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Summer Solstice - Gateway to the Next Phase

Forecast for 17th - 23rd June 2007

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As the longest day in the northern hemisphere approaches, on Thursday, 21st June (19.06 BST), there's a sense of moving from one phase to another, and in the midst of that shift, it's good to take a breathing space, to simply be. Forget about becoming this, that or the other, and enjoy who you are at this moment in time. Simply be, breathing easily and noting all that is around you.

Take time to watch the clouds, listen to the birds sing, drink in the colour of the flowers, and the general lushness of nature. It's in these moments that the inner voice gets a chance to be heard, and provides you with the answers that you have been seeking.

'Solstice' means the 'Sun standing still', which it appears to do (in fact it's the earth doing the moving), and symbolizes a pause between the abundant growth of spring, and the harvest of autumn. Between the two is a time to take stock, and then decide which areas to focus on so these have a chance of bearing fruit. With renewed intention and clarity, success is beckoning.

It's interesting to note any internal changes you feel as the solstice occurs. From this point the light slowly but surely is diminishing, until the winter solstice. Remember it's only lessening in the outer, physical world, but can remain just as bright in your inner landscape.

As the Sun moves through the signs annually, it touches different areas of your birth-chart, shining more light on them for around a month. For example, because my Ascendant (or rising sign as it's sometimes called) is in the last degree of Cancer, the solstice takes place in my 12th house, which is the house of sanctuary, retreat, the unconscious. It's a naturally reflective time, followed by a feeling of renewal once the Sun crosses my Ascendant, around 22nd July. That's the time I feel like beginning a new cycle on some level. It's like coming out into the sun, being open to more creativity, fun and playfulness.

Preceding the Sun's entrance into Cancer, while in the last degrees of Gemini, it opposes Pluto, on Tuesday 19th June. Mars, the planet of action and assertion, trines Pluto on 21st June. These two aspects are a potent pair for transformation. An old way of being is challenged at the time of the Sun/Pluto opposition. The challenge could come in the guise of a control freak, or some-one in a position of power, or in the form of a trying circumstance. Something needs to end, so that the new can begin. It's a time of letting go, of a controlling relationship, or a life-situation that diminishes the spirit. Trust that something better will take its place, once your sights are set higher.

The Mars/Pluto trine imbues the day of the solstice with an injection of intense, fiery power, so although it is a time of 'pause' on one level, it's also a time of awareness of an exciting, pervasive energy, which is root chakra based.

The physical body, survival needs, looking at how you manage your time and energy are all areas under the spotlight so you can re-assess and make some positive changes.

Dancing around the Sun/Pluto opposition on Tuesday, 19th is light-hearted, playful Venus in Leo trining Jupiter in Sagittarius. This aspect lifts any pervading brooding intensity provided by the Sun/Pluto/Mars combination, and reminds us that it's love that counts, and lasts through any adversity. When Venus and Jupiter get together in a harmonious way, as they do here, it's time for laughter, fun, happiness, and good times. Indulge yourself in whatever makes you happy, and lifts your spirit.

Celebrate the solstice as a portal of consciousness, using the pause to guide you from the past to the future. Witness the present as a gift, and enjoy all the blessings on offer. Give thanks for what you have, and then look forward to the next phase.

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Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Sunday, 17th June
Moon square Mars – 8.39
Moon enters Leo – 18.25

Monday, 18th June
Moon conjunct Venus – 16.06
Moon trine Jupiter – 18.29

Tuesday, 19th June
Sun opposite Pluto – 7.49
Moon conjunct Saturn – 9.03
Moon opposite Neptune – 10.22
Moon trine Pluto – 21.14
Moon sextile Sun – 22.22
Venus trine Jupiter – 23.48

Wednesday, 20th June
Moon enters Virgo – 1.46
Moon sextile Mercury – 22.30

Thursday, 21st June
Moon square Jupiter – 3.00
Moon opposite Uranus – 14.09
Mars trine Pluto – 14.36
Summer solstice – Sun enters Cancer – 19.06

Friday, 22nd June
Moon square Pluto – 7.50
Moon enters Libra – 12.43
Moon square Sun – 14.15

Saturday, 23rd June
Moon square Mercury – 8.22
Moon sextile Jupiter – 13.27
Uranus turns retrograde – 15.42
Moon sextile Venus – 22.00

N.B. All times are British Summer Time (BST) which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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