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Flow, Sparkle and Moving On

Forecast for 18th - 24th February 2007

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Energy aligned with intuition increases as the Sun swims into the mutable, water sign of Pisces on Monday 19th February (1.09 GMT). 'Flow' is the word that comes to mind, when heart, mind and intuition are all performing like synchronized swimmers, balanced and beautiful, all looking so effortless. We all know the latter isn't probably the case, nevertheless when there is a balance between these three, life seems easier, and good choices can be made. While the Sun makes its annual journey through this sign, it's a time to slow down a little, have space to dream about new possibilities, and indulge in any creative pursuits that take your fancy.

'Sparkle' is much in evidence after Venus, planet of love and attraction, has entered Aries, a fire sign known for its pioneering spirit and enthusiasm, on Wednesday, 21st February. Emotions may be expressed directly (tactlessly?), and with passion. If you resonate with this sign, and you want something, or someone, you want it/him/her now, or preferably yesterday. Wear your brightest smile, your heart on your sleeve, and be prepared to dazzle.

Venus in Aries isn't one for being a shrinking violet, or hiding her light, or charm, under a bushel; bright colours are a favourite, especially red.

'Moving on' happens just prior to Venus' change of sign. On Tuesday, 20th February, while still in Pisces, Venus squares Pluto. This aspect has been building over the previous week or two, and symbolizes a time of deep change on an emotional level.

If there is a planet in your chart sparked by these two (28 degrees of mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces,), it may be the time to transform an emotional situation that has either caused pain, or been extremely challenging. There can be issues of control, and one person may need to take a stand on what is fair and acceptable.

It can also apply to financial situations, when it may become untenable to carry on as you were. A new way of earning money may present itself, or a more practical way of budgeting and using what you have more productively.

On either the emotional or financial front, it can be a time of accepting something is no longer working, being willing to let go and move on, so something, or someone better can enter your life. The new cannot enter until you have created some space energetically for it to come in.

Since February 14th Mercury has been retrograde, and remains so until March 8th. This increases the reflective mode when it comes to thinking about the viability of certain situations, and this meeting of mind and spirit comes to a head on Friday, 23rd February, when the Pisces Sun conjuncts the reversing Mercury.

The lunar journey through Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini this week colours each day with a different hue. The Pisces tone infuses Sunday with desires for escape, imaginative interludes, and a need to do something different (Moon conjunct Mercury, then Uranus, followed by a square to Jupiter).

Until 4pm on Tuesday, 19th (GMT), relationships are flowing, with a harmonious sextile to Mars, and a loving, sociable conjunction to Venus. The square to Pluto at 16.43 diffuses the harmony, and preludes a change of speed as the Moon enters Aries at 19.06. The pace quickens, and fiery energy replaces the sensitivity of Pisces.

This continues until Wednesday 21st, when the Moon enters the practical yet sensual sign of Taurus, at 20.03. Indulge the senses if possible on Thursday, as the Moon sextiles the Sun, Mercury and Uranus, all in Pisces.

A sharper, much edgier and stubborn note imbues Friday with a darker hue, although the trine from the Moon to Mars later in the day lifts the spirit and leads the way out of any difficulties. Look for a practical, sensible solution to anything that's been bugging you, or in response to others' demands.

Following the lunar shift into Gemini late on Friday 23rd, mutable, changeable energy dominates the weekend. It's hard to pin anything down, and the best way to use the energy is to do things which don't take up a lot of time, so you can move from one thing to the next easily. Not a day for intense concentration, more for chat and exchange of ideas that are in the 'seeding' stage, so there's room for fluidity and a change of mind.

Some of the celestial connections this week:

Sunday, 18th February
Moon conjunct Mercury – 8.43
Moon conjunct Uranus – 16.58
Moon square Jupiter – 21.30

Monday, 19th February
Sun in Pisces – 1.09
Moon sextile Mars – 11.02
Moon conjunct Venus – 15.43
Moon square Pluto – 16.43
Moon enters Aries – 19.06

Tuesday, 20th February
Venus square Pluto – 3.57
Moon square Jupiter – 22.32

Wednesday, 21st February
Moon trine Saturn – 4.55
Venus enters Aries – 8.21
Moon square Mars – 14.29
Moon trine Pluto – 17.42
Moon enters Taurus – 20.03

Thursday, 22nd February
Moon sextile Sun – 1.04
Moon sextile Mercury – 4.47
Moon sextile Uranus – 19.31

Friday, 23rd February
Sun conjunct Mercury – 4.45
Moon square Neptune – 5.32
Moon square Saturn – 6.39
Moon trine Mars – 19.47
Moon enters Gemini – 22.42

Saturday, 24th February
Moon square Mercury – 4.05
Moon sextile Venus – 4.47
Moon square Sun – 7.56
Moon square Uranus – 23.29

NB All times shown are GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

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