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Liberation, and a Full Moon in Scorpio

Forecast for 29th April - 5th May 2007

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Liberation may be the goal this week, as Mars conjuncts Uranus on Sunday, 29th April, and squares Jupiter on Monday 30th. These aspects shout 'I want to do my own thing', and that 'thing' may be something unpredictable, surprising, different from the norm.

For me, the symbol for Mars/Uranus would be a lightning bolt, energy zapping in from the heavens and discharging into the earth. Sometimes it appears to be innocent, a fleeting flash of brilliance and light; sometimes it harms and destroys on its journey. This is untamed energy. Channelled in a positive way, it may lead to new ways of 'being', sparkling insights into how to increase energy levels, being assertive more productively; negatively, rebellious outbursts, accidents and destruction may occur.

The Mars/Jupiter square can signify clashes with others, especially those who hold different beliefs and philosophies, (interesting it's the council local elections in many parts of the UK this week).

Not wishing to preach myself, but try to be compassionate towards those who hold different views, and follow the Golden Rule ( treat others as you would like them to treat you). There's often a tendency for bombast or exaggeration, so although it's a fruitful time to explore possibilities for new projects, try not to get too carried away until some reality-checks on the feasibility of it all have been done.

Venus soothes aggravation away as she trines Neptune on Tuesday, 1st May. This is a day for love, art, music, and remembering universal love is something to strive for, that at the Source we are all connected.

The Moon enters the fixed water sign of Scorpio on Tuesday morning, and sets the mood for the next couple of days, including the Full Moon on Wednesday, 2nd May, and the fall-out aspects, Moon square Saturn and Neptune on Thursday, 3rd May.

This Full Moon could feel the 'heaviest' of the year, as it involves four planets in fixed signs, Sun and Mercury in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio, Saturn in Leo, and also the planet/asteroid Chiron in Aquarius. Neptune in Aquarius is also loosely involved through its ongoing opposition to Neptune. Energetically, it could feel 'weighty'; however, it could also be grounding, and give the 'push' to work through any long-standing problem or issue. Perseverance, passion and courage are associated with this combination. It may be a time to decide whether something or someone is worth fighting for, or not.

It may be only when the Sun has moved on to square Saturn exactly (9th May), and/or Neptune (13th May), and Mercury has squared these two also (5th May and 7th May respectively), that the answers materialize.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury on Thursday, 3rd May, in the aftermath of the Full Moon. Here there's a meeting of mind and heart in Taurus, a fixed earth sign. Communication is highlighted, ideas that will work in the real world are valued today. These are likely to be tested when Mercury squares Saturn and Neptune (see above for dates). Anything with shifty foundations could falter then.

There's a lighter feel (hooray) to Friday, 4th and Saturday, 5th May as the Moon has left intense Scorpio for the freer, warmer climes of Sagittarius. There is still the dampening effect of Mercury square Saturn around (an aspect which will see the glass as half empty rather than half full), but also a sextile from Mercury to Uranus. This will help to lift things considerably, and is also great for picking up on intuitive insights, and having bright ideas.

So, the week begins with the unpredictable nature of a get together with Mars and Uranus, and is then followed by a pretty intense Full Moon.

Keep your eyes on a distant horizon to see the bigger picture, and imagine you are on a horse of your choice, free to ride as fast and for as long as you like towards that horizon. (I dreamed I was on a flash motor-bike the night after I'd written this, so feel free to choose the vehicle of your choice!)

Picture any baggage the Full Moon reminds you of slowly dropping off from the horse as you ride, so that you are left with an always topped-up water bottle, some warm rugs and delicious food. Decide on the time of day. (This may symbolize whether you're completing something (sunset), or beginning something new (dawn).) Enjoy the journey!

Some of the planetary dances this week:-

Sunday, 29th April
Mars conjunct Uranus – 5.37

Monday, 30th April
Mars square Jupiter – 23.21

Tuesday, 1st May
Venus trine Neptune – 2.34
Moon enters Scorpio – 11.41

Wednesday, 2nd May
Moon opposite Mercury – 9.00
Full Moon in Scorpio – 11.09 – 11 degrees 38 minutes

Thursday, 3rd May
Moon square Saturn – 0.31
Sun conjunct Mercury – 5.05
Moon square Neptune – 7.42
Moon enters Sagittarius – 23.48

Saturday, 5th May
Moon square Uranus – 10.39
Moon trine Saturn – 11.52
Moon conjunct Jupiter – 12.04
Mercury sextile Uranus – 16.53
Moon square Mars – 19.58
Mercury square Saturn – 23.55

All times shown are British Summer Time (BST) which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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