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New Moon in Cancer - Warmth and love

Forecast for 8th - 14th July 2007

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After the quiet celestial time last week, the planets now take up some dances to stir the spirit, to inspire growth and change.

On Sunday 8th July, harmonious links between the Aries Moon, Venus and Saturn in Leo, and Pluto in Sagittarius form a fleeting Grand Trine in the Fire Signs. This abundant, potent energy formation can be used to assess the barometer of your feelings, and to make some resolutions that will help lift your emotional temperature. Warmth, support and openness to positive change are requisites for good relationships, and this is where the spotlight shines for at least the next couple of days.

The power of love is the focus for Monday, 9th July, as Venus in Leo trines Pluto in Sagittarius. Transformation in a relationship can have far-reaching effects now. This aspect is about honoring your true feelings, opening the door to a potentially deep and unconditional love. It's been 'brewing' since the end of June, and because Venus turns retrograde on 27th July, it will make the trine to Pluto again on 15th August and 3rd October. If you have planets in your birth-chart touched by these two it'll be a time of evolving depth of emotion. Open all pathways to the heart.

Mercury assumes a forward motion on Tuesday, 10th July, slowly unravelling any communication glitches that have been happening over the last few weeks. Give it a week or so to resume normal speed, and enjoy the smoother journey (we hope).

On Wednesday 11th July, the Sun, now in Cancer, trines Uranus in Pisces. This is a time, particularly for people born around this date, to make creative changes that encourage a more authentic expression of your true self, and the identity that makes you feel most comfortable.
Bright ideas, and seeing the possibilities of a new trend are in the airwaves with this Sun/Uranus aspect, the only downside being not being motivated enough to put in the effort to take advantage of any insight. Creativity is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration could be a good adage at this time.

The Moon moves into the cardinal water sign Cancer late on Thursday,12th July, getting ready to meet with the Sun for the New Moon on Saturday, 14th July (13.04 BST). Neptune is exactly inconjunct this New Moon, and symbolizes adjustment. It's a new beginning, and one which reflects some changes made recently in the wake of the Saturn/Neptune opposition (25th June). That was a wake-up call to look at how life was panning out in accordance with your dream or vision. Maybe you made some decisions then to help with moving forwards, either on a material, emotional, or spiritual level, and now you can begin to make these part of your life.

Transiting Uranus is still in harmony with Sun, and now also the Moon, at the time of the New Moon. This bodes well for anyone who is open to making positive changes, especially those of a creative nature. As Cancer is the sign of the home, family and the 'tribe', it's also a great time for improving relationships connected to these, and on a mundane level nurturing the physical environment by maybe doing such things as re-decoration, or replanting the garden, so your place of sanctuary from the sometime madness of 21st century living provides a place of warmth, support and comfort.

Venus leaves Leo for Virgo, a gentle earth sign on Saturday, 14th July, hours after the New Moon. Virgo is the sign of health, healing and service. As an earth sign it's also a sign connected to the senses, enjoying all the delights these give us. Unflashy yet very stylish, Venus here has qualities that need to be drawn out. Unlike Leo, which loves to be the centre of attention, Venus attracts with a quiet smile, and a willingness to help. The combination of being dependable and sensible, yet deeply sensual at the same time can be a winning one, so look beneath the skin-deep surface beauty around you to find the treasure underneath.

Some of the celestial connections this week:-

Sunday, 8th July
Moon trine Saturn – 7.15
Moon trine Venus – 13.34
Moon trine Pluto – 14.06
Moon enters Taurus – 18.54

Monday, 9th July
Venus trine Pluto – 2.09
Moon conjunct Mars – 12.25

Tuesday, 10th July
Mercury 'moves forwards' – 3.15
Moon square Neptune – 6.57
Moon square Saturn – 10.00
Moon square Venus – 17.54
Moon enters Gemini – 21.10

Wednesday, 11th July
Sun trine Uranus – 6.33
Moon opposite Jupiter – 15.33

Thursday, 12th July
Moon square Uranus – 4.17
Moon trine Neptune – 9.11
Moon opposite Pluto – 18.39
Moon enters Cancer – 23.39

Friday, 13th July
Moon conjunct Mercury – 4.33

Saturday, 14th July
Sun inconjunct Neptune – 6.10
Moon trine Uranus – 7.32
New Moon in Cancer – 13.04 – 21 degrees 41 minutes
Venus enters Virgo – 19.23

N.B. All times shown are British Summer Time (BST) which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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