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25th March - 31st March 2007

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We're now in a waxing Moon cycle, which began last week, at the time of the New Moon in Aries, on March 19th. Lunar energy is building, giving emotional weight to new projects begun at this time. The increasing moonlight this week will light up your path more clearly.

Some may have experienced abandoned plans, setbacks, dead-ends and u-turns as the Sun squared Pluto on the 19th March also, and Mars opposed Saturn on the 22nd. Other people, especially those who appear to have more power or control, could have been extremely challenging at this time. If you can see these people as helpers rather than hinderers, in the sense that whatever their words or actions, they are actually encouraging you to move on more easily to the next phase, even if it's because of their obstreperousness and negativity.

As Sunday 25th March dawns, the Moon opposes Pluto, symbolizing a need to stand your ground again. A person or circumstance may challenge you verbally, and momentarily upset you, or want you to do something that you would rather not. These lunar aspects are all fleeting, so by remaining as detached as possible, it can be really interesting to watch certain scenarios unfold, with out getting absorbed by it all. If you know a certain aspect is coming up, you can be prepared.

Moon/Pluto aspects are also great for de-cluttering, and the combination of this with the Moon entering Cancer, at 10.49, make this a great day for clearing the home of unwanted 'stuff', either physical or emotional.

On another level, Mars, planet of action, conjuncts Neptune, planet of nebulousness. These two aren't at home with each other because Mars is associated with assertion, Neptune with sacrifice. It can be a time when something is given up willingly for the greater good, a time when the ego shines by taking a back seat. Charities are given a helping hand by those who want to give to those less fortunate.

Creatively, it can be wonderful, and the highest manifestation of this combination is when there is a fusion between being creative, then acting on this to bring it into manifestation.

A feeling of communicative ease flows through Monday, 26th March, as the Moon trines Mercury and Uranus in Pisces. Bright ideas are in the air, and intuition can pick them up. There's a Mercury/Uranus conjunction on April 1st (April Fool's Day), and between now and then is a time to be open to flashes of insight.

After the sensitive, domestic nature of the Cancerian Moon comes an input of fiery warmth, as this lunar orb enters Leo, on the evening of Tuesday 27th. Fire signs especially will enjoy the uplifting feel, want to do their own thing, be applauded for it, and just generally be buoyant and buzzy. We can all pick up on their vibe, and enjoy the action and energy.

There's a sliver of optimism continuing into Thursday 29th, as the Moon trines Jupiter in Sagittarius; however, a conjunction from the Moon to Saturn, and oppositions to Neptune and Mars, make this a more challenging, edgy and confusing day.

On Friday, 30th March an early trine from Pluto to the Moon clears the air, and a different feel imbues the day as the Moon meanders into Virgo. Practical, helpful ideas are valued, and there's a desire to get health and work issues sorted.

Saturday sees a plethora of lunar aspects (see below), and dancing merrily alongside these is a beautiful sextile from Venus in Taurus to Uranus in Pisces. Sextiles signify opportunities, to be grasped or not, as the fancy takes you. Like a passing dandelion 'parachute' seed, you can catch it, or allow it to float on by. What kind of opportunities might these be? Ones to do with love, money and/or creativity. The more open you are, the more likely you are to notice opportunities that can lead to changes for the better.

Blending the artistic, the practical and the innovative works well now, bringing in the potential to increase finances from creative projects.
Chance encounters can lead to interesting romantic liaisons, and a light, fun vibe is there for all to enjoy.

Some of the celestial connections this week:

Sunday, 25th March
Moon opposite Pluto – 8.57
Moon enters Cancer – 10.49
Mars conjunct Neptune – 17.39
Moon square Sun – 19.16

Monday, 26th March
Moon trine Mercury – 0.24
Moon trine Uranus – 15.36

Tuesday, 27th March
Moon enters Leo – 18.04

Wednesday, 28th March
Moon trine Sun – 7.52
Moon square Venus -19.06

Thursday, 29th March
Moon conjunct Saturn – 5.55
Moon trine Jupiter – 8.06
Moon opposite Neptune -10.03
Moon opposite Mars – 16.45

Friday, 30th March
Moon trine Pluto – 2.24
Moon enters Virgo – 4.27

Saturday, 31st March
Moon opposite Mercury – 8.55
Venus sextile Uranus – 9.22
Moon opposite Uranus 12.42
Moon trine Venus – 13.03
Moon square Jupiter – 19.58
Pluto stations to turn retrograde – 23.45

Please note all times are for British Summer Time (one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time) – the clocks changed this weekend.

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