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New Moon in Gemini - Travel Lightly

Forecast for 10th - 16th June 2007

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This is a busy week astrologically, with Mars, planet of action, assertion, energy and courage, playing an active part in the first half. Neptune, planet of boundlessness, compassion, illusion and mysticism, also weaves its energy into the mix, making this a week when dreams and reality can combine into something good for everyone. A New Moon, on Friday 15th June changes the mood to something different, followed by a change of pace, as Mercury turns retrograde at 0.40 BST, on Saturday 16th June.

As the Moon traverses Aries, on Sunday, 10th June, she makes six aspects to other planets (see below). Feelings of positivity and enthusiasm abound, and with the Moon conjunct Mars in Aries, there is much exuberant energy around to get things done. The negative side, if there is one, is that a woman could be too forceful, but a little good-humoured banter should help to calm her down.

The overall tone of the first half of the week suggests a potent and positive time for making progress, not in a hugely dramatic way, but in small steps, that are steady and connected to something that will last. The Sun sextiles Mars and Saturn on Monday 11th, and the Moon leaves Aries for the steadier, more earthy climes of Taurus. There is a steady flow of energy here, between spirit (Sun), the desire to do something (Mars), and realistic appraisal of limits involved (Saturn). It's a good time to do things that make you feel 'sorted', maybe clearing a backlog of paperwork, taking action to improve physically, or looking at life more realistically, working out a strategy that increases the feeling of being in control of how you'd like life to be. It's all in your hands.

The Mars/Saturn trine, also on Monday 11th, may not be the most exciting aspect, but it symbolizes steadfastness, and persevering with a difficult task. However, Saturn is also the planet of 'pruning', so if there is something you feel is really hampering your growth, it may be time to remove it from your life.

Neptune's day is Wednesday, 13th June, when the Sun trines Neptune, and Mars sextiles Neptune. The yang energy of the Sun and Mars combines with the subtle energy of Neptune, which increases the awareness of the Sun and Mars of the transcendental and unseen elements of life. Although the need to be active and 'doing' is strong, so is the need to just 'be', to reflect on what is really important.

There's a desire to do things which help humanity as a whole, to explore the healing side of life, rather than pursuing purely personal interests with no thought for others.

The Sun/Neptune, and Mars/Neptune are also excellent for creative projects. Being receptive to other channels than the 'norm' can lead to moments of magic, when innovative, imaginative ideas can take a material form, maybe a piece of music or art, full of colour, harmony and vitality, that will touch others.

Bear in mind that with most aspects, there's usually a time before the aspect is exact when the energies involved can be felt, especially if it involves one or two of the slower-moving planets. So, although I tend to write about the time when an aspect is 'exact', for practical reasons, the energy is around for longer. Rather than a planet hitting the spot for a minute, it's more like a wave, building to a crescendo, and then gradually flowing on. Everything is cyclical, the planets make these dances of waves with each other, creating harmony and dissonance, and as they do, these waves are sensed by us here on earth. As above, so below.

The Moon moves into communicative Gemini on Wednesday 11th, setting the lunar scene for the New Moon on Friday 15th. It's a many faceted New Moon, and like a suspended, beautifully cut crystal, catches the light as it turns in the breeze. The symbolic coloured rays in this case are Mars, then Neptune, then Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, making for a complex and potentially very eventful time.

A New Moon symbolizes the time to make a new beginning of some kind, and being in Gemini, this one is linked to communications of all kinds, writing, speaking, teaching, learning, passing on and sharing information. Gemini tends to favour facts, and leaps happily from one thing to the next. Think in terms of news items, weekly magazines rather than a lengthy tome, essential facts rather than abstract theories and philosophies (the last two being Sagittarius' domain).

It's a great time to learn something new, but having written that, it's worth bearing in mind that the following day, Saturday, 16th June, Mercury, the ruler of Gemini (and Virgo) turns retrograde, until July 10th.
This means the planet appears to start moving backwards (although it isn't), and the accompanying symbolic meaning to this is that communications often don't move in a metaphorical straight line, but in curvy ones, spirals, squiggly ones, messy ones, or ones that go backwards.

So it may be you decide to start something on the New Moon, only to find yourself reconsidering it the following few weeks. That's ok. It's fine to re-assess, re-evaluate and review, and the outcome is often much better than if the straight line were followed, from A to B, without any meandering.

Meandering to me is one of the great pleasures of life, whether it's physical or mental, so I'd say enjoy all the twists and turns the next few weeks may bring. My grandparents loved to explore unknown country lanes, in Yorkshire and Derbyshire, and when I was with them, and the family, it was always a hoot to get lost. The only downside was (and I'm going back decades here) sometimes we had to get out and push the car, if the hill was steep, as the engine couldn't cope with all of us.

I've inherited their love of exploring unknown territory, physical and mental, and can recommend Somerset for getting physically lost. Once the main roads have been left behind, it's easy to set off following a signpost, then to find t-junctions and crossroads with no signposts, and the only thing to do is to follow your intuition. I love the fact that in the 21st century there are still lanes likes this, where it isn't all labelled and marked.

The thing to remember at these times is you always come out somewhere eventually, even if it's not where you thought it might be. The next sign is there, but sometimes not apparent immediately (as in all things), and a bit of meandering provides some peaceful, reflective time to have a pause, and enjoy the space of being 'nowhere'.

Travel lightly, and savour the unexpected treats life may have in store on the way.

Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Sunday, 10th June
Moon square Mercury – 3.49
Moon trine Jupiter – 10.35
Moon sextile Sun -19.09
Moon conjunct Mars – 19.24
Moon trine Saturn – 20.42
Moon sextile Neptune – 23.14

Monday, 11th June
Moon trine Pluto – 8.57
Sun sextile Mars – 11.27
Moon enters Taurus – 12.29
Sun sextile Saturn – 20.40
Moon square Venus – 22.08
Mars trine Saturn – 23.43

Tuesday, 12th June
Moon square Saturn – 22.06

Wednesday, 13th June
Moon square Neptune – 0.17
Sun trine Neptune – 8.30
Moon enters Gemini – 13.24
Mars sextile Neptune – 21.35

Thursday, 14th June
Moon opposite Jupiter -11.59
Moon square Uranus – 19.55

Friday, 15th June
Moon trine Neptune – 1.18
Moon sextile Mars – 2.49
New Moon in Gemini – 4.13 – 23 degrees 41 minutes
Moon opposite Pluto – 10.59
Moon enters Cancer – 14.45

Saturday, 16th June
Mercury turns retrograde – 0.40
Moon conjunct Mercury – 10.21
Moon trine Uranus – 22.32

N.B. All times shown are for British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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