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Forecast for 20th - 28th April 2007

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“Softening permits fullness within to flow out. Softening permits full entering of outside to inside.” From “The Tao of Relationships”, by Ray Grigg.

As the Sun moves into the fecund, abundant sign of Taurus, on Friday, 20th April, lush growth and fresh, green shoots are appearing with surprising speed. Taurus is a fixed, earth sign, not one really for rampant growth; however, nature has its own cycle, and now is not the time for stagnation. It isn't a time for standing still in life, but a time to explore, and discover new territory.

The New Moon on the 17th April was a positive one for inner transformation, and this scenario is now supported by Mercury, speeding through Aries, as it trines Saturn in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius on Saturday 21st April, and then trines Pluto in Sagittarius on Thursday, 26th April, creating a Grand Trine of harmonious fiery, mental energy as it does so. Ideas may crackle and sparkle like warm flames in a log fire; the links to Jupiter and Saturn suggest a balanced combination of expansion and realistic goals, the connection to Pluto an opportunity to change thought patterns.

If you habitually find you veer towards a negative way of thinking, now is the time to change that. Write out some positive affirmations, and repeat them often, until they become second nature, even if you don't quite believe them when you first write them. It still works, because as time goes on, your subconscious begins to accept them, ridding you of any negative 'messages' you may have been instilled with as a child. Try it and see what happens.

By Friday, 27thApril, Mercury has completed its inspiring journey through Aries, and enters Taurus, a fixed earth sign. Mental energy, and anything involving communication will feel calmer and slower, although it may be harder now to push forward as fast with new ideas, and to change others' minds.

Venus and Mars have been dancing an ever-changing and contrary jig during the last couple of weeks, and square each other exactly on Monday, 23rd April. Venus is in Gemini, and Mars is in Pisces, both extremely fluid, changeable signs; in this case, the challenge seems to be connected to balancing the intellect with emotion.

Relationships don't generally flow easily with this aspect (whether in a chart, or by transit), which isn't to say they can't be incredibly satisfying with a little work and compassion. Often there's a lack of balance between yin and yang , and once light has been shone on where input is needed (more assertion and bounce if it's yang, more softness and receptiveness if it's yin), harmony can increase.

As Venus 'rules' Taurus, the sign the Sun and Mercury are moving into this week, 'softening' seemed intuitively to symbolize the key to an easier time this week. As Venus and Mars are both in mutable signs (known for their flexibility and liking for change), moving and shifting in ways of relating will be easier now. Challenges should be discussed if possible (remember the vitality and harmony of the Mercury 'grand trine'), the aim being to be neither too head-based, nor too heart-based, but to combine both, reason and intuition.

The square from Venus to Uranus, on Friday, 27th will provide the impetus to throw off any emotional shackles, chains and ties that you have felt bound by, and the opposition from Venus to Jupiter on Saturday, 28th imbues the airwaves with a spirit of freedom, release and a time to let your hair down, and have a good time.

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Lunar-wise, we're in a waxing phase, building to a Full Moon on 2nd May. The Moon in Cancer, from Saturday 21st April (18.50), until Tuesday, 24th, will emphasize the nurturing, fertile nature of Taurus and Cancer. It's a time for home, family, the garden, good food and drink, and time to relax and look after yourself as well as others.

A sense of duty imbues Wednesday, 25th April, when the Leo Moon conjuncts Saturn. However, by the evening (GMT), the opposition from Neptune to the Moon will encourage daydreams and an escapist mood. Films, music and romantic interludes feed the spirit now.

Practical matters are emphasized by the Taurus Sun and Virgo Moon from Thursday morning until Saturday evening. Unpredictable sparks may fly on Friday, 27th, when the Moon opposes Mars and Uranus in the evening.

A sociable feel enters the scene on Saturday evening, as the Moon moves into Libra, increasing the desire to relate to others in harmony. Enjoy the week!

Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Friday, 20th April
Moon conjunct Venus – 8.27
Sun enters Taurus – 12.07

Saturday, 21st April
Mercury trine Saturn – 8.09
Moon opposite Pluto – 16.52
Moon enters Cancer – 18.50
Mercury trine Jupiter – 23.39

Monday, 23rd April
Venus square Mars – 6.30

Tuesday, 24th April
Moon enters Leo – 0.38

Wednesday, 25th April
Moon conjunct Saturn – 11.14
Moon trine Jupiter – 13.11
Moon opposite Neptune – 18.16

Thursday, 26th April
Moon enters Virgo – 10.24
Mercury trine Pluto – 18.06

Friday, 27th April
Venus square Uranus – 4.20
Mercury enters Taurus – 8.16
Moon opposite Mars – 19.12
Venus sextile Saturn – 21.07
Moon opposite Uranus – 21.18

Saturday, 28th April
Venus opposite Jupiter – 13.44
Moon enters Libra – 22.45

All times shown are British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of |Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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