18.03
Moon trine Venus – 23.14

Saturday, 10th February
Moon square Neptune – 6.28
Moon square Sun – 9.51
Moon square Saturn – 10.39
Sun opposite Saturn – 18.42

All times shown are for GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

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