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New Moon in Aquarius - Potent and Positive Transformation

Forecast for 11th - 17th February 2007

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The waning lunar phase until Saturday 17th suggests a time for planning and preparing for the 'seed' planting energy that the New Moon will bring. Think about what you would like next, and then take some positive steps that will help bring this into reality.

If there's something you'd like to do, or a relationship you'd like to take further, look at the qualities and skills you have, and what you could do to develop these further. It's an old adage, but small acorns can grow into magnificent oak trees.

By the time of the New Moon, the energy is there to plant seeds of great potency that can bring about hugely positive changes.

It isn't a time to just fantasize or daydream; it's a time to wake up to your potential, and make the most of it, in such a way that you can interact positively with your world, whatever that may consist of.

Mercury, planet of communication, appears to turn retrograde (backwards), on Valentine's Day, Wednesday 14th February. While it's in Pisces, the tendency could be to get lost in romantic reveries of what could be, rather than taking any practical steps to make these dreams real.

Mercury retro is great for revising, reviewing, revisiting ideas you've had before, tweaking and honing them until they sing with innovative possibilities. Mercury backs into Aquarius on 27th February, until the 18th March, when it returns to Pisces again. While it's in Aquarius, thoughts and concepts can evolve in an original and unpredictable yet exciting fashion.

There are often physical and mental detours to be made when Mercury is retrograde. Humour is the key to getting the most out of any situation that is challenging, and understanding that all the curves and bends in the road may make the journey longer, but far more interesting than if it was just a straight line. This can be applied to communication of all kinds, quirks in your work, travel both physical and mental, and relationships.

Valentine's Day is traditionally the day for declarations of love, and succumbing to the commercial push to buy tokens that signify this. Astrologically, there's been a lovely sensual connection between Venus and Mars since the beginning of February, and for some, love will have been very much in the air. The sextile between Venus in Pisces and Mars in Capricorn becomes exact on the evening of Tuesday,13th, so I'd be tempted to book a romantic evening a day ahead of the 14th.

There's also a harmonious link between the Sagittarian Moon and Aquarian Sun on the 13th, giving a 'double-whammy' effect of harmony between the masculine and the feminine, yang and yin. It's a time to celebrate being a woman, or a man, as the case may be, and to appreciate all the yin (feminine) qualities and yang (masculine) qualities in yourself and others. Enjoy sexuality and sensuality, and be open to feeling more magnetic and loving.

Sextiles from the Capricorn Moon to Mercury and Uranus on Wednesday 14th signify harmonious, light-filled exchanges of love, and an unexpected card or two, although with Mercury retro, some of these could cause merriment or embarrassment, or even end up at the wrong destination. If you receive a surprise invitation at the last minute, take it!

Thursday continues the romantic and sensual theme, as the Moon conjuncts Mars, and then sextiles Venus, in the early hours (GMT). A more airy, and less sensual feel filters in later in the day, when the Moon moves into the more cerebral sign of Aquarius

Friday 16th is lit up by an optimistic, jovial sextile aspect between the Moon and Jupiter, followed by the other main event this week (alongside Venus sextile Mars), the New Moon in late Aquarius, on Saturday, 17th February.

The potency of this New Moon in Aquarius is due to its exact sextile to Pluto in Sagittarius, planet of change and transformation. This is an auspicious time to make changes for yourself, and with others. The sextile aspect is one of opportunity, so the changes are instigated through choice, rather than being at the mercy of circumstances.

The Chinese New Year is also celebrated around the New Moon in Aquarius time each year. Festivities are generally taking place on Sunday, 18th February, although if you happen to be in Hong Kong, they are happening from the 12th - 21st February. It'll be the Year of the Pig, which corresponds to Scorpio in Western Astrology. According to my trusty Collins Gem book on 'Chinese Astrology', the Year of the Pig is linked to increased virility and fertility, so a good year for planting seeds of all kinds!

It's a good week astrologically, great for relationships, for deepening and clarifying wishes, and taking practical steps to implement all kinds of changes that will increase your lightness of spirit, and joie-de-vivre. Enjoy!

Some of the planetary connections this week:-

Sunday, 11th February
Moon enters Sagittarius – 3.01
Moon square Mercury – 21.54

Monday, 12th February
Moon square Uranus – 4.57
Moon conjunct Jupiter – 9.16
Moon square Venus – 15.52
Moon trine Saturn – 19.59

Tuesday, 13th February
Moon sextile Sun – 0.31
Moon conjunct Pluto – 8.45
Moon enters Capricorn – 11.42
Venus sextile Mars – 22.47

Wednesday, 14th February
Mercury turns retrograde – 4.38
Moon sextile Mercury – 6.08
Moon sextile Uranus – 12.07

Thursday, 15th February
Moon conjunct Mars – 2.21
Moon sextile Venus – 3.24
Moon enters Aquarius – 16.34

Friday, 16th February
Moon sextile Jupiter – 20.05

Saturday, 17th February
Moon conjunct Neptune – 1.47
Moon opposite Saturn – 3.57
Sun sextile Pluto – 13.07
Moon sextie Pluto – 16.02
Mew Moon in Aquarius – 16.14 - 28 degrees 37 minutes
Moon enters Pisces – 18.30
All times shown are GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

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