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New Moon in Taurus - Questioning Reality

Forecast for 13th - 19th May 2007

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On its own, a New Moon in Taurus would symbolize a new cycle of stability, fertility and growth . The joining together of the Sun and Moon in the fixed earth sign of Taurus is generally one which would see growth from any seeds planted, and with careful nurturing, something beautiful, and possibly edible too would come to fruition.

However, this New Moon, on Wednesday, 16th May (20.27 BST), is squared by Neptune in Aquarius, and is also loosely squared by Saturn in Leo, and this suggests that any seeds planted could go through quite a challenging time before growth is assured. The Neptune square is the strongest aspect, Neptune being the planet of nebulousness, other-worldliness, deception and/or illusion. Reality may be hard to define, and the quest for clarity illusive.

There may be more going on than meets the eye. Neptune's domain isn't mundane, but one of mystery, so there are different levels of reality involved here. The unfolding of aspects connected with the New Moon begins on Sunday, 13th May, when the Sun squares Neptune. There's a sense of the ego being dismantled with this aspect, but more openness to the unknown, to the spiritual aspect of life; also more gullibility to people who aren't what they seem on the surface, who may have a hidden agenda, or be showing different faces depending on their audience.

Mars squares Pluto also on Sunday 13th. This is never an easy connection, as it involves two planets who enjoy power and control and generally throwing their weight around; they also have an abundant supply of energy. When they are in tense aspect to each other, it feels intense because there's so much energy involved here. The challenge is to use it productively in something that may require much effort, probably physical, so that the negative compulsive, forceful side is channeled into something positive. Mars isn't functioning at his best in Pisces, and will be much happier when he moves into his home sign of Aries, on Tuesday, 16th May. Once here, the quest for positive assertion will flow enthusiastically, energetically, and in a much more straightforward fashion.

Prior to the New Moon, on Monday 14th May, there's a fiery Grand Trine between the Aries Moon, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Leo. It's a progressive day, one of having realistic aspirations, accompanied by feelings of optimism and faith. There's a great flow of warm energy between these three today.

A Taurean Moon steadies the current early on Tuesday 15th May, and sets the tone for the New Moon on Wednesday. Watch your feelings on Wednesday, as the Moon squares Saturn and then Neptune, before the Sun and Moon conjunct in the evening. You may feel limited, frustrated, confused, slightly off-balance. Observe your feelings rather than be absorbed by them, and see if they are trying to tell you something. Despite the Neptune square this is a new cycle, so make some flexible plans, and check them out in a few days' time, when the Moon has waxed a little, and clarity and light have increased.

Flexibility is key here, as Neptune dislikes boundaries, so anything that is fluid and adaptable has a greater chance of success. This can apply to relationships, projects, or maybe the next step for spiritual, mental or emotional growth.

Thursday 17th and Friday 18th are days for communication, ideas and movement. The Moon enters airy, mutable Gemini on Thursday, and then conjuncts Mercury, planet of communication on Friday, 18th. Words can be plentiful and informative; new ideas can sparkle.

As the Moon enters the sensitive water sign of Cancer on Saturday, home and family matters may take precedence. Aim to keep your cool when the Moon squares Mars (9.26), and indulge in some tlc for yourself as well as others.

Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Sunday, 13th May
Moon enters Aries – 3.19
Sun square Neptune – 3.56
Mars square Pluto – 16.15

Monday, 14th May
Moon trine Jupiter – 8.00
Moon trine Saturn – 9.42

Tuesday, 15th May
Moon trine Pluto – 1.24
Moon enters Taurus – 3.48
Mars enters Aries – 15.06

Wednesday, 16th May
Moon square Saturn – 9.39
Moon square Neptune – 14.49
New Moon in Taurus – 20.27 – 25 degrees 33 minutes

Thursday, 17th May
Moon enters Gemini – 3.34

Friday, 18th May
Moon conjunct Mercury – 0.31
Moon opposite Jupiter – 7.23
Moon square Uranus – 8.59

Saturday, 19th May
Moon opposite Pluto – 1.57
Moon enters Cancer – 4.38
Moon square Mars 9.26

NB All times shown are British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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