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Celestial Peace and Quiet (Relatively)

Forecast for 1st - 7th July 2007

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Apart from a couple of planetary happenings on Sunday, 1st July, and the ongoing lunar activity, this week is unusually, celestially peaceful.

Venus conjuncts Saturn on Sunday, an aspect I wrote about in last week's column, as it was very much connected to the Venus/Neptune opposition that took place on Saturday, 30th June. Also on Sunday, Mercury sextiles Mars, a harmonious aspect between the planet of communication and the planet of assertion. Debate is likely to be lively today; if there's something you've been wanting to get off your chest, this may be the time to do it, although bear in mind the Venus/Saturn conjunction may bring feelings of sadness once you've made your point. It may be a case of 'needs must', having to say something that may be provocative, but nonetheless needs to be said in order to clarify something, or move a situation (particularly a relationship) on.

The Moon moves from Capricorn to Aquarius on Monday morning, 2nd July, at 6.24 am (BST). With the absence of other exact planetary aspects, apart from those the Moon is making, this is a great week to 'tune in' to the different feelings the lunar orb evokes, as she moves through the signs.
With the Moon moving through Aquarius, emotional responses may be cool, rational, friendly but detached. Anything to do with social concerns and humanitarian ideals features well. Group activities are favoured more than one-to-ones; the latter is more Libra's domain. The focus is on friends, society, and improving life for everyone; it's time to look outwards and connect collectively, rather than looking inwards, contemplating one's navel.
Aquarius can be erratic, eccentric and a bit wild, so follow any hunches, and break with routine if you get the chance. Do, or wear something different that expresses your unique individuality.

Stubbornness and argumentativeness could infuse the airwaves as the Moon squares Mars later on the 2nd July; it may be the time to consider how strong your feelings are about something, whether it's worth taking a stand.

On Tuesday 3rd July, the Aquarius Moon conjuncts Neptune, and opposes Saturn. These aspects reinforce any conclusions that occurred around the Saturn/Neptune opposition last week. It's that challenge of trying to assess how much of your dreams are practical enough to come to pass in the reality you're living in now, and searching for new ways of making them come true. Read 'Barefoot Doctor's inspirational but practical book 'Manifesto' for learning the steps to manifesting your dreams. It could also be a time when your 'sleep' dreams are helpful in showing you the next steps to take.

After an opposition between the Moon and Venus in Leo, symbolizing see-saw feelings between the domestic and the romantic, or trying to work out what you really want emotionally, the Moon moves into Pisces, on Wednesday, 4th July, at 11.52am (BST). Pisces, a highly sensitive mutable water sign, works well in combination with the Cancerian Sun, also a water sign. See if you can connect to the fluidity of the vibe for the next couple of days. (N.B. The floods in England hadn't happened when I wrote this, and I'm praying this isn't a sign there's more to come).
Be soft and creative, compassionate towards others but also towards yourself. Go to the theatre, art gallery, concert, somewhere that inspires and takes you to another level. It's good for the soul.

Thursday, 5th July is generally a harmonious day, with the trine between the Sun and the Moon infusing the atmosphere with a pleasant air. Surprises, or a change of plan may occur in the evening (20.22 BST), as the Moon conjuncts Uranus. Go with the flow.

There could be a bit of confrontation as the Moon squares Pluto on Friday, 6th July, swiftly followed by a change of pace, as the Moon moves into fiery Aries for most of the weekend. Feelings are expressed directly, assertively and possibly tactlessly when the Moon is here. It could feel like more energy is available, so use the squares from the Moon to Mercury (Friday 20.55 BST), and the Sun (Saturday 17.54 BST), to channel any frustration into doing, or saying something you feel passionate about. Speak what feels right for you, from the heart, and you might find the response from others is more accepting than you'd expected. Sometimes persuasiveness wins the day. Have a good week!

Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Sunday, 1st July
Venus conjunct Saturn – 15.38
Mercury sextile Mars – 20.08

Monday, 2nd July
Moon enters Aquarius – 6.24
Moon square Mars – 16.28

Tuesday, 3rd July
Moon conjunct Neptune – 21.07
Moon opposite Saturn – 22.52

Wednesday, 4th July
Moon opposite Venus – 1.21
Moon enters Pisces – 11.52
Moon trine Mercury – 18.11

Thursday, 5th July
Moon square Jupiter – 8.01
Moon trine Sun – 9.36
Moon conjunct Uranus – 20.22

Friday, 6th July
Moon square Pluto – 11.08
Moon enters Aries – 15.57
Moon square Mercury – 20.55

Saturday, 7th July
Moon trine Jupiter – 11.18
Moon square Sun – 17.54

N.B. All times are British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
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