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Full Moon in Sagittarius - Travel with Joy

Forecast for 27th May - 2nd June 2007

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Last week, Mercury made several pertinent connections with other planets, and for its finale, before its final curtain call as it leaves Gemini, it opposes Pluto, on Sunday, 27th May. This could be a day when explosive, intense outbursts permeate the airwaves. There's a need to air grievances and to speak frankly, particularly if you feel you haven't had full control, or have been in a position that feels unfair.

If you come from a place of wanting the best for all parties, then it could lead to you eventually being in a better position. If you have been holding something in, letting it out now could bring relief, because you have now revealed your true feelings, and this will instigate a change in the situation.

There's a harmonious link between the Moon and Mercury, a helpful fusion of heart and mind, on Monday 28th May, enabling you to have a better 'handle' on what may have happened at the time of the Mercury/Pluto opposition.

A Scorpio Moon adds intensity and passion from 18.11 (BST) on Monday 28th, until Thursday, 31st May (6.07am BST), when it glides into Sagittarius, a sign of restless optimism, and an ever-questing nature.

On Tuesday 29 th, Mercury leaves Gemini, one of its 'home' signs, and moves into the sensitive, emotional waters of Cancer. It's spending more than the usual amount of time in this sign, because it will turn retrograde on 16th June, until July 10th when it then travel forwards, moving into Leo on August 4th 2007. To give you an idea of its normal speed, Mercury has moved through the last three signs in around 14 – 17 days each.

It's the early part of Cancer that Mercury focuses on for a while, and anyone born in the last week of June, or first few days of July, or who has natal Mercury there, may find there are many changes of direction, especially mentally: U-turns and dead-ends in some cases, alternative routes that turn out to be fortuitous in others. It may feel like you're going round in circles, but trust that each circuit is bringing you closer to your goal.

More about Mercury retrograde when the time comes. For now, as Mercury shifts from the airy, mutable climes of Gemini, to the emotionally fluctuating, watery sign of Cancer, it's time to acclimatize to a softer, gentler way of communication, when, like the crab, a sideways move may get you to where you want to be faster, and when emotional and/or domestic and tribal matters are likely to be concerns.

Over the last week or two there's been a potent cosmic encouragement to travel, whether it's physically, mentally, or both, and the Full Moon on Friday, 1st June repeats the message, but gives a gentle nudge to do it with joy, with faith and optimism.

The Moon conjuncts Jupiter, which is in its own sign of Sagittarius for this year (until 18th December), imbuing this Full Moon with a healthy philosophical outlook that all (whatever that may be) will be well. This Moon loves freedom, to explore unknown territory of a spiritual nature also, and to pass on any acquired wisdom to others. It's expansive, and has the energy (helped by Mars, which trines the Moon/Jupiter, and sextiles the Sun) to move forward fearlessly. Also humorous, this Moon will always see the funny side, although it may come up against someone who doesn't.

A square from Uranus to the Full Moon suggests that any feelings of confinement will lead to rebellion and a desire to break away from restrictions; also there's an element of surprise involved. Expect the unexpected . This is a mutable, fluid interchange; anything could happen.

Saturn has a loose connection with Jupiter, the Moon, and Uranus. It adds a stabilizing influence, and also one that seeks adjustment, between the old and the new, the innovative and the traditional.

This is a full Full Moon indeed, with so many aspects involved, most of them positive. Change is a key element, especially for those born around this time.

Happy Birthday to Sam, my son, who has been on this planet for 17 years this time around, although he's an 'old soul' with much wisdom, grace, kindness and humour (not to mention his musical gifts and fashion-sense) . Bless him 1008 times and more, and may this amazing Full Moon light up his year ahead, and anyone else born on 1st June (to hear Sam visit: felttips, or for something electric

For all of us, make the most of this time. Go with the flow, be open to new opportunities, and expect the best. Travel joyfully.

Buddha wrote: “On the long journey of human life, faith is the best of companions; it is the best refreshment on the journey; and it is the greatest possession.” (This uplifting message arrived recently, in a box of aromatherapy oils – thought you might like it.)

Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Sunday, 27th May
Mercury opposite Pluto – 16.13

Monday, 28th May
Moon square Venus – 0.14
Moon trine Neptune – 2.02
Moon trine Mercury – 17.17
Moon enters Scorpio – 18.11

Tuesday, 29th May
Mercury enters Cancer – 1.56

Wednesday, 30th May
Moon trine Uranus – 7.15
Moon square Saturn – 9.28
Moon square Neptune – 14.21
Moon trine Venus – 18.11

Thursday, 31st May
Moon enters Sagittarius – 6.07

Friday, 1st June - Happy Birthday Sam!
Full Moon – Sun opposite Moon – 2.04 – 10 degrees 12 minutes
Moon trine Mars – 6.38
Moon conjunct Jupiter – 12.19
Moon square Uranus – 18.08
Moon trine Saturn – 20.31

Saturday, 2nd June
Moon conjunct Pluto – 12.29
Moon enters Capricorn – 16.09

NB All times shown are British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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