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The Full Moon and the Wounded Healer

Column for 14th - 20th November

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As the week unfolds, the waxing Moon glides to its peak, culminating in a Full Moon on Wednesday, 16th November (0.58am GMT), rising above silvery clouds, and shining ethereally among the stars.

In the northern hemisphere, there is a still-ness in nature, a sense of death, but also, even now, signs of rebirth in the shape of buds, and bulb leaf shoots, poking their wands bravely through the cold earth. At least, this is happening in Somerset now, which is a magical place to be sure.

As the Moon reaches its culmination, it is in the sign of Taurus, opposite the Sun in Scorpio, and both make a harmonious link to Chiron, which is probably a comet, but has also been known as an asteroid, and a planetoid. Whatever it is, the meaning assigned to Chiron is that of ?wounded healer?, and the point it occupies in our chart shows where we have suffered, been wounded in some way. By using this pain, we can turn it around to help and heal others.

Chiron can reveal our imperfections in all their glory, but also shows how we can transform these into talents, that then enrich others? lives. Think of those who have lost something, whether it?s a limb, or a loved one, and notice how some people turn the tragedy into a victory, by campaigning to help others in the area where they have suffered loss. This is Chiron in action.

Its link to the Sun and Moon on Wednesday point to a ?helping hand? being available, to add even more awareness that a Full Moon often brings. It may be a recognition that a relationship needs much healing if it?s going to survive, it may be a recognition of incompatibility, and a chance to part amicably, it may be using the positive qualities of Taurus and Scorpio, and channelling them into something potentially very healing for the community. Chiron is in the last degrees of Capricorn, and this sign likes to make its mark in the world.

The Moon is very content in Taurus, being emotionally stable (some would say stuck), productive, and sensual. The Scorpio Sun is passionate, and enjoys deep emotional transformation. On the one hand, this could be a time of passionate get-togethers; on the other, a time of locking horns for combat.

The other notable planetary triggers this week are two turning points. Mercury goes retrograde on Monday, 14th November (5.41am GMT), (oh no, please don?t groan), and Uranus, planet of change, excitement, and unpredictability, starts moving forward again, after five months, on Wednesday, 16th November (0.08am GMT).

Mercury, ruler of Gemini and Virgo, is the planet of communication. Often people with these signs prominent in their chart seem to have the most difficulty with Mercury retro, unless they were born with Mercury going in this direction, i.e. apparently backwards. Then they often feel as if the world, for a time, is operating on the same wavelength as them.

Mercury spends roughly a third of its cycle being retrograde, and this also roughly the amount of time we spend asleep. So, is the best policy when Mercury is retro, to stay in, be silent, and curl up under the duvet? It may be tempting at times, especially if you?re experiencing communication glitches, whether its trying to understand your partner, having computer problems (mine last time), or finding your journey to work is taking twice as long, due to roadworks, trains being cancelled, etc.

However, if you focus on travelling inwards, assimilating recent experiences, and what you have learned, this time can move you forward in other ways. Inner journeys, dreams, tapping into the collective mind, meditation, trusting your intuition can restore and regenerate. As you assimilate, review, digest and take on board some of the ideas you picked up when Mercury was moving forwards, you grow on an inner level. You may miss the appointment, but revel in a new insight that had eluded you before.

It?s interesting that Uranus, which is known as the ?higher octave? of Mercury, is beginning to move forwards, as Mercury begins to move backwards. Uranus is involved in higher levels of communication, and significant breakthroughs can be made using the sixth sense, the intuition. Uranus moving forwards again will add weight to what I?ve written above, about focusing inwards. It will encourage and enable you to then use these insights for significant, positive change in your life.

To give an overview of the week, including looking at the other faster-moving heavenly bodies now, on Monday, 14th November, Mercury turns retrograde.

Tuesday, 15th November, looks edgy, tense, and could be symbolized by an assertive woman, trying to get her own way, maybe using a deceptively seductive, or a ?poor me? attitude, to do this. Don?t be fooled.

Wednesday, 16th November sees the Full Moon in all its silvery luminosity, and Uranus moving forwards.

Thursday, 17th November, is a great day for harmoniously blending yin and yang, as Venus trines Mars, and there?s also an opportunity to tune into a spiritual vibration, as the Moon trines Neptune.
However, you may feel the need to either follow your heart, or your head; the two don?t blend easily today.

Mars squares Saturn (8.28pm GMT) on Friday, 18th November, which means you may find obstacles appear in your path, possible in the form of a person, so that it takes more energy and determination, to do what you want. Also, the Moon opposes Pluto (7.02am GMT), which can bring in issues of control and emotional manipulation. If something needs to be cleared emotionally, or something needs to come to the surface, this is a good time to release it, even though it can be painful.
I often get the urge to do a bit of de-cluttering or cleaning when this latter aspect occurs; this can be a good way to use the energy. Re-decorating would be good too.

Saturday, 19th November, is different again. As the Cancerian Moon trines Jupiter and Uranus, all in emotional, sensitive signs, there is a wonderful, harmonious energetic flow, leading to breakthroughs, and new, happier ways of being and feeling.

There?s not much happening on Sunday astrologically, so chill out, enjoy life, and go where the mood takes you. (I?d say do this anyway, as much as you can, whatever is happening up in the celestial sky.)

Moon Signs:
Moon in Taurus: Monday, 14th November. 7.02am GMT. Practical, stubborn, sensual, creative.

Moon in Gemini: Wednesday, 16th November. 12.10 pm. Adaptable, scattered, awry communications, changeable.

Moon in Cancer: Friday, 18th November. 7.42pm GMT.
Caring, nurturing, sensitive, home-loving.

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Enjoy gazing at the Full Moon, with much love, Astral xx

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