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New Moon in Pisces and the Spring Equinox

Monday 19th March - Wednesday, 21st March 2007

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The combination this week of a new moon eclipse, and the spring equinox, make this a significant 'seeding' time for many.

Although Pisces is known as a dreamy, sensitive, creative and gentle sign, the transiting square from Pluto to this New Moon adds a push for transformation of some kind, which may or may not come easily.

This is a time when there may be more layers to a situation than was realized previously, and this Sun/Moon/Pluto combination enables penetration into the depths, so that clarity dawns, and understanding illuminates a previously nebulous situation. It may be that someone challenges you in some way, so that you have to state your position, and maybe defend it.

Action may be imperative to disperse the darkness and let the light of dawn flood in. It's a time to be courageous, to listen to your intuition more than ever, and to deter anyone who tries to divert you from your own path, because of their own priorities, which may include negativity and doubt. It's a time to stand firm and true to your goals, and to follow your dreams, even if these appear foolish to others.

Just after midnight, at 0.09 on the 21st March, the Sun enters Aries. A cardinal, enterprising fire sign, Aries rushes into life in headstrong fashion (the part of the body linked to Aries is the head), enthusing about any new project that enables him or her to use the pioneering spirit they were born with, and infusing the airwaves with abundant energy. This is the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere, one of the Celtic fire-festivals, a time of a few days and nights of equal length, moving into the long, light enjoyable evenings of summer.
This week is a great time to make plans, strengthen resolve on how you want to move forward, and to stand up to those who may have other ideas.

Although traditionally New Moons are connected with new beginnings, the Pluto connection with this one means there could be significant endings too.

I'm hoping to write a fuller column next week, couldn't let this one go without mentioning these two significant events.

New Moon in Pisces – Monday, 19th March – 2.43
Sun enters Aries – Wednesday, 21st March – 0.09

Times shown are for Greenwich Mean Time.

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