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Forecast for 6th - 12th May 2007

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'Change' may mean change your attitude, perspective, alter the way you perceive yourself; or it may mean there will be change around you. Or both.

Life around you often reflects how you feel inside. If you're feeling light, then the sun seems to shine brighter; challenges seem exciting rather than overwhelming. If you're feeling gloomy, you sense the whole world is against you. The nature of feelings is that they fluctuate, moods change, so if your mood is negative, remember it will pass, unless you are determined to hang on to it (and why would you want to do that?)

Astrology reflects the cyclical nature of the universe, the ebb and flow of highs and lows in such things as diverse as economics, the stock market, relationships and fashion. This week there's a plethora of aspects, and a couple of planetary sign changes, so expect a ride which has many variations of speed, ease of passage, and changes of weather.

On Sunday 6th May, two planets with very different qualities trine each other. Jupiter is known for its ebullient, positive nature, Saturn more for its role as task-masker, and testing temperament. Jupiter loves to expand and explore; Saturn to contract, and prune back on anything deemed unnecessary. However, when there is a flow of harmonious energy between these two, as there is at the moment, the two being in fire signs (Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Leo), there is the potential for finding a positive balance between expansion and contraction, being expansive and reaching for the stars, yet looking at the practical aspects, and seeing if it can 'work' in the real world.

A Capricorn Moon (from 10.21 on Sunday), along with the Sun in Taurus, increases the propensity towards being business-like, practical and ambitious.

Although the above is suggesting harmony, and this underlies the tone of more personal planets, Monday sees a couple of hills to climb. Venus in Gemini has been approaching an opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius, and now becomes exact. For those born at the end of Gemini (around 20th June), or those with a planet on these two points, this may be a time of deep change connected to relationships, and/or finances.

Mercury squares Neptune too on Monday, 7th May. Confusion is likely in communications of all kinds, and deception is a possibility too, either deceiving yourself (wishful thinking, unrealistic fantasies, for example), or being led down the garden path by some-one else. The road may not be leading where you thought it was, and it may be necessary to try another route. Be as straight and as clear as you can with others, as coupled with the Venus/Pluto opposition, misunderstandings could occur, but also revelations of such a nature that a relationship can be sustained no longer. Power struggles and control issues are very much in the air. Keep your bulls**t detectors on full alert.

If you enjoy drama, then this is a day for it. Decide whether you'd like to be on the stage, or just watching in the audience!

There's a smoother road on Tuesday 8th, as Venus, planet of love and money, leaves the cool, air sign of Gemini, and enters the gentler, warmer waters of Cancer. Things may get a bit sentimental while Venus is here (until June 5th), and home, food, and loved ones that provide a feeling of comfort and ease get high priority.

It's always nurturing to notice things that give you a warm glow, and to make space to include them in your life. On the home front, reading Nigel Slater columns and recipes in the Sunday paper, and listening to 'Gardener's Question Time' on a lazy Sunday afternoon, rate high on my list, as does sitting in the garden with a glass of wine, with friends, watching the sun go down, the moon come up, and the stars come out to play.

The Sun sextiles Uranus on Tuesday too. This is an aspect of gentle opportunity for change, easily passed by, but there for the taking. Be aware of any intuitive 'flashes' today, as they may turn out to be providential at a later date.

On Wednesday 8th May a square from Saturn to the Sun symbolizes a challenge or blockage in the road, either personified by a Saturnine figure (think authority figures of all kinds, positive and negative). There may be some obstacle to overcome, or move around. Stay positive and stand up for your rights. This is also an aspect of 'pruning', so consider if there's anything you'd like to 'de-clutter' (a habit you'd rather not have, or those trousers you've never worn).

Mercury sextiles Mars, also on Wednesday, helping communication with others be assertive but not over-forceful. Lively exchanges may help to break through the any blocks that the Sun/Saturn square brings.

The Aquarian Moon is at odds with Saturn and Neptune on Thursday, a bi-monthly occurrence. I've noticed that I'm often asked to do more in the way of maternal 'duties' (lifts, money, general help,etc.) when the Moon is opposite Saturn, and then feel physically a bit drained by the time it opposes Neptune.

The Moon enters Pisces early on Friday, 11th, and is accompanied by Mercury, the winged-footed messenger skate-boarding into his home territory of Gemini, and Jupiter squaring Uranus. The latter often signifies a bid for escape, or a quest for more space and/or freedom(physical, psychological, philosophical, political).

Mercury in Gemini (until 29th May) speeds up communications, but makes them subject to change. Acceleration on the pedal is easy, but watch out for unexpected bends, and maybe venture down a previously unexplored route, especially if there's a sign that intrigues or sparks your interest. Gemini is the sign of being curious, and has an endless fascination for the new.

A Moon/Uranus conjunction in Pisces, on the morning of Saturday 12th May indicates unexpected happenings, changes of plan, and surprises. Go with the flow as much as possible, enjoy the disruption, and look out for the beautiful view unfolding before you.

Some of the planetary happenings this week-

Sunday, 6th May
Moon opposite Venus – 5.50
Moon conjunct Pluto – 7.46
Jupiter trine Saturn – 8.11
Moon enters Capricorn – 10.21

Monday, 7th May
Venus opposite Pluto – 3.05
Mercury square Neptune – 15.28
Moon trine Sun – 18.12

Tuesday, 8th May
Venus enters Cancer – 8.28
Moon enters Aquarius – 18.48
Sun sextile Uranus – 21.25

Wednesday, 9th May
Mercury sextile Mars – 1.39
Sun square Saturn – 13.05

Thursday, 10th May
Moon opposite Saturn – 4.19
Moon conjunct Neptune – 10.27

Friday, 11th May
Moon enters Pisces – 0.32
Jupiter square Uranus – 4.32
Mercury enters Gemini – 10.17

Saturday, 12th May

Moon conjunct Uranus – 7.18

All times shown are British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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