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New Moon in Sagittarius ? New Views Unfolding

Column for 28th Novemter to 4th December

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The quest for freedom is gathering pace now, and as the Sun squares Uranus on Tuesday, 29th November, coupled with a plethora of lunar aspects on the same day, manacles will be cast aside, enabling the spirit to soar freely, unfettered by anything or anyone that has been confining, or restraining. It could be of an emotional, physical, mental, political nature.

You may feel someone, or something, has been restraining, or re-training you in some way; maybe subconsciously you have been allowing this, or wishing this to happen, but there?s a shift now to wanting to express yourself in your own unique quirky, individualistic way, without feeling bound to anyone else?s expectations. Other possibilities become tremendously exciting, and your own wishes speak of a different way of being. Changes may happen suddenly, randomly and unexpectedly. This aspect is one of needing to express eccentricity, originality, to be off-the-wall, and maybe a little shocking too.

A time of adjustment following on from this is shown on Wednesday, 30th November, as the Sun makes a difficult aspect to Mars. New conditions may find you looking at a situation differently from before. One part of you may want to assert him/herself quite selfishly, while another may part may feel more cautious about acting without much consideration for others. Sometimes your own needs have to take priority, before you can start giving out again.

This all takes place in the dark nights precluding the New Moon, vestiges of things left over from the last Full Moon (two weeks? ago); feelings, leanings and inclinations asking to be looked at and dealt with before the next cycle begins.

The New Moon in Sagittarius takes place on Thursday, 1st December, new month, new moon. There are two new moons this month, the second being on the last day of the year, so that 2006 begins with a new lunar cycle (bar a day).

Different images spring to mind when I think of the Sun and Moon, holding hands in Sagittarius. Two centaurs, half-human, and half-beast, galloping across vast, open spaces towards pastures new. Two philosophers, sitting among piles of untidy tomes, discussing the meaning of life, being alternately wise and funny, or both, sagely comical, reminiscent of ?Monty Python? (a wildly funny BritishTV series in the 70s). Two people from very different cultures, acknowledging their different perspectives, but realising that they have their humanity in common. A magician and a high-priestess, seers and healers, standing together with a clear vision of the way forward for every living thing on planet Earth, man, woman, child, animal, bird, fish, water, air, mountain and tree.

I could go on, but I don?t want to bore you.

Suffice it to say the idea behind Sagittarius is there?s always a quest, whether it?s physical, mental, or spiritual. The ?big picture? is sought, rather than the detail (that?s Virgo territory), and there are many potential avenues to travel down so you can arrive at a clear viewing-point.

A car drive-in would be ideal, because the screen would be vast, and you could then drive off at a moment?s notice to see the next movie, which could be just as exciting, and would give you yet another perspective, another piece in the mystery of the quest for meaning.

This New Moon is a chance to explore a new place, internal or external, have a new view, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, to begin a meaningful personal journey.

As a mutable, Fire sign, Sagittarius enjoys spontaneity, warmth, open-mindedness, breadth of vision, and physical movement. Associated naturally with Jupiter, it?s jolly (jovial comes from the word Jove, derived from Jupiter), and larger than life.

Saturn plays a part in the New Moon line-up, trining (flowing in an energetically harmonious way), the Sun and the Moon, and maybe adding some stability to the potential fickleness of the Sagittarian couple. Saturn is often seen as the planet of structure, boundaries, restriction, and limitation, but also one of teaching and learning, which can lead us nearer to places of wisdom.

It could go either way, because Uranus is still around, emphasising the need to have space, to feel unencumbered. Saturn could either add a sense of inhibition, and an increasing sense of loneliness within a relationship, or provide a platform for looking at problems, and working through them realistically.

New Moons are always symbolic of a ?seed?, and this one has the potential to open up the mind/body/spirit connection, to incorporate the need for recognition of each soul?s uniqueness, and at the same time, to acknowledge that on a deep level, all our souls are linked. If we can accept our individual differences, we can start to make progress on the humanitarian level.

After a potentially emotionally intense Friday, (the Moon conjuncts Pluto 3.17pm GMT), the Sun trines Saturn on Saturday (fitting as it?s Saturn?s day). The energy that was so unsettling earlier in the week now slows down; it?s a good day to be realistic and re-assess.

For all of you who have felt the negative effects of Mercury retrograde the last few weeks, take heart. It?s been a time to reflect, reconsider, remember, and review. On Sunday, 4th December (2.25am GMT), it begins its ?normal? direction, accompanied by delightful, light-hearted, merry and graceful lunar aspects. This is a great day for being sociable, particularly with old friends.

Moon signs:
Monday, 28th November: Moon in Scorpio, 4.33pm GMT? intense, passionate, creative, perceptive

Wednesday, 30th November: Moon in Sagittarius, 10.32pm GMT? freedom-loving, philosophical, broad-minded, wise

Saturday, 3rd December: Moon in Capricorn, 1.42am GMT ? cautious, ambitious, responsible, aspiring

Much love and a Happy New Moon, Astral xx - workshop MARCH 11th 2006, readings, paintings

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