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Full Moon Eclipse in Virgo - Healing Ways

Forecast for 25th February - 3rd March 2007

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The star performance takes place at the end of this week, on Saturday 3rd March, when the Sun/Uranus conjunction in Pisces is eclipsed by the Virgo Moon, and squared by explorative Jupiter. Eclipses are Uranian by nature anyway, often bringing surprising and unpredictable occurrences, so with Uranus involved with the Sun also, this is like a 'double-whammy' eclipse. Lunar eclipses affect the emotions and the subconscious, irrational parts of us; they tend to herald some kind of clearing out of past attitudes, particularly pertaining to the houses in the birth-chart that the eclipse falls in. Sometimes it's only after a few months have passed that the fall-out effect of the eclipse becomes apparent.

Different voices will be trying to make themselves heard, including and especially the creative, intuitive one and the practical, rational one. The Sun is feeling particularly in need of new creative adventures, freedom, and different ways of being; the Moon is essentially practical, kind and healing, and feeling a pull to look at, and maybe return to something that has been helpful in the past.

The Pisces Sun is a dreamer and a mystic, open to other realities; the Moon is an earth goddess in Virgo, with symbolic feet on the ground, and healing hands and herbs to offer; and as the Moon, also a sky goddess, and like a caring mother, she encircles the planet, wrapping it up with a metaphorical warm blanket. Jupiter in Sagittarius loves exploring, and seeks new horizons and ways to expand and grow; it will encourage both the Sun and Moon to stretch themselves to develop their respective talents.

If Virgo and Pisces want to bring out the best in each other, they need to allow each other space and be open to change – all three signs involved are mutable ones, so nothing is fixed with this Full Moon.

There may be tension between partners if one wants to do exactly what they want (Sun/Uranus in Pisces), and the other is fed-up with fitting in (Virgo Moon).

Individually, there may be fluctuation between listening to your head, or your heart. There's always a 'see-saw' effect with a Full Moon, and a culmination of the monthly lunar energy. Potentially this is a powerful one for healing, if Uranus can be utilized for humanitarian and/or creative purposes rather than rebellion.

There could be a breakthrough on the medical/healing front, with Jupiter opening previously closed doors, especially involving other countries. This is a global aspect, rather than a parochial one.

Preceding the Full Moon, more emphasis returns to Aquarius. Mars leaves earthy practical Capricorn for this sign on Monday, 26th February. Mars symbolizes the principle of assertion, and in Aquarius this expresses itself mentally rather than physically. People with Mars in Aquarius are often concerned with speaking their mind about political issues to do with social justice. The energy here can be erratic rather than smooth.

Retrograde Mercury, planet of communication, skateboards back into Aquarius on Tuesday, 27th February, revisiting this sign for the second time this year. It's a good time to reconsider ideas you had mid-January 2007, and see if there's more you can do to develop them.

Wednesday, 28th sees the exact aspect of one of the most challenging aspects this year. Saturn in Leo opposes Neptune in Aquarius. This opposition is about dreams vs. reality, a testing time, particularly if it touches something in the birth-chart, for those trying to manifest a heart-felt project. Honing and tweaking may be required, but don't give up on anything that has a glimmer of life. Delays may happen, but if the seed is nurtured it will grow. It just might take a bit longer than you'd like to see the fruits of any labours.

The Moon enters Leo on Wednesday too, and the opposition to Mars could signify a heated exchange, or emotional outburst. On a less emotional level, Mercury sextiles Pluto, encouraging a new way of opening up lines of communication, that will bring positive results for all concerned. So if you aren't getting the responses you'd like, try another way.

Thursday, 1st is easy and emotionally flowing. There's a brief fiery Grand Trine between the Moon in Leo, Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius, enabling loving, expansive energy to flow freely. It's a day when enthusiasm and inspiration are to the fore, and great for having a good time (Happy Birthday Helen!)

Friday, 2nd March is more challenging, with the Moon conjunct Saturn and opposite Neptune, highlighting the Saturn/Neptune opposition mentioned earlier. What feels good and is working right now? What needs to be changed? What dreams need to be nurtured?

The Moon meanders into Virgo, at 21.32 (GMT) on Friday night, preparing for the Full Moon tomorrow. It feels like it symbolizes a union of the earth and the sky, and that from listening to any messages that come through, signs for more healing ways will become apparent.

Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Sunday, 25th February
Moon opposite Jupiter – 5.11
Moon trine Neptune – 10.02

Monday, 26th February
Moon opposite Pluto – 1.21
Mars enters Aquarius – 1.32
Moon enters Cancer – 3.48
Moon trine Mercury – 5.26
Moon square Venus – 15.42
Moon trine Sun – 17.57

Tuesday, 27th February
Mercury enters Aquarius – 3.00
Moon trine Uranus – 6.03

Wednesday, 28th February
Moon enters Leo – 11.29
Saturn opposite Neptune – 12.01
Mercury sextile Pluto – 13.09
Moon opposite Mars – 15.11

Thursday, 1st March
Moon trine Venus – 6.03
Moon trine Jupiter – 21.54

Friday, 2nd March
Moon conjunct Saturn – 2.12
Moon opposite Neptune – 2.32
Moon opposite Mercury – 15.53
Moon trine Pluto – 19.03
Moon enters Virgo – 21.32

Saturday, 3rd March
Sun opposite Moon – Full Moon in Virgo – 13 degrees – 23.17

NB All times shown are for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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