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Forecast for 3rd - 9th June 2007

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Adjustment could be a key word on Sunday, 3rd June, as Venus inconjuncts Pluto, particularly adjusting something involving emotional and/or financial matters. Something needs tweaking here; it could be large or small, depending on the circumstances.

The upcoming solar aspects this week will heighten any situation where you've become restricted or bound. It could be mental, emotional or physical, but once looked at with expanded awareness and a shift of perspective, can lead to a lightening of the spirit, and lifting and spreading of wings, ready for take-off.

There's plenty of enthusiasm around for creative projects on Monday, 4th June, as fiery Mars in Aries trines Jupiter in Sagittarius. The harmonious energy between these two encourages expansion, courage, and the urge to push forward and make progress. Listen to your spirit, and follow any urges that will expand the creative aspects of your life.

This is a week when feeling bound, or weighed down, is less tolerated than usual, and could lead to breaking away, or letting go, of some kind. The Sun opposes Jupiter on Wednesday, 6th June, and squares Uranus, on Saturday, 9th June. Philosophical, religious, or political issues could be debated, tussled over, or it could come up as a more personal issue.

If you've been unhappy in a relationship, especially if you have allowed your spirit to be restricted in some way, these aspects could be the springboard to release you from an unhappy situation. It takes courage to admit the situation is of your own making, but it's the first step to realize you are in control to change the scenario.

Freedom is important to both Jupiter and Uranus. Jupiter likes to feel it can explore and grow, spiritually, physically and mentally. Uranus enjoys change, the innovative, the quirky, the unconventional. Neither are comfortable with feeling restricted, as this stunts their growth and creativity. The challenging aspects from these two to the Sun this week suggests there's the energy, and the necessity to make changes, and that this will lead to a new landscape with a different view. Doing this may not be easy, because the Gemini Sun will rationalize and intellectualize the issue, and may put a dampener on the possibly rebellious, wacky and over-the-top ideas of Jupiter and Uranus.

The new vista will have an extensive horizon, offering a different view. It may include a novel perspective, one which affords many interesting and exciting possibilities. If the vista symbolizes you, you will feel free, refreshed, renewed, aware of previously unclaimed talents and attributes, and unencumbered from the past. It just takes a change of mind.

If you can rise to the challenge of dealing with any situation, or attitude that has held you back, this week could offer the chance to make some changes that will enable you to take some positive steps forward, in a good direction.

As Venus, planet of love and money, moves into Leo, on Tuesday, 5th June, it heralds a change of vibe on the emotional level. Leo is a fixed, fire sign, that enjoys being warm and generous, is interested in the creative and the dramatic, and also in receiving recognition and applause. Venus isn't shy here, unlike the previous sensitive water sign Cancer; it's showy and colourful, likes to paint the emotional, financial and creative landscape with broad brush-strokes, and tends to gloss over any nit-picking details that may spoil the show, whether it's the drama and complexity of a personal relationship, a business scheme, or something of a creative nature.

The Moon is now in waning phase, after the Full Moon in Sagittarius on 1st June. A practical Capricorn Moon shines on the beginning of the week, opposing Mercury, and squaring Mars on Sunday,3rd. Diplomacy may not be easy on Sunday, and there's a push/pull feeling on Monday, 4th June, when the Moon opposes Venus. It may not be easy to get your own needs satisfied today, although make a note of what these are, so you can indulge them at a more opportune time.

On Tuesday, 5th June, the lunar orbs slides into to the cool, detached air sign of Aquarius. This imbues the next couple of days with a light feel, as it's in harmony with the Gemini Sun, another air sign, exact on Wednesday, 6th June. Duties and dreams may be at odds with one another as the Moon opposes Saturn, and conjuncts Neptune, on Wednesday also.

Dreams, the imagination and the mystic hold sway on Thursday, 7th June, as the Moon sashays into the mutable water sign Pisces, and then trines Mercury in Cancer.

Friday 8th has a very different feel, with much mutability, and challenges between the airy Gemini Sun and the emotional watery Pisces Moon. There could be a clash between those of a hard-headed nature, and those of a softer inclination. People could be hard to pin down. Change and unpredictability permeate the airwaves. Observe what's happening rather than be involved, as much as you can.

There's an interesting mix of the intense, the loving, and the obtuse on Saturday, 9th June. The Pisces Moon squares Pluto early in the day, which tends to bring up resentments that have been brewing. This can be positive in that any argument can clear the air. It can also be used positively to de-clutter, physically, mentally or emotionally.

The Moon then moves into Aries, a sign of action and enthusiasm, and then trines Venus in Leo. This is a social, warm and loving combination, so find a good companion or two, and have some fun. The Sun squares Uranus also on Saturday (see above for details), throwing the unexpected into the mix, and livening up the proceedings. It won't be dull!

Some of the cosmic connections this week:-

Sunday, 3rd June
Moon opposite Mercury – 2.27
Venus inconjunct Pluto – 19.23
Moon square Mars – 19.24

Monday, 4th June
Mars trine Jupiter – 15.58
Moon opposite Venus – 22.43

Tuesday, 5th June
Moon enters Aquarius- 0.15
Venus enters Leo – 18.59

Wednesday, 6th June
Sun opposite Jupiter – 0.13
Moon trine Sun – 3.40
Moon opposite Saturn – 12.43
Moon conjunct Neptune – 16.09

Thursday,7th June
Moon enters Pisces- 6.24
Moon trine Mercury – 22.28

Friday, 8th June
Moon square Jupiter – 8.01
Moon square Sun – 12.43
Moon conjunct Uranus – 14.55

Saturday, 9th June
Moon square Pluto – 6.52
Moon enters Aries 10.26
Moon trine Venus – 16.51
Sun square Uranus – 21.08

N.B. All times shown are British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
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