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Travels with Hermes

Forecast for 20th - 26th May 2007

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It's the turn of the mischievous planet, Mercury, known by the Greeks as Hermes, the winged-footed messenger of the gods, to take centre stage this week. Mercury is known as the ruler of the signs Gemini and Virgo, and is skate-boarding through Gemini now; communications of all kinds are imbued with the light, airy nature of this sign. Gemini is endlessly curious, drinks in facts, makes connections, between ideas, people, places, but doesn't usually unify them (that's the domain of Libra), as it's more concerned with moving on, to the next idea, person, location.

Mercury makes no less than four connections with other planets this week, which will subtly alters the flow of mental energy around.

On Sunday 20th, soon after a beautiful conjunction between the Moon and Venus in Cancer, which highlights love, creativity, and the tribe, whether it's your own relatives, or friends who feel like family, Mercury opposes Jupiter.

This isn't a difficult opposition, but may be one where you feel pulled in two different directions, either mentally, physically and/or philosophically. It could be time to re-assess a project involving learning of some kind (education, and learning generally is a Gemini interest, and we're now in the exam season for many students), and working out strategies for time and stress management.

The square from Uranus, planet of the unexpected and the innovative, to Mercury, on Monday, 21st, could throw a temporary spanner in the works, connected to travel, speech, plans. Dreams could be disruptive or illuminating, and it could be a restless night for some, as this aspect occurs just after midnight in the UK. Be prepared for a change of plan, or unexpected road works early on Monday morning.

All blips should pass by late morning (BST), as Mercury then sextiles Saturn, balancing any unsettling elements with some practical common-sense. Around this time too, the Sun enters Gemini, the Moon moves into Leo. These two sextile each other, suggesting a harmonious flow of energy in the airwaves.

For the next few weeks, Geminis will be busy and productive, even more talkative and on the move than usual. Make the most of the supportive aspects around, from Mars in Aries (extra energy), and Saturn in Leo (more practicality) sextiling your sign, try not to be carried away by the opposition from Jupiter in Sagittarius, which will encourage 'over-the top' ness, grandiose ideas, and possible over-estimation of what is possible. This can be a positive aspect too, as it's an optimistic and expansive one, with opportunities for travel and exploration.

On Wednesday 23rd, Mercury trines Neptune, an interesting phenomenon as it's combining the intellect with the imagination, reason with intuition, enabling insights to sparkle, and meaningful communication to touch many others. It's a good day, if possible, to take time out from mundane activities, if only for half an hour or so, and to tap into another level of consciousness. Lose (find) yourself in nature, a good book, write your thoughts, a poem, paint that picture, photograph that beautiful view. Meditate. Empty your mind of all the chatter, and listen to any messages that enter the space.

A Virgo Moon (17.26)changes the vibe, adding more mercurial tendencies, challenging the Gemini Sun with maybe an overload of analytical verbiage. It could be time to switch 'channels' , and tune into Venus, which makes a beautiful trine to Uranus, on Friday 25th May.

Although Neptune turns retrograde today, meaning your dreams and spiritual aspirations may be questioned and re-valued over the next few months (until Hallowe'en, 31st October), and the Moon opposes Uranus too, which can mean upsets and changes, often of a domestic kind, the trine from Venus to Uranus will shine throughout the day. It's influence has been around all this week, but it reaches exactness today

It's an aspect of being open to and making creative changes connected to love, creative pursuits and money. It's a green light for approaching relationships in a different way, giving some-one new a chance, especially if there's a spark between you, trying out a new palette or perspective in art, discovering a new way of making some extra cash.

The harmonious feel continues for most of Saturday 26th May, as the Moon shimmies into the sociable and accommodating sign of Libra, and then trines the Gemini Sun, enhancing the inclination towards companionship and connection. Watch out for the opposition from Mars in Aries to the Libra Moon late in the evening (22.38BST), when there'll be an air of combativeness and disturbance.

Enjoy all journeys with Hermes this week, whether they be armchair ones, or ones that are a little more active.

Some of the cosmic connections this week:-

Sunday, 20th May
Moon conjunct Venus – 2.30
Mercury opposite Jupiter – 6.30
Moon trine Uranus – 11.56

Monday, 21st May
Mercury square Uranus – 0.26
Moon sextile Sun – 8.46
Moon enters Leo – 8.57
Sun enters Gemini – 11.12
Mercury sextile Saturn – 11.48

Tuesday, 22nd May
Moon trine Jupiter – 15.52
Moon conjunct Saturn – 20.26

Wednesday, 23rd May
Moon opposite Neptune – 2.02
Mercury trine Neptune – 8.47
Moon enters Virgo - 17.26
Moon square Sun – 22.03

Thursday, 24th May
No major aspects

Friday, 25th May
Neptune stationary going retrograde – 2.08
Moon opposite Uranus – 5.45
Venus trine Uranus – 7.41

Saturday, 26th May
Moon enters Libra – 5.16
Moon trine Sun – 15.22
Moon opposite Mars – 22.38

NB All times shown are for British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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