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Full Moon in Libra - Harmony and Balance

Ist - 7th April 2007

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Energetically, it hasn't felt right for me to write this column as I used to, for some time. I think there are several probable reasons for this, and don't need to endlessly analyze why, but need to trust now that this is right – for now. However, I would like to still share some of what is happening for me, and in the sky, and musings about astrology generally, so if you're interested, please read on!

I've asked George, my web-site designer, to move the column away from the front page, so that I can write in my blog what is unfolding for me, but will also write ideas, musings, etc. in the 'weekly column' from time to time. Astrology will always be with me, in one way or another, but at the moment the energy isn't there to write a detailed, analytical column on the celestial movements. It may return, if I feel 'prompted'. I'm open to going with the flow. The visual and imaginative is drawing me at the moment, as is working with the earth. I'll post all developments, and new 'services' in due course.

I feel there's something greater, broader going on now, even beyond astrology, and I want to tap into it, because I feel it's more heart than head based, and this is what I feel drawn to, this is what we as a human race need. It's sixth sensory, and it's a gateway to a balanced, joyful life.

One of the dangers with astrology, is that knowledge is sometimes used to make judgements, or decisions, instead of connecting to deeper internal processes. By looking at astrological transits, aspects, etc. we can lessen the trust in our own being (same with the tarot). There's a fine line between using astrology for guidance, and allowing it take over, to deflect from what your intuition may be telling you.

Intuition is connected to your centre, and needs to be encouraged, to be heard, rather than listening to heady, mental concepts that feed the 'monkey-mind', and aren't connected to the heart.

I'm also aware that when I write the column, I edit things out, otherwise, if I included all I might like to, you might fall asleep reading it!

What I'd like to mention this week is that what is important is that any transit (i.e. planet in a sign in the sky now) is likely to only have an affect on you if that planet is touching something in your own birth-chart, and even then it's impact is lessened unless the planet is connected to the transiting planet natally. It makes sense that if you have an energetic 'bond', or energy link between the two planets at birth, it's going to be affected by one of those transiting planets, with that principle, far more than if there's no connection.

So, to take Pluto in Sagittarius, which stationed to go retrograde almost as I write this, (31st March), this planet allegedly affects us on a collective level, and I would say, in these last couple of degrees conjuncting the Galactic Centre, it's main message for all of us, is to wake up to the state of planet earth, and start taking care of it before it really is too late.

It's the slowest moving planet of all, so in my view, it isn't a 'personal' planet in the way that say Venus is. A whole generation will have Pluto in the same sign. Unless it's strongly aspected to natal personal planets, it may not 'show' that much in a birth-chart. Transiting Pluto however does seem powerful when transiting or aspecting a natal planet, especially when these are connected in the birth-chart.

I write with some experience. Natally I have Moon conjunct Chiron in Sagittarius trine Pluto in Leo. Transiting Pluto has spent the last couple of years conjuncting my natal Moon (sparking the natal Moon/Pluto trine), and is now sitting (within a degree) on my Chiron, where it will hover until November 2008, when Pluto finally enters Capricorn to stay, until March 2023 (see what I mean about being slow moving?). (Pluto enters Capricorn in January 2008, but then retrogrades back into Sagittarius on 14th June 2008). Chiron symbolizes the wounded healer, and shows the place where we may have been wounded, often as a child, or maybe in a past life, and it also shows how, through that pain, how we learn to heal ourselves, and others.

It's certainly been a time of emotional pain for me at times, of being let down, and fooled too sometimes, but I have learned so much through it all, the main ones being how to feel love, be light-hearted, and how to love unconditionally. It isn't there constantly yet, but there are many moments, and it brings huge joy.

I want to work on those moments now, and for me, aside from the boundless love I feel for my friends and family, the connection to nature, and its power to heal is, and always will be, very strong. Nature lifts my spirits and feeds my soul; I love the feeling of connection to the earth, and the sky above.

By tuning into the Moon cycle (this is a good place to begin if you're just getting into astrology), the sense of connection with a larger universe grows.
Stand outside, if you can, on the Full Moon (Monday 2nd April – 18.15), and on the evenings preceding. Can you sense a change of energy? Go outside a week later, and note the changes. In a couple of weeks there'll be a New Moon. How does that feel? Note the beauty and the harmony and the constancy of the Moon's fluctuations. It affects the tides, our emotions, our dreams, our bodies. Keep a Moon diary, and, if you have your birth-chart, see what house the New or Full Moon is falling in, and see what comes up. It's a matter of staying 'open' rather than having any pre-conceived ideas.

If you would like a birth-chart printout (with meanings of the symbols but no interpretation), these are £10. Please email Similarly, if you'd like a birth-chart painting, please email me for details.

Astrology can be pro-active, and is much more empowering this way. Watch and note the cycles from your own centre, rather than reading some dire warning and getting stressed about it. There are those who blame all their mishaps and difficult circumstances on the planets, e.g. 'it was because Mercury was retrograde', 'Saturn is on my Sun', etc. I've done it sometimes, but I don't want to do it anymore. Note what's happening astrologically, but take responsibility for your own actions, and your own responses.

I've included all the apects for this week for those of you who are interested. This has been a bit of a ramble, but I wanted to keep you posted on where I'm at. Have a great week, and please email any thoughts, or suggestions. Bless you all.

Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Sunday, 1st April
Moon square Pluto – 14.38
Moon enters Libra – 16.43
Mercury conjunct Uranus – 19.29

Monday, 2nd April
Venus square Saturn – 8.01
Full Moon in Libra – 18.15 – 12 degrees 35 minutes

Tuesday, 3rd April
Moon trine Neptune – 12.00

Wednesday, 4th April
Moon trine Mars – 1.59
Moon enters Scorpio – 5.36
Mercury square Jupiter – 8.17
Venus square Neptune – 19.16

Thursday, 5th April
Mars sextile Pluto – 1.22
Moon trine Uranus – 14.43
Moon square Saturn – 18.37

Friday, 6th April
Moon square Neptune – 0.45
Jupiter goes retrograde – 2.25
Moon trine Mercury – 2.43
Moon opposite Venus 3.54
Mars enters Pisces – 9.49
Moon enters Sagittarius – 17.57
Moon square Mars – 18.30

Saturday, 7th April
Mercury sextile Venus – 17.10

All times shown are BST (British Summer Time).

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